Hyper-charge your customer support experience with the Gorgias x Malomo integration

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Surface real-time shipment tracking data within your Gorgias dashboard

Most ecommerce support teams don't have the ability to quickly identify data points such as order information, shipping status, shipping destination, or other customer information in their helpdesk tools.

This lack of information creates back and forth messaging between a customer and support team, thereby increasing the time to resolution and customer frustration.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce the amount of support tools needed to respond quickly to a customer's request

Malomo integrates with Gorgias to provide your brand's customer support team with the information they need right at their fingertips when they receive a customer inquiry.

We eliminate the need to tap into multiple tools to find the customer data you need. All shipping information is streamlined and housed in your Gorgias sidebar for easy access, thereby reducing internal confusion and increasing efficiency.

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Move Faster

Understand every detail about an order’s status without asking a customer for more information

Stop asking your customer to go looking for their order or tracking number.

With our integration, your team will understand every detail about an order’s status as soon as a customer support ticket is made with our data embedded into the sidebar of your ticket view.

Easily Access Information

Quickly see the order information associated with a customer

One a customer support ticket is created and one of your agents responds, they will be able to access all relative information about that customer through our integration.

This includes information such as contact information, order number, tracking number, billing address, product chosen, pricing information, and more.

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Be sure to check out this implementation guide to set up this awesome integration!

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