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Internet sales are made every single second of every single day. From minor purchases to those that cost thousands of dollars, the internet is a world with millions of transactions happening every day of the week. But when someone makes a purchase and finds that perfect item, they expect a few things from the seller. For one, they expect an order confirmation; but better yet, they want that shipping confirmation email as well. Not sure what these emails really are? Keep reading to learn about their definition, why they’re used, and how an eCommerce store can craft the most effective shipping confirmation emails to boost sales and engagement.

What is a Shipping Confirmation Email?

Simply put, a shipping confirmation email is typically a shipping information email. These are sent to a customer after they’ve made a purchase and describes that their order has been shipped. While the basic premise is to explain that the order has been sent, these emails can contain other unique info to help connect with the customer. These emails are vital for what takes place after a sale and is also the driving force for remarketing and customer engagement strategies. The goal with these emails is to keep the customer around to make another purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or connect with the seller in a different way.

Tips to Consider

While it may be simple to understand why these emails are sent, there are some tips for how to go through the process effectively, especially in the eCommerce world. Ecommerce store owners should consider the following:

Be Creative

While these emails are meant to explain important information regarding the status of a customer’s order, it is also a platform to get the audience to take action. That being said, it’s important to think creatively about the messaging in these emails and consider what it will take to reach the customer even further.

Deepen the Relationship

A huge benefit that you already have with these emails is that you already have a customer. Whether it was the catchy messaging, the price tag, or just the fact that you have the product they need, the customer does already see a benefit in choosing you as a seller. That being said, you already have that relationship. But the goal with these shipping confirmation emails is to deepen that relationship even more.

Find an Order Dispatched Email Template

Another consideration is to find the right template for your needs. Finding a great shipping email sample is pretty easy nowadays, and many companies make templates where you can quickly add in your information. So try your best to focus on finding an amazing shipping notification email sample, then find a template that helps you mimic that perfect example.

Order Confirmation Email

As we stated that shipping confirmation emails are important, order confirmation emails are also vital for the whole buying process. But do you know how these emails differ? Below you’ll learn about how to write an email to customer for order, including tips on writing order confirmations aimed at buyers and suppliers.

What is an Order Confirmation Email?

An order confirmation email is one that states that a company has received the order and they are in the process of preparing it for shipment. This provides peace of mind for the buyer and explains to them how the business is focused on sending their products in a timely manner. However, how these emails should be constructed depends on whether they're sent to a buyer or a supplier.

Order Confirmation Email to Buyer

When you’re developing an order confirmation email for your buyers, then these should be targeted toward deepening the relationship between buyer and company. To do this effectively, you could have links of similar products or suggested items that complement the one they just purchased. Another tactic is to encourage them to sign up for an email list or newsletter.

Order Confirmation to Supplier

When crafting order confirmations for suppliers, these will look different compared to one's for buyers. These emails might include additional information and usually shouldn’t include any details about signing up for newsletters, buying similar products, etc. To get an idea of how these work, be sure to research the web for a purchase order confirmation email sample.

Delivery Notification Email Sample

Delivery notifications are another type of email that is very important in the buying process. Without these emails in place, the buyer might be confused about where their package is and when they should expect to see it. Take a look at the definition of these emails, including some tips on how they can boost the exposure of your eCommerce store.

What is a Delivery Notification Email?

These emails are sent to the buyer once their package has been delivered. This is one of the most important emails to be sent to customers because they have been waiting for this message. In addition, given how package crime is a serious criminal activity, buyers want to know when their package has arrived so they can grab it from their porch immediately. It’s also important to note that these emails might not always explain that the package has been delivered, but rather explain a letter to inform delivery date on when they should expect their package.

Examine a Delivery Notification Email Sample

A great way to see how these emails look is to view samples on the web. A sample email delivery notice can be found for essentially every business out there, so scour the web to find one that pertains to your business.

Order Status Email Sample

If you take a look at an order status email sample, then you’ll see how they are very similar to shipping notification emails. An order status email shows the status of the order, no matter where it is in the process. It might explain that the item has been shipped, that they are processing shipment, that the order has been delivered, or that the process has been delayed. These emails are important because they allow the buyer to see exactly what is happening with their shipment and when they should expect to receive it.

Use Templates

A tip on how to effectively use this email tactic is to use templates. A great one to use is a tracking number email template where your buyers can see exactly where their items are via the tracking info. This can limit the many inquiries you get that revolve around an email asking for tracking number. Your order is ready for pickup email template is another popular template to use, and buyers love staying in the loop about the exact moment that their package has been delivered. These templates are also a great place to add key info and remarketing material for your eCommerce store.

Polite Follow Up Email Sample

After a buyer makes a purchase from your company, a very beneficial tactic is to send a follow up email. However, it’s important to review a polite follow up email sample to get an idea of what to include and the tone you should use.

Why Tone Means Everything

The tone in your follow up emails is what will really drive customer engagement. You never want to sound pushy or rude, so it's best to really focus on being relevant and conversational. Reviewing a gentle follow up email sample is best practice to learn tips, then try to write one yourself. Remember, you’ll want to sound sincere and appreciative of their business, and you never want to seem pushy to get them to take action. Depending on what you say in these emails, it can have a direct effect on your customer retention and expansion into new revenue.

Late Delivery Penalty Letter Sample

If you’re an eCommerce store dealing with suppliers often, then you might already know what a late delivery penalty letter entails. These emails are vital to the process of your business and it's important that these emails are crafted appropriately.

What is a Late Delivery Penalty Letter?

A late delivery penalty letter is an email that is sent to a supplier that states that you haven't received the package yet and that there is a penalty involved with the late shipment. If you look at a late delivery penalty letter sample, then you’ll see that these letters clearly state that the package is late and that a fee will be charged.

Shipping Follow Up Email

While these late deliveries sometimes happen, they happen less frequently when there is a shipping follow up email involved. While it’s usually the seller's responsibility to send these follow up emails, sometimes the buyer might do it to ensure the package is on its way in a timely manner. Sending a letter to supplier asking for delivery is sometimes needed.

Sample Apology Letter to Customer for Delay in Delivery

If you’re the business delivering a package late to a customer, then it’s vital to have an apology letter template. This can ensure you say the right things and do your best to justify why the package was late, including trying to keep them as a loyal customer.

Shopify Order Confirmation Email

Shopify is an amazing platform where sellers provide millions of items for buyers all over the world. And just like most eCommerce businesses out there, Shopify is a place where it is very beneficial for sellers to use shipping confirmation emails. A Shopify order email notification is a very important tool that can help businesses crush their goals and retain customers. That being said, using an effective shipping confirmation email Shopify strategy will help you obtain the results you want.

Automation is Key

Luckily, there is a way to have Shopify set email for orders right after the customer makes a purchase. This can be an automatic shipping confirmation Shopify solution where they’ll send the customer an email just seconds after purchase or you can use a product like Klaviyo that allows you to override Shopify emails with emails created in their drag and drop editor. Both override and this instant Shopify shipping confirmation options are perfect for reaching your audience while you focus on other areas of your business. And after you run a Shopify send test email project, you can make adjustments to help boost your user engagement and retention rate.

Use Templates and Add-Ons

Shopify is not only a great platform for making sales, but the resources provided to sellers are amazing. That being said, be sure to take advantage of the many templates and add-ons provided to sellers, which include shipping confirmation email templates and extra add-ons that can make a memorable experience for buyers.

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