Design a winning tracking experience in 5 steps


Eddie Cmehil

Head of Revenue

Your customers want more

After your customer buys, they are incredibly excited to get their new product, but now have to wait for it to arrive at their doorstep. As they wait, their anticipation sky rockets. This leads them to engage with tracking multiple times to see where it is at and when they can expect to finally use it!

You have their attention, so what do you want to do with it?

How to take advantage of this marketing sweet spot

Brands can use this time of high customer engagement as a point of differentiation by delivering a tracking experience unique to their brand and customer.

Here are 5 steps that can help you get started creating an experience your customers will love.

1. Decide the outcome you want

A sense of trust was built during the purchase experience. Strengthen this trust by continuing the customer’s experience and giving them the information or content they need and want. Post purchase could be used to drive traffic back to the site, incentivize a repeat purchase of a complimentary product, promote new content, or simply give customer support information in case something goes wrong.

2. Figure out a creative way to drive that outcome

No one knows your customers better than you do. What story could you tell to get your customer to interact how you want them to? Continue the story you’ve built during the purchase experience by leading with your brand’s voice, design, and compelling differentiators.

3. Turn your idea into reality

Use your favorite design tools (we love Sketch!) to map out the experience your customer will see once they check their tracking. Use your go-to landing page principles to drive the desired outcome through this page.

4. Use your tracking provider to build out what you just planned

Once you have the design, work with your tracking experience provider to get your new branded experience in front of your best audience, your customers. It’s time for customers to begin falling in love with the experience you’ve built.

5. Track and optimize performance

Analyze how your customer’s are engaging with tracking notifications and the tracking page. Treat tracking like any other marketing channel by testing and improving the performance of the engagement you're seeing from customers over time.

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