Save 25% on your Fedex & UPS spend

We’ve teamed up with ShipSigma to help our brands find carrier savings

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Save on shipping with no risk.

After months of searching for the right partner to help our largest brands find more value in our partnership, we’ve selected ShipSigma for their proven ability to reduce Fedex & UPS carrier spend by an average of 25%.

And, you’ve got nothing to lose. No need to change carriers or mess with service levels. This team knows the ins and outs of UPS and Fedex. They’ll dig deep into your invoice data and work their magic to drive your costs way, way down.

If you’re spending $750k or more a year with UPS and/or FedEx, they’ll utilize their proprietary technology to perform a complimentary analysis and provide a savings guarantee. You can also request a strategy call with them first.

Once you provide your information in this form, ShipSigma will run your analysis and let you know what you could expect to save annually, down to the penny which will be your Shipping Savings Guarantee. After you hit "Submit" you'll be taken straight to an account executive's calendar to schedule your Savings Review Meeting. Please note that FedEx Reporting Online is required for FedEx Customers.

What you can expect:

We thought we had the best rates. We were told we had the best rates. ShipSigma got us better rates. They found us nearly 25% in savings and helped us renegotiate our contract with our carrier. It was just so easy.

Brad M. Chief Operating Officer, Clothing Retailer