S4 E16: Telling a story with multiple products in one marketing image with Cavelle Bieker (Marketing Manager, Pendleton)


On this episode of Retention Chronicles, we’re joined by Cavelle Bieker, Marketing Manager at Pendleton. Our host Mariah Parsons and Cavelle talk about:

  • Pendleton’s history in retail,
  • continued collaboration with the indigenous community,
  • creating a timeless brand filled with heritage,
  • the power of branding for the consumer,
  • marketing multiple products in one image so consumers can see products in their home,
  • how Facebook is the best revenue generator for them,
  • generating leads from newsletters,
  • and huge holiday giveaways!

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Cavelle Bieker, Mariah Parsons

Mariah Parsons 00:04

Hi there, I'm Mariah Parsons, your host of retention Chronicles, ecommerce brands are starting to shift their strategy to focus on retention in the customer experience. And so we've decided to reach out to top DC brands and dive deeper into their tactics and challenges. But here's the thing, we love going on tangents. And so with our guests, you'll often find us talking about the latest trends, as well as any and all things in the Shopify ecosystem. So go ahead and start that workout or go on that walk and tune in as we chat with the leading minds in the space retention Chronicles is sponsored by Malomo. A shipment in order tracking platform, improving the post purchase experience, be sure to subscribe and check out all of our other episodes at go malomo.com. Hello, everyone, and welcome to retention Chronicles. So so glad to have you back. Today we have a very special guest Cavell thank you for joining us. I'm so glad to hear have you here today. It's your first podcast. So it's gonna be such an exciting ride. Tell us a little bit about yourself about yourself. Tell us where you were your background kind of what got you to the point you are here today.

Cavelle Bieker 01:23

Thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited to be here. Yeah, I can definitely tell you a little bit about myself. I I worked for Pendleton, Canada as the brand manager. And I started working with the brand in 2011. I was managing my aunt store Mother Earth essentials. She was a retailer of Pendleton product. And that's when I was introduced to and really fell in love with the brand. In 2015. I was hired on with Manitoba mukluks as a store manager and eventually was promoted to their district manager of their pop up shops in Western Canada. So they had stores in Calgary and Edmonton. At that time, Manitoba, mukluks was the distributor for Pendleton in Canada. So they had a selection of Pendleton in their stores. And I was able to continue working with the brand as I worked with them. And then finally in 2020 through COVID, some changes were made. And I was hired on with Ray fine enterprises, who is the current distributor of Pendleton in Canada. And I currently work as the brand manager which has a focus on sales and marketing. But also, there's a small team in Canada. So I dip my toes and I wear many hats with the company, which gives me a really cool opportunity to be entrepreneurial within my role. And I find it super satisfying to look back and see the labors of my effort actually helping to grow the brand. The efforts of my labor are actually helping to grow the brand in Canada.

Mariah Parsons 03:14

Yeah, I love it. That's so exciting. So a couple of things. Um, it's a total personal detour, but we're gonna go there because I love it. i So where are you? I should have asked you before we hopped on the call, but where do you currently reside in?

Cavelle Bieker 03:30

I'm in Hinton, which is a little town just outside of Jasper most most people know where Jasper.

Mariah Parsons 03:36

Okay, yes, I figured you were near Jasper. Just because what we were talking about before the call. But I am a dual citizen to Canada. Both my parents are currently here in the States but my father's from Toronto and my mother's from Nova Scotia. So I grew up as a kid and still now going to see all my extended family who still in Canada haven't made it to Jasper. So fingers crossed.

Cavelle Bieker 04:00

They should definitely go. Yes.

Mariah Parsons 04:02

I mean, I definitely know how beautiful it is. The pictures are stunning. So it's on my to do list on my bucket list. That's for sure. So I love that you're part of the Canadian certain have had your background in Canada and have had your whole life there. So am I correct in that you made the switch to e commerce while like because of COVID? Was that kind of like the trigger of when you made the switch? Or was it not really a factor? Because if so,

Cavelle Bieker 04:36

right and I was in retail and then because of COVID Manitoba mukluks didn't do pop up shops the following year. So I got laid off with Manitoba mukluks during COVID and then there was a switch in distribution to re find enterprises. So Rain find enterprises also owned part of Manitoba mukluks. I hope I have that fact. Right. But they also had their hands in Manitoba mukluks. And then through COVID, there was one of the owners of Manitoba mukluks sold the shares for Pendleton distribution to the other owner rate of rape. I find enterprises convoluted.

Mariah Parsons 05:29

No, no, I'm following you. I feel like it's always so complicated with ownership and everything like and especially missed a pandemic. So that's totally understandable. Yes. I love that though. Okay, so with that,

Cavelle Bieker 05:42

I was able to help launch the brand under the new distribution. So it was a small team, we sort of launched it through COVID.

Mariah Parsons 05:51

Ah, okay. How was like How big was the team?

Cavelle Bieker 05:55

There's only like two of us to start. Whoa. And right now, it's still pretty hard. There's only three of us. Okay,

Mariah Parsons 06:04

okay. Yes. Oh, wow. I love it. Yeah, definitely entrepreneurial. When you said that in the intro. How was launching that in COVID. It was,

Cavelle Bieker 06:13

it was fun, a lot of work. I was, like, very pregnant at the time. So they were like, We know you're pregnant. We want to hire you to help. And then I went on mat leave, like five months into my position. And then I came back a couple of years ago.

Mariah Parsons 06:30

Wow. That's so powerful. I mean, that's so fun, too. I'm sure. I'm sure your life was just a whole bunch of crazy and a lot of fun.

Cavelle Bieker 06:39

Yeah, it was awesome. Really good experience. Love it.

Mariah Parsons 06:43

So how would that be? Two, two and a half? Maybe I can't do quick math.

Cavelle Bieker 06:49

Yeah, my my son. Yeah, he's two and a half. Oh,

Mariah Parsons 06:53

lovely. I'm sure that you have your hands full with your small team and also your little one to care for. So extra. Thank you for giving us the time. Yeah, of course, here today. So we've been talking about Pendleton. Can you tell us a little bit more about the brand in case our listeners aren't familiar with it?

Cavelle Bieker 07:09

Sure. So Pendleton is an American textile company who specializes in producing really high quality wool blankets, clothing and other products. It always staggers me to think about this, but the brand has been around for longer than Canada has been established as a country. Brand was established in 1863 by Thomas Tay and his family in Oregon. And it's really well known for its distinctive indigenous designs. Originally, the brand was Indian trade blankets. And those blankets were highly sought after by indigenous tribes for their intricate patterns and durability. And then eventually Pendleton expanded its offering to apparel accessories and other home goods, which are also like now core pillars in the brand offering. One of Pendleton's most notable achievements that stands today is it's continued collaboration with indigenous tribes to create blankets that pay homage to their traditional designs and cultures. And they often feature intricate motifs and colors and patterns that really hold cultural significance. So it's pretty powerful. The brand is iconic and recognized for high quality and craftsmanship. The blankets I have probably seven of them, I love that. And I use them not just as blankets, like if you have a feature wall in your house, you can hang it as like a decorative item and there use it as heirlooms and even functional outdoor gear if you want to use it as that they're so warm and so durable. And really I just I love the brand i

Mariah Parsons 09:14

i can see your love and Yeah, appreciate having them. It's wonderful.

Cavelle Bieker 09:20

Yeah. And I guess the brand has really evolved and adapted to modern tastes to well maintaining its commitment to producing really high quality woolen products. handles and can be appreciated by any customer who values both quality and history and their textiles. Kind of Pendleton in a nutshell.

Mariah Parsons 09:45

Yeah. I love it. I love it. I actually so my family and I went on a trip recently and my sister while we were just like hanging out in the house unpacking whatever she pulled out a Pendleton blanket. And I was like, oh my god, this is so funny. I'm gonna interview a member of their team is probably a month ago or so. That's pulled it out and I use it. And it's so much fun. That's so cool. Yeah, yeah, it was awesome and very great quality. I loved using it, tried to steal it from her, but she was interested in fashion. Yeah, I love that when I was reading up on your history as a, as a brand, as a team as a company. I love that you kept the collaboration with the indigenous community. And I wanted to know, if you knew like, beyond, obviously wanting to stay true to the brand, like as a brand manager, how have you seen that influence of having different ideas and keeping that collaboration to date as a company, like help further your brand's story?

Cavelle Bieker 10:57

It's, it's really, I think, the biggest piece, it's like, I don't know if I have the words. Yeah, yeah, that's a big piece of indigenous culture. And we really want to represent the culture in a way that's well received and give back in the process.

Mariah Parsons 11:18

Yeah, yeah, I think that's a wonderful answer. And I think it's accurate of, at least what I perceive from an outside view, which only can give so much. A very thoughtful approach to branding and your and the story, and the relationships that you all are forming and keeping. And I know I wanted to talk, obviously, we, a lot of what Malomo does is around branding and marketing, because you're taking the traffic that you would otherwise send to a traditional carrier like UPS, FedEx all that, send it to a branded custom page. So I always love asking guests, can you walk us through like what you're trying to convey in your branding? I think it very much parallels what we've been talking about, about the history and the collaboration with indigenous community. I would love to hear in your words, especially as brand manager, because it's up in the air sometimes of who I'm speaking with, and who I have on as a guest. So it's always so much fun to have brand manager. How would you kind of convey? Or how would you? How would you share about what Pendleton and you and your team are trying to convey through the branding to customers who are engaging with your brand firsthand or through multiple times?

Cavelle Bieker 12:37

Um, yeah, sure. Um, so our branding aims to convey a sense of heritage and quality and craftsmanship. We often emphasize our rich history and tradition in producing premium woolen products, highlighting their connection to the Pacific Northwest and indigenous culture. This helps position us as a premium and authentic, timeless brand in the market. And in the most recent decades, Pendleton has found many ways to incorporate indigenous designed blankets that have givebacks associated with each sale. The American Indian College Fund is a really notable one that has been supported by Pendleton with millions of dollars in donations so far. Over 5 million last time I checked.

Mariah Parsons 13:32

Well, that's so awesome. So impressive. Kudos to you and your team.

Cavelle Bieker 13:36

Yeah, it's, it's powerful. I made tea. So when I, I feel real connection to these givebacks and the brand and the work that they're doing in indigenous communities.

Mariah Parsons 13:53

Yeah, I love that. I feel like branding is also one of those things. I'm curious if you agree with this, obviously, not being a brand manager myself, but I work a lot in our branding, right? Do you feel as though it's? Or do you agree that it's something that is very difficult to articulate at times, and that some some areas of marketing just in general, you can have very streamlined or aligned KPIs in which you can measure things, right. Brand, stories, branding, brand missions, those are all very difficult to try and quantify in a number sense. So little bit of a tangent first, do you agree with that, that it's difficult to just kind of speak to the power of branding in that isn't as quantifiable?

Cavelle Bieker 14:47

Absolutely. I definitely agree with that. Yeah, it's ever evolving and it's difficult for sure.

Mariah Parsons 14:59

Hmm. Love it love that you agree? And so Okay, so part two to that question is, how do you try and quantify or speak to the power of branding to a customer? Like, is there ever, I'm assuming in your internal team meetings. Everyone knows the power of branding, but it's really hard to articulate. So how do you try and convey to someone who isn't focusing on branding? If they don't see the value? How do you how do you convey that value that specific branding has for customers?

Cavelle Bieker 15:42

To convey the value of branding? So everyone is trying to?

Mariah Parsons 15:49

Yeah, like the same? Yeah, yeah. So if we'll, we'll run a scenario. So if someone came up to you and said, like, I know nothing about branding, nothing about marketing? Like why would why do you focus on branding? Like to the consumer? Why is branding important? What would you say? If anything, I'm just,

Cavelle Bieker 16:12

I think, so. They can believe in the company. So they can believe in what you're saying and what you're producing. And I think authenticity is number one, and storytelling, sharing the background and the history. That's a really big thing with Pendleton. So I think just believing in what you're preaching is huge. Love it. And if staff are believing what they're doing, and they think they're making a difference and feel the connection of the brand with the community that the brand is being sold to, then I think everyone can get behind the same vision. I hope that answers your question.

Mariah Parsons 17:05

Yeah, yeah, it definitely does. Again, it's it's so it's such a difficult question to ask. And that's why I like asking it because I like seeing how everyone's answers differ, especially when your main focus or one of your main focuses is branding. So yeah, it definitely it answers my question and that there's no right, you're wrong, right, like everyone. That's why I preface the question is the way I do because I understand it's difficult to speak to and I asked myself this question a lot. How do you speak to something that isn't as quantifiable as saying, you know, drive X amount of leads from this, or drive? You know, this amount of revenue from this campaign, it isn't as, at least currently, we don't have something that can quantify the impact necessarily to the campaign or to the motion, or to the initiative as well as we can some other in some other areas of marketing. I think though, that leads to a good transition to dip out of the branding side a little bit and talk more about some more general marketing plays. So I know we talked about the history and how you all started just by making blankets and then getting into apparel. And one of the things that I noticed was, there's different industries that you will span across with your products. There's obviously just depending on where brand lies, some brands do that a lot. Some brands don't do it at all. So I wanted to ask what is that like? When you have different industries, how are you breaking down different marketing plays for each of them.

Cavelle Bieker 18:50

So Pendleton is really made for life and can be incorporated into every single day. I know I incorporate it into all of my days. Whether it be hanging out on the couch with a wool blanket over your lap, drinking out of one of our giant 18 ounce coffee mugs.

Mariah Parsons 19:13

Everyone should have one of those

Cavelle Bieker 19:15

Absolutely. Too much coffee almost never

Mariah Parsons 19:19

bounces you know you can like you can bounce here or there. option is there if it's a Monday like Yes.

Cavelle Bieker 19:30

And it's really good like the clothing is great for going on hikes and we have really high quality wool jackets and as corny as it may sound Pendleton can be threaded into each day. As far as marketing them goes. I find it easy to feature them in, like feature all of the products in one photo or scene like you can have a blanket and a mug and a I'd brim hat all in the same photo and have them really complement each other and speak well to each other. They often feature a lot of the same color schemes or patterns. So just having them in a scene together, it just works really well.

Mariah Parsons 20:22

Yeah, yeah, I love that the it, as you were speaking, just reinforces the fact of like, you want to be cozy in your own home. And kind of like having that timeless feel of where you can have, you know, your 18 ounce cup sitting on the couch with a blanket on or if it's a cooler or warmer season with a blanket as a decorative piece. So I love that I know that obviously, with branding and marketing, the way in which you market products is very important. And the photography of those products allows consumers to picture the products in their own life. So I love that. Yeah, trying to convey through the pictures, having like different products in in the same picture so that people can kind of not copy and paste but like me are parallel.

Cavelle Bieker 21:23

Definitely. It's easier that way. Like, when I'm deciding on a meal. It's easier if I'm like, okay, pasta on Mondays tacos on Tuesday. Yeah, kind of similar. Or, yeah, see someone using a product in a certain way that you never really would have thought to hang a blanket on a wall before movie seeing a shot of a blanket on a wall. Yeah, I know.

Mariah Parsons 21:51

My mom loves to put like needlepoint rugs, like she is one that she is like hanging like on a rod. So. But I always thought as a kid, I was like, Oh, that's so interesting. Putting a rug. But now that it's like I'm more of that sense of interior design. I think it's so so cool and unique. Okay, so yeah, it's a fun one. I had to ask her where it's from, because I forget, but I know she loves it. So it means a lot. Um, okay, so that was a question I wanted to ask around industries and products, how you breach kind of across different across different areas. Another thing that I noticed that was kind of unique, because whenever I'm doing these interviews, I'm always searching for different things, right? Keep it interesting for audience. And just because I find it interesting, because I've been marketing myself. So with your website, when you when a user goes on, or a customer or myself, I noticed there's I think it's a pop up but to sign up for the newsletter and get 10% off, which I think is clever, because a lot of the times, obviously that's probably main communication is email capture, right? How are you getting to convey about your branding and about your story and about all the different products you have in one picture together through the newsletter. So I wanted to ask you, like what, how are you using email marketing to? And like that newsletter and promos along with it? Because I think that's rare that usually see. Or I don't see a ton. Where like, it's like a pop up like one of the first interactions with a new a new customer. So how are you using like that email marketing, and that, that storyline to kind of entice your customer to learn more about your brand.

Cavelle Bieker 23:44

We definitely want to capture as many emails as possible. And that 10% off is a little it's a creative ways to capture emails because it's a really big piece of how we communicate with customers and keep them informed about sales and new product arrivals. And it offers the customer those benefits. We also do giveaways sometimes. So those are communicated through our newsletter than email, as well as social media. But our biggest following is on newsletters for sure. They help us to stay connected with our audience in a really meaningful way. And they're relevant to the customer because newsletters deliver valuable information directly to their inbox. It allows them to control their content, consumption, receive updates and engage with subjects that actually interest them. Additionally, our newsletters offer a sense of community and personal connection to the brand which is a big piece of Pendleton. And it's powerful tool for communicating and engaging with customers.

Mariah Parsons 25:08

Yeah, yeah, I love it. I know you're on the brand side. I don't know where the newsletter actually falls of whose responsibility it is on your team. Is it yours? Or is it teammates?

Cavelle Bieker 25:18

It's mine. Yeah. Okay. Okay. It

Mariah Parsons 25:20

wasn't sure. I write our newsletter as well. So you can throw it over.

Cavelle Bieker 25:25

So fun. I love the creative aspect to it and like putting something together that I think is beautiful, and that the customer will enjoy and that communicates relevant information and create some excitement around the brand.

Mariah Parsons 25:42

Yeah, yeah, I love it, too. I try and like sneak puns in there all the time to where have you to that. Try and make it interesting. Like if there's a certain season or a certain launch, we're doing like, I'll try and play different things throughout the newsletter. And it's interesting to me at least two, I do the

Cavelle Bieker 26:02

same thing. I'm like, I must think I'm funnier. Maybe I think I'm the funniest person. The newsletters, making myself laugh and if I could make someone else like crack a smile, have done a good job.

Mariah Parsons 26:17

Yeah, it's definitely worth it. I'm sure you do. I'll have to subscribe. After this, I can just I can read all the puns until you do. Yeah, so I love it. I love in newsletters. I feel like there's a more casual aspect to newsletters and that it's not as at least this is what I think like as pushy as a marketing tool. Rather than like a really hard selling, you know, drip campaign or something of the sort. There's really good drip campaigns that I think don't, aren't super pushy. There's also, you know, everything is balanced in the world. So for every great drip campaign that there is, I'm willing to bet that there's probably a less strong drip campaign out there. But I had another question about the newsletter. Now I'm blanking on it. But it'll come back to me at some point. And I'll blend it in. Okay, yeah. Happens a lot. For the also for the website. I know that. Like, obviously, with Instagram and social media, a lot of consumers do their shopping, not only through the website, and would that encounter the newsletter pop up, but also through social media. So shopping like shopping the look on Instagram, and you know, tick tock like tick tock store, all that stuff. I know, it's way more common for brands to start to adjust their marketing strategy to shoppable experiences on social media, you will have a shop full experience, correct?

Cavelle Bieker 28:00

Yes, we do. Yeah. Instagram is our main focus. And we do have like shoppable posts every, every chance we can.

Mariah Parsons 28:10

Yeah, I mean, why wouldn't you write like I like it's such a good, good platform to be able to meet customers where they're at. And I think that's where social media is so strong. I know, it's perhaps more difficult to like, or less traditional, maybe not more difficult, but less traditional or less, there's less of a history of doing so just because of their new, right? Or New. So I'm always interested, like, do you happen to know the breakdown between where customers are shopping? Is it more does lean more towards the website? Does it lean more towards social media? Does it lean more towards coming from your newsletter, things like that? Do you have a no that breakdown?

Cavelle Bieker 28:50

I don't know the exact numbers off by heart, but I can do my best to answer that. Surprisingly, Facebook is out of the social platforms. Facebook is our number one, generator, revenue generator. Instagram is definitely a smaller piece. And then we have a lot. Our biggest piece, I guess, in marketing and revenue associated with that is our newsletter, which is why we want to continue to grow that and continue offering to customers and potential customers the benefits that are associated with the newsletter. And then we have older ones and

Mariah Parsons 29:39

yeah, I love that. It doesn't have to be precise. I know. That was my question that I forgotten. I put you on the fly for it. So just a general breakdown. It's interesting. I feel like Facebook is always something that people harp on or like they're ready to be rid of. But it seems to be sticking around like yeah,

Cavelle Bieker 29:56

like it's doing fun for us. Yeah,

Mariah Parsons 29:59

it's fun. I love that. I also love Facebook marketplace. That's a completely different side note. Yeah, me too. Yeah, it's just fun. So this is more of a personal question because I like to ask from like a consumer point of view every now and then I know I shop a lot. When I show up online, I'm going to a brand's Instagram, like checking them out there. Do you do the same thing? Me too?

Cavelle Bieker 30:24

Definitely. Okay, wonderful. I'm like, then I head to their website, like often. On my laptop, if I'm on my phone on Instagram, then I'll head to their website from my laptop.

Mariah Parsons 30:36

Oh, my God, we're so similar. Same thing. And I've turned this into like a little bit of an informal poll. Definitely internal with our team, like asking if people will look at an Instagram before like ordering something online. If you're not familiar with the brand, right? If you've come across them before, usually don't do that. But because I see it as kind of like a security check in that like, oh, this brand is reputable. I can shop with them. Like it's not, I'm not going to be ripped off. I'm going to actually get my order. Um, do you see it as the same way? Or? What kind of like checks and balances are you using between like a brand's website and a brand's social media?

Cavelle Bieker 31:18

I checked their following. And then I go to the website, and I check their reviews too. And if there's a photo of the product that someone is using, I like to look at that too. Yeah, I sort of, and then just like, maybe checking in with our customer service and asking a question about the product. But definitely, Instagram is where I start. Yeah, for brand. Yep. I'm wondering, I don't know a ton about this. But I wonder if we receive more sales as a result of Instagram. But it doesn't show up as Instagram because people are searching on their phone and then direct, like directly going to their website, without the sale being connected to Instagram. To kind of off topic.

Mariah Parsons 32:15

Oh, no, it's perfectly on. No, I mean, that's one of the questions that I would say like is a good question to dive into, because looking at our habits, from as a consumer could perhaps be very indicative, where something would show as direct and down to we're just direct traffic to a site but could be from Instagram?

Cavelle Bieker 32:39

Absolutely. Because our direct traffic is Hi. Hi high mountains. But maybe some of that is attributed to Instagram. Yeah, what are you not measurable?

Mariah Parsons 32:49

Well, that brings us back to what we were talking about earlier that episode with things, you know, maybe aren't always like step 123. are in a linear sequence. There's a lot of other factors that come into play and not gonna be one of them. Yeah, things are things aren't always traceable might not tell the whole story. But if it's generally if it's good things you know, in your traffic is high. That's always a welcomed problem to follow up or figure out. So I love it. Okay. Now, talking about more marketing initiatives, I always just like to ask the general question, is there some like favorite marketing campaign or initiative or collaborative project that you all had that, like, when comes to mind? You're just like, Oh, I loved working on this or I loved how this all unfolded.

Cavelle Bieker 33:36

Yeah, absolutely. One thing that I have loved loved doing is hosting giveaways. And it's so fun. It's a quite a bit of work, but it's so rewarding. We find it to be an amazing tool for growing both our social media followings and our newsletter list. In the last quarter, we've grown our newsletter list by 25%. Wow. Which is huge for

Mariah Parsons 34:03

us. Yeah, that's huge. Wow.

Cavelle Bieker 34:06

So what we do is collaborate with aligning brands, and in an effort to offer more people the luxury and beauty of Pendleton Yeah, love and just to win real fans that will turn into customers hopefully. Some brands that we've worked with are like outdoor brands or indigenous brands Leatherman is one Manitoba mukluks Of course, as the Hampton Hydroflask keen footwear, so many more.

Mariah Parsons 34:42

I love it. I literally have my Hydroflask sitting right here.

Cavelle Bieker 34:45

I went to Ottawa for work last week and I forgot my Hydroflask water bottle in the rental car.

Mariah Parsons 34:54

Oh no there you're gonna say devastated. Oh, that's criminal. Gone. Oh, God, no, it's i Yeah, it's I always have this thing with me. So I understand the emotional detachment I'm sure that

Cavelle Bieker 35:07

yeah, I'm gonna have to get another one for Christmas or something.

Mariah Parsons 35:11

Yeah, exactly, yeah, you can do a giveaway to yourself, which is Oh, that's so much fun. Um, I feel like there. We've, with obviously with tech, it's a little bit, I think, less exciting to do a giveaway than to consumers as a giveaway to have something. But we're actually currently running, which at the time that this airs, the contest will be over. But I'm going to tell you about anyways, a contest and design contest in which like anyone, any brand, or agency can design their own tracking page with this new feature we launched. Like it's a shopping, Shopify tracking page creator. So like to generate excitement around that had had a contest that we're running until the beginning of October, this will air beginning of November, but kind of similar in that it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of work to set up on the back end. So I can relate to that. Maybe not Yeah, trying to do as much promo obviously as you can through that. But it's more to see the value of the feature will hopefully, brands are seeing the value in the feature and to generate the excitement around that. But our prize is a like we asked a lot of our partners to donate something to the prize. So it's like packages of their software or gift cards or prizes to brands or gifts of brands that they work with like baboon to the moon, like a duffle bag from them. So it's a lot of fun getting together. But I relate to the I'm sure the stress before launching the giveaway and making sure all the logistics are right and making sure you're getting in front of the right school. It can it can be a task that isn't for the faint of heart.

Cavelle Bieker 37:08

Firstly, yes, it's definitely a lot of work I we make an effort to make it as easy as possible on the participating brands. So they can send us they just have to make a post essentially and contribute what a prize to the giveaway. And then I do the rest and thought it's it's fun, though. And everyone gets us access to the newsletters at the end and everyone gets access to the followers because that's an extra entry for people to go from follow a brand is an extra entry into the giveaway. So a lot of the people are doing that. Yes. Really cool.

Mariah Parsons 37:51

Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. A lot of new new faces, hopefully to Yes. Last long with you at the newsletter, which I love. I know I just looked at the time it has flown by so I'm gonna try and get to it. We won't get to all the questions. I wanted to ask you that. That's totally okay. rarely ever does. Because once we get on here, time flies or at least I feel like it does. Yeah,

Cavelle Bieker 38:13

me too. Actually. I was like, how are we gonna make this stretch out for an hour? Oh, please. I'm sure. Like, oh, it's almost been an hour. Yes. Yeah, exactly.

Mariah Parsons 38:23

Okay, so can you tell me about the customer experience? Because we've been talking about marketing a lot, obviously, but I would love to know your different stories, obviously. So we'd love to know across the US, UK, Canada. Does the customer experience differ first, just tell us generally and then tell us if it differs between stores? Sure.

Cavelle Bieker 38:48

So I can only really speak well to the Canadian market. We have flagship stores in the USA. So Pendleton stores. And then in Canada, we have our online store. And a bunch of retailers who sell Pendleton product, they get to decide what products they bring into their store and they're our retail partners. Customers in the Canadian market can across the board expect to find product selection. We don't carry the same selection as in the US but we do our best to carry at least a little bit of everything. So we have clothing and home and accessories. And another thing customers can expect to find is online and in store shopping. So through our website or our wholesale partners. The distinctive designs are also something that can be found across anywhere you find Pendleton those distinctive designs will be apparent. And they're super easily recognizable. You can say Like, Oh, yeah, that's a Pendleton. quality and craftsmanship across the board that can be found anywhere. Customer service, we do our very best to offer excellent customer service. And our staff members are typically really knowledgeable about the products and can assist customers with their inquiries. If we don't know the answer to something, we do our best to find the answer and get back to customers and really provide that world class customer service that our customers deserve. And then finally, promotions and discounts. I'm I don't follow everyone. I mostly look at the US promotions and discounts. They definitely have them I think, anywhere who sells Pendleton does Australia, New Zealand have Pendleton distributor, the UK, Japan. So I think around the holidays, for sure all of us have promotions, and discounts. But our strongest focus in Canada at least is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, boxing week around that holiday period. There might be some differences in the customer experience between Pendleton stores, whether they be in the US, Canada, and the UK, and other various locations. But the core values of quality, unique design and cultural appreciation remain consistent across all locations.

Mariah Parsons 41:32

I love it the perfect summary. Description. That's so wonderful. I yeah, I recognize obviously, you're going to be an expert in the Canadian experience. But I love hearing just about like how you're kind of checking like the other stores and seeing you know what they're doing. And I think it's super interesting that you have, like the real like both the retail experience and the E commerce experience, it's always because obviously the customer experience is also going to differ by the access to like going to a store or a retailer to see the product versus the online experience. So one of the things that we always talked about with customer experience, just being in the post purchase experience space with order tracking, and really wanting to recapture the traffic back to your site is the post purchase a post purchase experience. And a big part of that is education. So can you tell us about after a customer buys with you? What content, if any, are you sending them? And we talked about the newsletter, obviously, but we'd love to dive in to specifically after someone purchases with Pendleton.

Cavelle Bieker 42:46

Okay, yeah, for sure. We make our biggest effort to inform our customers post purchase. So on our website and pre purchase honestly, on our website, we have care instructions and information about the product and materials and how to properly care for it. Because you want to maintain your beautiful, expensive, heirloom quality Pendleton products. So we just try and give customers every piece of information they need. Each Pendleton product is tagged with the appropriate care instructions. And we welcome customers to reach out if they have any specific questions about product or product care. We also in on the website provide descriptions about the designs and patterns used in the products, especially those designed by indigenous artists. And some of the blankets even have like a patch sewn on with the story behind the artwork. And sometimes it's on a tag that you can take off. But it's the story and history behind the artwork. Which creates a lot of value and connection to the product.

Mariah Parsons 44:04

I love that. Yeah, I think the like care instructions is probably a piece that I feel like whether I'm shopping with a brand or whether I'm like experiencing a brand's customer experience through just through being in this area being in this industry is that care piece, especially for something that you know, is is a textile like you can I know because I grew up with my mother's saying like you're gonna ruin this sweater or this, like XYZ piece of apparel if you wash it this way or if you dry in this way, right like, but that isn't taught to you unless it's taught to you that isn't understood unless it's taught to you. So that piece of education around the care of the product that lasts long is so that you get the full quality of the product is a piece that sometimes is missed, especially when someone doesn't have a, like a purchase post purchase flow setup for customers that have just bought with you. Are you sending that? Sorry, if you already said this? Are you sending that right as someone purchases with you? I know it's part of when the order is received as well? Well, yeah, it's

Cavelle Bieker 45:27

with the purchase, like when they receive the product, it's on the description, the tag and and it's right there, and it's on the website as well. So mostly that there's not there is a follow up email saying thank you for your purchase, but there's no specific care instructions at the time of purchase. We also on our social media, try and offer design inspiration or different ways to maintain your Pendleton, blanket and care instructions associated with that. So we use our social media, as well to communicate care instructions. And that deeper connection, the story behind the blankets, and if someone is connecting more on that than another way.

Mariah Parsons 46:23

Yeah, yeah. I love that. Yeah, it's always so interesting to hear the pieces that someone cooperates in there. In the person post purchase experience, like I love that you have the story incorporated with their purchase as well that you can like, see what the Yeah, see, like, see the direct experience? See the brand, right then right then in there? In case, you know, like, you want to keep that on on your item or keep that close by? I love that aspect. as well. I think it's really I'm sure it's really special to those who buy.

Cavelle Bieker 47:00

Absolutely. But it is, it's a big deal for us to communicate all of the valuable information that enhances customers understanding and enjoyment of the product. Because we really want customers to enjoy the brand and the product and have it in their lives for many years, many generations.

Mariah Parsons 47:24

Yeah, I mean, that's what you know, that's what we're all here for right to like, make sure you enjoy the products that you're experiencing. And that help you make your way through life, you know, maybe a little bit of a pivot here, just because I know we are approaching time. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, everyone's talking about it for you know, everyone always will be around this time. It's so pivotal for E commerce, but just any commerce in general. So I was trying to get to the inside scoop, can you share with us any, like exciting campaigns you're running? Yeah, anything that you can tell us that you're excited about would be would be great.

Cavelle Bieker 48:09

I'm really excited about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, just the holiday sale season in general. Pendleton as a premium brand doesn't often go on sale, especially the blankets, which we will be having on sale. I won't give away too much. But definitely keep an eye out blankets will be on sale. And I'm excited.

Mariah Parsons 48:29

Yeah, no, I can see like your smile. You're beaming your ear, which is so fun. I love it. I love getting the inside scoop a little bit. I understand of course that you can't tell us too too much. But yeah, that's that's exciting. Especially for, you know, your maybe you wouldn't agree but like household items, kind of original traditional, like first items with your blankets. Those going on sale, I'm sure will excite the masses, which is yeah,

Cavelle Bieker 48:58

it's gonna be exciting. Everything will be on sale with some of our clearance selection, down to 60 or 70% off in some cases. So that's, it's rare for the brand.

Mariah Parsons 49:13

Yeah, so everyone's got to keep their eye out. Check it out, you know, bfcm Is there a certain date you can share with if people are interested?

Cavelle Bieker 49:24

Last year we did midnight on Black Friday. Okay, which I think is the third Friday in November. I don't know exactly what the date of that is this year.

Mariah Parsons 49:35

So exciting. mad dash. I wish I could ask you more. But I'm going to wrap us up because I know. We have plenty more things to do today. We've already taken an hour of your time. So good. Well, thank you so much for joining us today. It's been an absolute honor. You can check off the podcast, your podcast guests on your bucket list now. You're absolutely wonderful. Thank you for joining us.

Cavelle Bieker 49:58

Thank you so much for having me. yeah it's been a pleasure

Mariah Parsons 50:01

good it's I got to hear it