The Complete Guide for D2C Customer Retention After the Holiday Rush

The ultimate guide for increasing customer retention during the holiday season (and beyond!) and developing a successful retention strategy.

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The Importance of D2C Customer Retention After the Holiday Rush

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but they are hectic for customers, merchants, and marketers alike. With a variety of sales promotions, web traffic surges, and an increased need for customer support, it goes without saying that November through December is a busy time for ecommerce merchants.

But what about after the holidays, when your customer retention efforts matter the most?

That’s where we come in! We partnered with Octane AI, Loop, Gorgias, and FriendBuy to give you everything you need to retain your customers this upcoming season.

Download the ebook today to learn more about:

  • How customer retention during the holidays can define your year-round sales goals

  • Why brands should focus on retention versus acquisition

  • Top brands you can leverage to achieve your goals

  • Tips to fill out your retention strategy

  • Zero-party data, post purchase marketing, and more!

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