Season 2 Episode 1 Chatting about Ultra Fast Fashion, LinkedIn, the release of Shopify Collabs, and Gorgias’ $30M Series C

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On this very first episode of Season 2 of Retention Chronicles, we’re introducing a new co-host, Brian Lastovich!

Brian is the Head of Marketing at Malomo and he joins Mariah to discuss updates in the Shopify ecosystem as well as plenty of other topics (and yes, some tangents!). In these shorter episodes of Retention Chronicles, Brian and Mariah each pose two topics to discuss.

  • Teach Brian how to use a microphone (and become a professional podcaster 😝)
  • What Mariah thinks of Ultra Fast Fashion (Ultra fast fashion turns fast fashion's “weeks” into days and “dozens of styles” into hundreds and thousands).
  • Whether hot dogs can be straws and going viral on TikTok
  • Our reaction to Shopify Collabs dropping (Shopify Collabs lets you join a community of influencers, affiliates, and creators to collaborate with brands.)
  • Reflecting on Gorgias’ $30M Series C (Gorgias valuation rises to $710M with $30M Series C for e-commerce customer support.)

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Mariah Parsons, Brian Lastovich

Mariah Parsons 00:00

Hi, everyone, this is Mariah. If you can't already tell this episode is going to start off a little bit differently from our normal episodes. But we wanted to explain some things that we have that are headed into Season Two of retention Chronicles. Hopefully you've been with us since season one. And if you have thank you so much we've appreciate your loyal following. But we have some fun new developments, and we think you're really going to like them. So we wanted to kind of give you an update a layout of the land. So we are now welcoming our head of marketing, Brian, last of it as a co host, and he will be joining me to continue chatting with DTC merchants. But we're also going to start throwing in some episodes where Brian and I talk about general topics, some in the DTC Shopify ecosystem, some, you know, that are just general we want to get each other's opinions on things, maybe throw in some hot takes, you know, stuff kind of like that. And then no overheads a day, our Director of Partnerships, who we introduced mid season one is going to continue to chat with agencies and tech partners in the space. So we're just giving you more content. We hope you enjoy. And with that, let's introduce you all to Brian and roll our new episode of season two. Hey there, I'm Mariah.

Brian Lastovich 01:21

And I'm Brian,

Mariah Parsons 01:21

And this is retention Chronicles. Ecommerce brands are shifting their strategy to retention and customer experience. And so we decided to reach out to top DTC brands and dive deeper into tactics and challenges.

Brian Lastovich 01:34

But here's the thing, we love going on tangents.

Mariah Parsons 01:37

I teach Brian all about the latest trends,

Brian Lastovich 01:40

and I teach Mariah that it's a waste of time,

Mariah Parsons 01:43

and we discuss all things in the Shopify ecosystem. So go ahead and start your workout or go on that walk and tune in as you chat.

Brian Lastovich 01:52

The tension Chronicles is sponsored by Malomo Shipman, an order tracking platform, improving the post purchase experience. Be sure to subscribe and check out all of our episodes at go Need to make

Mariah Parsons 02:11

a joke again. If the microphones the mic,

Brian Lastovich 02:15

well, it says I assume it's like alright, select your microphone. Select your speaker and I'm like I Okay. This is microphone.

Mariah Parsons 02:21

Yes. Your microphone is the microphone. Is it are your so I guess your headphones aren't hooked up to the microphone that Oh, you are doing it right now

Brian Lastovich 02:30

doing it hooked up. Sorry, my headphones hooked up to the microphone. That doesn't make sense.

Mariah Parsons 02:36

Well, that's what minor because then you can like hear exactly what you sound like.

Brian Lastovich 02:41

Oh, I thought I'm always supposed to hear you

Mariah Parsons 02:45

know, you're supposed to hear yourself to

Brian Lastovich 02:48

one more time talking to me. Okay, can you hear me? Oh, you're soft. Hold on.

Mariah Parsons 02:56

Well, your volume for the headphones on your mic. Right. I want to be like screaming in your ear. Yeah.

Brian Lastovich 03:01

That's what I want to where would I control the value? Oh, my gosh, I got it. Was it on the mic stuff now? Like I told you, it was on the mic.

Mariah Parsons 03:12

Because you can does it have the little headphone like thing next to it? And it says headphone volume as possible. Good. I'm glad we got it figured out then. So now you can hear me. I can hear you. Are you reading the newspaper was don't look at that. That burns my eyes.

Brian Lastovich 03:33

Do you know what this is? Let me describe.

Mariah Parsons 03:36

Okay, well now we can kick it off with the intro. Do you want to do you want to start with one of your topics first? years are gonna be like more serious and

Brian Lastovich 03:44

well, why don't we go? Why don't we go? Not serious? Serious?

Mariah Parsons 03:47

Oh, okay. You want that instead? Okay. Warm up. All right. Okay. Okay, that's fair, real stuff. Do you want to still start it off?

Brian Lastovich 04:01

Yeah, okay.

Mariah Parsons 04:03

Hit me up the first one. Yeah. Because I'm

Brian Lastovich 04:05

actually honestly, really excited to hear what you have to say about this. ultra fast fashion. So does this ring a bell to you?

Mariah Parsons 04:15

Okay, good. Good for you to ask. Do Okay. Um, is it just like how quick stuff go goes in? Yeah. Oh, okay.

Brian Lastovich 04:24

You know this, right?

Mariah Parsons 04:25

You got me nervous with the name of

Brian Lastovich 04:27

it. Oh, sorry. I mean, that's what they do, right? We're marketers who were like, Oh my gosh, I gotta know that category. You write? Me? I? Well, okay. So what I want to understand is like, is this like something that you do? Are you okay, well, are you so? Well, I feel like basically, here's what I want to get to. It seems like they're huge, like tick tock and Instagram like people see this and then buy right away. Are you buying stuff like right away from Um, take documents.

Mariah Parsons 05:01

I save a lot of stuff than I actually like I never go and buy it. Okay, so I feel like when you save like especially Tik Tok when you save it like or Instagram reels are basically the same thing at this point Instagram reels is just like three weeks behind Tik Tok with their content, which we can go into. Yeah, Instagram is crazy. Sorry. Um, but I will save videos and be like, Oh, that looks really cool. Like, I want to explore that later, but never will go back and like look at the videos I favorited or anything, unless it really captures my attention. Like, unless I see something that's really cute. Then I'll then I'll explore it. I think like, Amazon, a lot of people do, like do that. Like Amazon storefronts have been super successful.

Brian Lastovich 05:48

Well, I think like, why I brought it up was I find it interesting because it's like, the next like, there's always a next step. Like it gets there. There's always been fast fashion and makes sense. Because it was like the h&m brands and you forever 21 Forever 21

Mariah Parsons 06:06

Oh, I used to shop at all those like Charlotte Roos? Like, I mean, like it's Yeah, cuz

Brian Lastovich 06:12

it was like getting get a trend, like the latest and trends at an affordable price. And it's crazy, because this is like the next like, people didn't think there would be a next step after this. And that was, which is like, a turnaround of 24 hours and getting it to someone really quickly. Like because I was reading that they can like these brands, they see what's trending in 24 hours from like a celebrity status. And they produce it in 24 hours and can sell it in 24 hours, then it sells out and they know beforehand if it's starting to become not as popular and then they are they like stop production.

Mariah Parsons 06:51

Oh, interesting. Okay.

Brian Lastovich 06:53

And they haven't, because of it tick tock and the ground.

Mariah Parsons 06:58

Yeah, I mean, I haven't like that makes sense to me. I haven't ever read about the actual, like process that they undergo, and that they can turn around in 24 hours, but it is very quick. But I would say like I could probably pinpoint, like, if someone is wearing like, like jewelry, or like the apparel or shoes or stuff like that, like I can pinpoint. I feel like the trends of what they would be. It's a lot of like 90s by 2k. Like,

Brian Lastovich 07:25

go on to what's coming back. So basically you are the trendsetter, because what you were saying earlier?

Mariah Parsons 07:30

Yes, basically. Yep, I'm with the trend. serial fashion.

Brian Lastovich 07:33

Yes. Got it. I feel like that's that. Was there anything else about that?

Mariah Parsons 07:41

Well, what do you think about tick tock and Instagram like Instagram being behind tick tock, because a lot of people will say like, they're like, Oh, I'm not on tick tock. There, but they watch all the TIC TOCs three weeks later on Instagram. So it's kind of like this like, Oh, I'm better than you because I'm not on tick tock and like tick tock is so addictive.

Brian Lastovich 07:58

Who's saying this? To me?

Mariah Parsons 08:02

I've got so many like friends who say that they're like, Oh, I'm now on Tik Tok. I'm not like Gen Z or anything like, Oh, whatever. And then they're just watching like hours and hours on Instagram. Because it's like, videos of tick tock videos. Yes. That are like three weeks or so behind the trend and are on Instagram reels.

Brian Lastovich 08:22

Yeah, I don't I don't know. I mean, you should probably tell the audience that like I don't have a tick tock account, nor an Instagram account. And every day I asked that question, Should I and every day I move further away from probably not like honestly, I feel like how much time people spend on it. It's crazy. Yeah,

Mariah Parsons 08:47

you're not wrong, but I guess that's a marker though. Like it's entertaining. Like it replaces like TV and movies. First of all,

Brian Lastovich 08:57

you don't watch TV. No,

Mariah Parsons 08:58

I do I do way less frequently. Like to sit down and watch a movie like the the odds I have like an hour and a half or two hours undisturbed. That's a rarity these days. But I have like 30 minutes that I can just go on tick tock Yeah.

Brian Lastovich 09:15

So like last time I checked out Instagram it was like wagers the pictures.

Mariah Parsons 09:25

It was it was pictures it still is it still is but they've gotten in the video game now.

Brian Lastovich 09:30

Okay, yeah, do not video games. The game

Mariah Parsons 09:34

of game of videos, the industry of video be crazy forgotten the video game. I mean, still in entertainment. Yeah, we should pitch that idea to them.

Brian Lastovich 09:46

Yeah, I would just say that. I do think that DTC brands, like the faster they get on Tik Tok, especially if they're going after Gen Z.

Mariah Parsons 09:59

I'm too ethnically is millennial. So I'm in between what does that mean? What's the word? It means like, I'm technic, I think millennial ends in 96. But like, I'm too old for true Gen Z. Like, I'm in the middle, like Gen Z. I feel like right now is like I was just telling Jenny our coworker, this, like, Gen Z peak is like 16 to like, 20 right now and like, just a little bit older. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But it is very, that's, it is very Gen Z. I'll take it.

Brian Lastovich 10:35

That's all. I'll educate myself a little bit more, and we will go into tic tac.

Mariah Parsons 10:40

Oh, I have so don't don't want Yeah, I

Brian Lastovich 10:42

know, you probably. You have a book. This is just like the I'm gonna write a book. What are you gonna call that?

Mariah Parsons 10:51

Millennials versus Gen Z?

Brian Lastovich 10:53

Okay. And then between? Yeah, I'll like research and more so that we can have a good discussion about it. Okay, back to you. What else is on your topics?

Mariah Parsons 11:03

Okay, um, have you heard this is going like this is very trending right now. But have you heard

Brian Lastovich 11:09

that? Go ahead. Oh, why is that rude? I'm being honest. I probably have not heard of this. Oh,

Mariah Parsons 11:18

I thought you're saying probably not. So like it being trending. Like that my judgment was off. I was like, Okay, maybe, but not with this. Okay, it's called Quiet quitting. Have you heard of this? Oh, I've heard of it. New York Times just picked it up like Forbes CVS. Like they're all writing about it currently, like, like a day ago. I thought I

Brian Lastovich 11:45

couldn't just like tell me exactly what they mean by that. I could have a guest. But wait, let's hear your guests. First. I think that's more fun, I guess is like actually quitting without telling anyone and seeing how long you can get your check for.

Mariah Parsons 11:58

Okay, okay. That's from the name that is fair. But not quite, at least how I understand it, and how Wikipedia in there and it has defined it. But it went viral from a tick tock. So if you think that tick tock doesn't have an influence, New York Times?

Brian Lastovich 12:15

Definitely does.

Mariah Parsons 12:16

I know. I'm just for anyone who's listening who thinks they don't. But okay. So it's not like abruptly abruptly leaving a job. But it's just doing like, exactly what the job requires. And then like, no more, no less. So like, shutting your laptop at the end of the day? And just being like, that's my job. Like, it's not. It's not like the end all be all.

Brian Lastovich 12:38

I feel like that's well, like, only, that's interesting. Like, only certain jobs can do that, though. Right? Like you and I like we don't have like, this is definitely not in the job description. I did not. I did not see this

Mariah Parsons 12:52

maybe not yours. I feel like it was a little in mind. But no, it's like it is. It's like the notion that work doesn't have to, like take over every part of your life. Like that sort of extends you. But it is like by industry.

Brian Lastovich 13:07

And saying that this is just like, more and more people are doing this? Or it's

Mariah Parsons 13:12

yeah, like more and more people should be doing it and are doing it.

Brian Lastovich 13:17

See, this is just another form. Sorry. Oh, my gosh. This is just another form of like the work life balance. It is just in another context. Right? Like it totally other trending term on it.

Mariah Parsons 13:34

Right. But isn't that marketing? Like you don't have to reinvent the wheel? Sure. But who's doing this viral? Tiktok or I can go get the name. But the

Brian Lastovich 13:43

name I want to see. I want to see this person. Okay, there was one person that started this and it just I'm telling you blossomed into New York Times articles, Wall Street Journal articles.

Mariah Parsons 13:55

I think so Wait, where's my phone? That'll make it easier? I don't know.

Brian Lastovich 13:58

I mean, also, the work from home setting is, you know, is a big reason why this exists too. Because you can't just shut your computer off. Yeah. I know. Although I did enjoy the people in the office that we're like, five o'clock hit. Boom, I'm out of here. And then everyone would look at that person if they left. Like everyone, right? Well, one. Do you ever work in an office?

Mariah Parsons 14:23

I did. I was like, like, when I was younger? Yeah. Okay, like summer jobs, but not like official like superficial.

Brian Lastovich 14:32

It will I say that. There was this moment in office where you would be looking around like okay, especially like when you're younger, like Is now the right time to go in you would look around and see if anyone else left. You're like, well, I don't want to be the first one to leave. And I remember that so well. Like if I'm the first one Will everyone be like Wow, they're

Mariah Parsons 14:55

so young. They're like, Yeah, I was

Brian Lastovich 14:57

a slacker But tangent anywho do you find the Tick Tock or

Mariah Parsons 15:03

no? It's hard to say that tick tock here. Yeah, or the tick tock tick tock. Yeah. Yeah, I haven't found it. It's way harder on the internet to like find the original because on the app, it'll say like, original video with like, so like,

Brian Lastovich 15:17

new feature protect that new feature? By me original.

Mariah Parsons 15:22

I'll find it. Well, they have it on they have it on the app. It's just like on Google, it's hard to get it on a desktop. So like, I'm seeing a couple people but I don't know who the actual first person bring it up.

Brian Lastovich 15:34

But there are I we could find that. Yeah, later.

Mariah Parsons 15:37

Yes. I'll include it. I feel like I found it. It's this guy with a cloud shirt and array on

Brian Lastovich 15:44

that surprise. Okay, I have one more. Okay. One more. Maybe you saw this on Tik Tok? I told baby, maybe. Did you see the guy drinking his beer? Through a hot dog straw.

Mariah Parsons 16:00

Oh my god. What? No. Really? No.

Brian Lastovich 16:07

As soon as I put on Yankees hot dog stroking right

Mariah Parsons 16:10

up. It probably is from tick tock. No. Probably yes. Let's see. Like, I feel like all content generated these days. Okay. Honestly should pay me for this. Can you see this? Okay, okay. Yes. Can you see us? No, but it is on tick tock. Oh,

Brian Lastovich 16:33

buddy. Straw.

Mariah Parsons 16:35

Oh. This is so funny. Ah. Oh my god. Do you think that tastes good?

Brian Lastovich 16:42

No, no, no, I don't. But I think it's interesting though. Just because I'm from Chicago. I'd like hot like a hot dog. Yeah, I'll have a I'll have a beer with. But combining those two? No,

Mariah Parsons 16:55

it I think it freaked me out more than anything. But interesting. Okay. I love that. You said that to me. I found

Brian Lastovich 17:02

something that you didn't know about. You did? I'm sure you're gonna. You should tell all your friends. I'm sure it'll

Mariah Parsons 17:09

come up on my feed. Because will my phone will hear me talking about it. And then tell us listen, so it happens.

Brian Lastovich 17:15

Okay. That's all I got for. Okay.

Mariah Parsons 17:19

I have a fun one. Um, I feel like I know you're gonna say this, but I want to pose it anyways. Is it acceptable to stalk someone on LinkedIn? Yes. sort of answer. Yes. So you don't care if they like see that you're stalking them?

Brian Lastovich 17:35

No. I mean, do people really think that like people know,

Mariah Parsons 17:39

I'm so curious about I'm like, why are they looking

Brian Lastovich 17:41

at me? You know why? It's because of all these sales reps that do that. And so now they've made that they've normalized that. I think so now, anyone that looks at your profile? Okay, you feel like if someone's looking, you're like, what is that reason they're looking at? Yes,

Mariah Parsons 18:01

I want to know. Because I'm like, Yeah, that's fair. Like, sometimes it's just like to find like your information. But then other times, like, I feel like it's for something else. And I'm, I'm curious, what could that be? Like? What? Well, like, I feel like I've had a couple of people actually, for the podcast reach out and like, like, oh, wanted to connect, like, I find it a really great source. Yeah. Which is great. But then some other people are like, so not connected to anything I do. So I'm like, How did you land on my profile? Or like, they're friends of friends? So then I'm like, Are you someone talking about me? And they will if someone,

Brian Lastovich 18:43

if someone just likes something? Then you're going to like, right, if someone like, you know, here's one of your friends, and then their friends are gonna see it.

Mariah Parsons 18:52

Yeah, but like to click on someone's profile. That's like, Interesting, huh? You know?

Brian Lastovich 18:59

Yeah, it's a curious Yeah, I mean, I'm curious. Like, what drove them, like, why? They're why they're landing. But for me, like the majority of time, like my guests just said, some marketing person is like, Alright, you're trying to sell me something like that's exactly. Share 95% of the time, the other 5% of time. just blindly clicking on links, and

Mariah Parsons 19:26

that's what you do in your free time. Yeah, that's that there's a flip side of it, though, too, is like when I'm looking at someone's robot. I'm like, Ooh, they're gonna see that I'm stalking them.

Brian Lastovich 19:39

My wife like asked me, she's like, you think I should click on that? Like, when she's looking up someone? Like, yeah. Do it. Like who cares? Especially like, for us, it's like, this might be too personal, but like our like our neighbors, Tony, right. It was like, Okay, we've talked to this neighbor so much. What does he do? You know, we try to find them on LinkedIn.

Mariah Parsons 20:02

Okay, but then it's like, why not just ask them? Because it's there.

Brian Lastovich 20:07

No, no, you didn't get me there. The reason why is because we should have asked earlier and we did it, and now we're like, but that's friends. Yeah, they can see

Mariah Parsons 20:17

that you're stalking them.

Brian Lastovich 20:18

Rather, I'd rather go that direction than like, taking our friendship and like, coming out and saying, what do you do? Okay, let's we talk to each other for years. You don't even know that? Yeah.

Mariah Parsons 20:31

Okay. So I guess you're just hoping that it like flies under the radar. And then it doesn't ever come up in conversation.

Brian Lastovich 20:37

Yeah, I mean, my guess is like you and I, like being in the tech, like, really deep in the tech community are thinking deeply about that. i My guess is like not as many people are like, Oh, who's viewing?

Mariah Parsons 20:49

Oh, it's it's a topic amongst my friends. Like, it's more frequent than not.

Brian Lastovich 20:55

So you get together like Friday night, you get together like, alright, let's look at who

Mariah Parsons 20:58

Yeah, that's what we do Friday night. No, it's like, oh, like they like someone else has a screenshot and be like, look who just like stalked my LinkedIn? No, I'm, I'm so serious. I won't I will not name names, but I could come up with like, at least, like three examples of that happening.

Brian Lastovich 21:18

Yeah, no, yeah, I don't. I don't know any of your friends. So although, I guess we're recording this and putting it out there. So that would make sense. You don't want people to hear that.

Mariah Parsons 21:29

Yeah. Okay. Okay, that was a good, that was a good one.

Brian Lastovich 21:34

Good. Are you grading these like? Yeah,

Mariah Parsons 21:37

I would. I would think so.

Brian Lastovich 21:38

Yes. Nice. Yeah. All right. I'm gonna run through like some real interesting. Okay, maybe not interesting, but some more DTC stuff. That'd be

Mariah Parsons 21:52

Yeah, we can we can get serious now. I feel like that. Okay.

Brian Lastovich 21:56

Any thoughts on this came out again, two, three weeks ago. Shopify collapse, I feel like you would have thought here or no, okay. Yeah. Creator.

Mariah Parsons 22:07

Yeah. Um, this is like with, like, influencers and creators, right.

Brian Lastovich 22:12

All they're doing is connecting like Shopify merchants with creators. influencers. Yeah, now, there's just a portal and creators can browse for Shopify merchants, and then say yes, like, I want to sell, you know, whatever you're producing, and then create a link. It's like affiliate. Link. Okay. Yeah. And their channels.

Mariah Parsons 22:36

But no, I think it's a great play, like Shopify. Um, I feel like, we're just gonna keep getting more and more like user generated content, and only start to buy stuff that we've heard from, like influencers, or friends and family through word of mouth. Or like, see reviews on I feel like that's where people are gonna go to More, more and more, and also more people want to be affiliates. Because now it's like, now more than ever, you can actually get money for it and like good money. So I feel like it's a smart play. Yeah. I mean, if you do,

Brian Lastovich 23:13

let's, I feel like next episode, let's let's, I would actually be curious how much you can make doing that. Okay, average, do that.

Mariah Parsons 23:21

Okay. Well, we'll do that research.

Brian Lastovich 23:25

Right now. We'll look it up later. Hi. Yeah. Like,

Mariah Parsons 23:28

what do you think about it?

Brian Lastovich 23:29

I I like that. They're like, I like that Shopify is thinking about how to help merchants. Knowing that all right, other acquisition costs are rising, like Google ads, and Facebook and Instagram, all that stuff. So hey, the influencer space still relatively new, trying to help out Shopify merchants, like, figure that out. So I do like that. At the end of the day, though, like, maybe just my mentality, I'm just like, it's just an affiliate. Like, it's just a, alright, here are all the merchants here, all the creators like find the merchant, and I think they're just like giving a link, and then being able to share that link. However they want, which they really should figure out a way to like, no build a relationship between the two, which I'm sure they could do that off, like outside of the Shopify ecosystem, but I think that's where the interesting players have a real relationship between that creator and a brand outside of just like sharing links throughout channels. Yeah, I'm

Mariah Parsons 24:35

sure. I'm sure that's probably on their like roadmap. And if it isn't Shopify, it should be I do think that for like, like for more like high end affiliates, who like have a huge following, they'll probably like, have that relationship building piece or a brand will take it upon themselves to make that had to take that.

Brian Lastovich 25:02

Like, I'd recommend brands, like what I could see happens, like brands experience like that don't know anything about influencers that don't have that channel but want to experiment, use this as a way to see like, Okay, who would actually be interested in seeing what happens through that and if something is positive, and then putting more resources into it and seeing like, if they can grow it even outside of this feature would be Yeah, way to go about that.

Mariah Parsons 25:26

Yeah. And to like shop by I mean, it's better just to keep stuff in house then like, like an app or an integration with, you know, somewhere else that takes you off of Shopify. So yeah, I'm not surprised that they made that move into that realm.

Brian Lastovich 25:44

Okay. Two other things one, soft spot for gorgeous, obviously, because I used to work there, but they raise your Series C. 30,000,002 weeks ago. Yeah. Barely, barely anything. Yeah, barely anything? Well, I think what's it? Well, there's so many interesting things about this, because they raised it. I mean, who knows when they actually closed the rounds? I mean, obviously, 2022. But we don't know when. But interesting. raise that much money. It means that like, they really are growing quickly. 10,000 customers, and they said they valued at, According to TechCrunch $710 billion. So they're doing something right. And going back to just the theme, even of this podcast, right? Like what? You could read their entire blog post about it, but what they talked about is retention. Like that's their plan. Yeah. Yeah.

Mariah Parsons 26:41

So butter,

Brian Lastovich 26:43

bread and butter. Do people say that too? Yeah. Can I say? Yeah, you can say that. Yeah. Brandon. Do you say that? Like I do.

Mariah Parsons 26:51

Oh, yeah. Now the first time now I feel like I say that like? Yeah, on podcast, especially. Yeah.

Brian Lastovich 27:00

I need to I need some sayings. Oh,

Mariah Parsons 27:03

a good one is like I'm curious about what you think about this. I'd say that all the time.

Brian Lastovich 27:08

That's that's not what you're gonna say bread and butter. I'm gonna be like, I'm curious of No, that's Yeah. Cuz you're like,

Mariah Parsons 27:16

Oh, you want like a saying like, yeah, one like something cooler than like, well, from our town hall was saying that's dope. Like,

Brian Lastovich 27:24

I want something like that. That's dope. I'm curious. Maybe that's

Mariah Parsons 27:31

like a podcaster.

Brian Lastovich 27:33

Thank you. So I just like that's I think that's good news, especially for the retention space, good news for Shopify ecosystem. And seeing their growth, taking clients away from Zendesk is incredibly important for all of us Shopify apps. Yeah.

Mariah Parsons 27:52

What do you think is the most like surprising part about it? Or like the most interesting part like that the fact that they raised it, like, within 2022? Or,

Brian Lastovich 28:04

I mean, especially when you see a whole bunch of people cutting back and trying to figure out efficiency? Like for sure that raise is is interesting to see, I would also say that they have, right, they talked about retention. But again, this is from the blog post, what they're saying is like, they're trying to make customer support, revenue generation. And so to get that, like 30 million, obviously, they have to believe that but then they have to have their investors and have to have customers believe that too. And it's almost a like confirmation that hey, like people believe that this is kind of the future. So it's really cool to see sort of see like, will that actually happen? Where support is now looked at from the lens of sales reps, like Alright, can the support team make money for the company? It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

Mariah Parsons 29:00

Yeah, well, that was a very funny episode. I think we are good to wrap up. Hopefully y'all were able to follow perhaps a little bit more of a chaotic episode. It being our first one, but we were having fun with it. So we hope you enjoyed it. Come back next week. We have a really fun, exciting guest. He is a hoot and holler so we are very excited to welcome him on but we're not going to quite tell you who it is yet. You'll just have to wait and see.