Turn shipment tracking from frustrating to revenue generating with Rebuy and Malomo!

Branded, personalized landing pages increase customer engagement and drive revenue

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Get more out of Malomo by using Rebuy

Rebuy redefines data-powered shopping experiences to fuel growth with personalized merchandising solutions. Maximize AOV, introduce new products, and build amazing post-purchase experiences with Rebuy and Malomo.

Together, customers can optimize their order tracking pages and shipping notifications with personalized upsells and cross-sells all perfectly timed at your customers' most engaging experiences.

Create product recommendations

Increase order value with hyper-personalized product recommendations right on the order tracking pages

Drive Repeat Sales through upsells and cross-sells

It may seem counterintuitive, but 2-3% of repeat purchases come while an order is in transit. Don't leave a black hole in customer engagement right when they are the most excited! Show relevant products that enhance and complement their current purchase that drives additional value!