Turn shipment tracking from frustrating to revenue generating with Rebuy and Malomo!

Branded, personalized landing pages increase customer engagement and drive revenue

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Get more out of Malomo by using Rebuy

Rebuy redefines data-powered shopping experiences to fuel growth with personalized merchandising solutions. Maximize AOV, introduce new products, and build amazing post-purchase experiences with Rebuy and Malomo.

Together, customers can optimize their order tracking pages and shipping notifications with personalized upsells and cross-sells all perfectly timed at your customers' most engaging experiences.

Create product recommendations

Increase order value with hyper-personalized product recommendations right on the order tracking pages

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Drive Repeat Sales through upsells and cross-sells

It may seem counterintuitive, but 2-3% of repeat purchases come while an order is in transit. Don't leave a black hole in customer engagement right when they are the most excited! Show relevant products that enhance and complement their current purchase that drives additional value!

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Turn landing pages into money-printing marketing channels like these disrupting brands

Angel Eleyae

Malomo has been a great addition to our marketing stack. We get to provide an experience we're proud of.

Angel Eleyae, Grace Eleyae

Josh knopman

Most tracking pages are terrible to look at, now we're able to use that as a moment for branding, referrals, updates, and sales

Josh Knopman, Caraway


Malomo bridges the gap between the last interaction with us (purchase) and our next connection with them (unboxing)

Wian van Biommestein, Ayoba-yo

Katy Riley

We’ve been blown away by how much revenue we could generate through sending emails for each step of the shipping process

Katy Riley, For Love & Lemons

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