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When creating shipping labels, are you using shipping label templates? If you are not, you could be missing key opportunities to communicate with your customer and brand your company. You can easily find a free printable shipping label template or use a UPS shipping label that’s simple and basic, but it may miss some of these key benefits for you.

What is a Shipping Label?

Shipping labels provide the address of the sender and the recipient, but it also contains other information. When you use a USPS shipping label template or any other version, you will also see it provides for areas that other information can be placed. Each one is a bit different – a printing shipping label PayPal offers is going to be a bit different from a free mailing label template for Etsy.

How to Get Free Shipping Label Templates

If you are using free USPS shipping labels, for example, there are a few things to include. First, be sure to use your USPS shipping account to create them. Then, use the same format, styling, and details for every single order you send out. You can easily see this in your USPS shipping history. By creating a standardized look, your customers quickly learn who the package is coming from, and this helps with branding your company.

Even if you are using a USPS shipping label template Word offers, you can customize it a bit to make it more unique for your company. If you take a look at a USPS shipping label template PDF format, you will notice a small area to the right of the address of your customer. Place your company logo there. Or check out the shipping label template Google Docs offers. You will see you can add a custom message towards the bottom.

USPS track and ship rules are specific, though. As an e-commerce company, you need to print shipping labels without postage in the same format to ensure the companies can properly ship those items efficiently. Be sure to customize every other area, though, to help with branding your company and so you can stand out.

Free Printable Address Label Templates

Free printable address label templates are available from a number of different sources. Most of the time, companies use a Word label template. This template is very basic, clean, and easy to use – as long as you have access to Microsoft Word. Free printable label templates for Word also provide you with room for customization, such as with the font, sizing, and logo placement. Most people know how to edit in Word easily.

For others, online templates are easily available through Google Docs. You can find 30 label templates for Google Docs available (or more). These are just as easy to edit, and, as free address label templates, they are also available to you as long as you have a Google Docs account (it can be free to obtain, too). You will find every size and style here, even the luggage tag template Google Docs offers.

Free printable address labels are available from other sources, including things like the Officemax label template download. When choosing any of these, choose free editable labels, which allow you to expand areas to add your logo or to just a tag line you hope to add to the free label design templates.

With these as a file label template, you can easily print them off yourself. It takes just minutes to fill them out and print them. Free label design templates are available as well, but you generally do not have to spend a lot of money to add to the label. Label templates make it possible for you to customize as you see fit – just don’t overdo it and confuse the shipping companies along the way.


Avery has long been a go-to label provider. Long before e-commerce was a big thing, the Avery label template 5160 and others were popular options for companies addressing envelopes to consumers for Christmas cards. Today, Avery label templates are also available for e-commerce needs of all types.

Avery labels can be a good option for some applications, but you may find they are challenging to use in some formats. The company wants you to use the Avery address labels template they offer to ship within their site, but that can add more cost to your project. More so, it is harder to adjust them or customize them, which makes the free Avery templates less beneficial to some companies.

Some may ask, “Can I use Avery templates on Google Docs?” You can, but the formatting can be off. One of the most common drawbacks of this company’s products is that it lacks a significant amount of compatibility with other software applications. If you are working with non-Avery stationery, it can be very difficult to get proper alignment, easy access through the software, or even an efficient process. Let’s face it; when you are sending out thousands of e-commerce packages, you need speed and efficiency.

There is no doubt that Avery labels are a good option for those who plan to use these stationery products. They can also be beneficial for those who have a simple goal and area already familiar with the use of Avery products.


The Avery 5160 template is perhaps one of the most common options for those printing off address labels for a group of people at one time. The Average 5160 template for pages of labels were often used to place on envelopes being mail to groups, but they can work for other needs as well, including for package addressing.

The Avery 5160 dimensions are pretty standard at 1” x 2-5/8”. You will need to find the right one for the application you are printing them in. For example, Avery 5160 template for Word 2016 is a bit different from other Word versions. You will also find the Avery 5160 template Google Docs offers is slightly different in terms of layout as well.

The Avery 5160 dimensions commonly used allows for 30 address labels to be printed on a single sheet. You can learn how to print Avery labels in Word by looking at the Word template files on your software program.

When it comes to Avery 5160 vs. 8160, there are differences here. Generally speaking, the 5160 template works on most Avery products, including the 8160. These various numbers you see are based on the application that you are using. The sizing across all of these labels remains the same – as they are describing the sheet of paper that you purchase with the actual label stickers on them to peel off and place on packages. The labels themselves are standard, and the numbers describe the software used.

Most of this is done through the software’s mailing applications – Google Docs, Word, and other software will have a simple configuration tool to use to match up with the Avery labels you plan to print.


Free software is out there to help your business to create the labels you need – and that’s a good thing. A modern free label maker is easy to use, allowing you to create the size and styling that is best suited for your needs. When you consider a free online label maker, there are a few things to keep in mind.

“How do I make mailing labels from a Google spreadsheet?” This is a common question. Can you print labels from a Google Sheet (Google’s spreadsheet free tool?) The answer to this is yes! If you wish to use Google Sheets, which is a free spreadsheet software tool available through Google Docs, start with adding the Avery Label Merge add-on. You will need to create a new document and find the tab that allows you to create address labels.

When you open Google Sheets, click on the chart you plan to use (it should be filled in with the addresses that you want to use). Then, click the “customize” icon. From there, click “Series” and “Data Labels.” You can then make changes to the position or to the label font to meet your needs.

“How do I make address labels in Google Docs?” If you wish to do this in Google Docs, follow the same process. The only difference is that you need to open up the Google Docs – new document – feature instead of a new sheet. The same steps apply to turn your list of addresses into a series of labels.

You can use a shipping label generator free like this, or you can use a paid-for program. For example, a box file label template free download Excel version will cost you money if you do not have Microsoft Office with Excel available to you. The same applies to labels produced in Word or other software programs that you need to purchase. And barcodes will already be included.

Product label templates and label makers for envelopes and packages are easy enough to use. The key is to allow the software to do the work for you. Instead of trying to position and align the labels in the document on your own, simply make a list of the addresses. Then, follow the steps provided by the software program for turning those data points into usable labels.

When you use a free label maker like this, remember to customize them to meet your unique needs. This includes adding a few features or logo elements to them – without interfering with the mailing process. Customizing them like this can help to build your brand and help your package to stand out from other companies.


Shipping label templates can make it easier for your ecommerce business to handle fulfillment. There are plenty of templates available online that make it easy for businesses to create their own labels in minutes.

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