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Like all business software, package tracking software focuses on one aspect of your business and makes it run more efficiently. In this case, that aspect is your mail center. Not to be confused with shipping software (although there is some fair amount of overlap), which handles your order fulfillment, shipping label creation, and customer package tracking, package tracking software runs the last piece of your order fulfillment management cycle, as it helps you track customer returns. But what is package tracking software in detail?

What is Package Tracking Software?

Package tracking software, also called delivery management or mailroom management software, tracks personal packages and deliveries in an office space (or shared or residential building). Package tracking software automates tagging delivered packages, notifying employees or residents of delivered packages, accepting digital signatures, and releasing packages. Package tracking software can provide asset and inventory tracking. Ultimately, package tracking software ensures accountability of mail and packages throughout the entire delivery lifecycle.

What it doesn't do

Package tracking software does not handle courier delivery management, supply chain management, or handling delivery logistics even though it can integrate with existing hardware like label printers, signature pads, and barcode scanners.

Why Your Business Can Use It

Put simply, there are two main reasons why you will want to use package tracking software.

Two Main Pain Points

  1. Logging and tracking inbound packages manually takes a lot of time and is vulnerable to human error
  2. Fielding internal package questions requires sifting through logs of information that waste unnecessary person-hours

Using software to handle these tedious, labor-intensive cuts down on possible errors and saves significant employee time that can be devoted to other tasks. Additionally, for specific industries like event venues that receive large amounts of freight on behalf of different vendors, the software can help provide proof of delivery and track complete chain of custody for liability purposes if items are missing.

Comparing Package Tracking Software

In general, basic package tracking software needs to be able to handle some core functionality. Examples of these tasks include:

  • Logging the status packages
  • Sending out email notifications to recipients
  • Providing necessary inventory tracking capabilities
  • Accepting digital signatures
  • Storing package or internal tracking data for history tracking

But there are several additional features you might want to consider that can make a world of difference for daily users.

Additional Features to Consider

Besides the core tracking software functionality, there are "soft" features to consider when evaluating software. After all, you want to make the best decision for your business.


To save time and fully take advantage of tracking software benefits, it's essential to decide whether your business can effectively implement it. If the application is too difficult to design into your employees' workflows, it will defeat its purpose. Be sure to consider whether the user interface is easy to work with and accessible to your entire mailroom staff.

Device Integration

Device integration is another feature to evaluate. For users, the software needs to integrate with popular personal devices like iPhones or Android phones to receive reminders on their phones. Integrating the tracking software with existing equipment or a set of older devices can save significantly on CAPEX for employers.

Top 5 Package Tracking Softwares

Now that we've reviewed why and how your business can benefit from tracking software, let's take a look at the top five software available today.


ParcelAlert is a package tracking system that streamlines package logistics. It decreases the time a package waits in the office by sending automatic email or text notifications to alert or remind residents that they have a package waiting in the office. Another popular feature of ParcelAlert is that it integrates directly with LobbyDisplay.

Notifii Track

Notifii Track touts being a cloud-based internal package tracking software for buildings and corporate offices, university mailrooms, and apartment communities. Through automatic alerts to package recipients via email or text message, and by capturing signatures for proof-of-pickup and delivery on any tablet or iOS/Android Device, Notifii Track saves your time and increases package accountability. Several users also report enjoying the 14-day free trial.


EZTrackIt is a browser-based package logging software that is known for its simplicity and ease-of-use. Their website claims to specialize in both the pick-up and delivery models of package logging, and it integrates with both a mobile app and a desktop version.

Envoy Deliveries

Envoy Deliveries plays to the software minimalist, and they, "automate away mundane workplace management tasks," and, "bring delight to everyday interactions."


QTrak is excellent for smaller companies that can't afford the high up-front costs of new equipment. QTrak excels at turning virtually any Apple or Android mobile device, such as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, LG Tablets, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch, into a high-speed scanner that transfers package tracking information to their secure cloud database in real-time. It also stores a digital copy of the receiver's signature verification purposes.

Best software for large enterprises

With the broadest set of features, ParcelAlert, EZTrackIt, and QTrak comprise the software that is best suited for larger enterprises.


In conclusion, package tracking software, which differs from order fulfillment and supply chain management, can save your employees, and therefore your business, lots of time by automating tedious and repetitive mailroom tasks like scanning and tracking incoming packages as well as sending automated alerts to recipients, thereby reducing time packages stay taking up space in the mail center. Package tracking software is also invaluable in tracking the chain of delivery if a package is lost or stolen. It's easy to see why your business needs package tracking software to scale and grow.

When evaluating software, make sure you aren't paying for functionality you don't need. Focus on just the minimum features your business needs to find a balance between feature-rich capabilities and ease-of-use.

Malomo helps you capture untapped revenue through beautiful, customized post-purchase tracking experiences. Schedule a demo today to see how you can turn post-purchase tracking into more sales opportunities.

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