Introducing Malomo's Tracking Page Creator for the Shopify Ecosystem


Alicia Gaba

Head of Strategy and Operations

[Indianapolis, September 6, 2023] - Malomo, a leading order tracking platform, is excited to announce the launch of its Tracking Page Creator, a solution designed to simplify the process for Shopify merchants. This tool eliminates the challenges of building order tracking pages, providing efficiency and ease.

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The focus of Malomo's Tracking Page Creator is on speed and simplicity. With just two clicks, Shopify merchants can create branded order tracking pages within their own theme and brand it with existing assets, saving time and effort for other essential business tasks.

Moreover, this tool allows merchants to redirect customers to their customized order tracking page, recovering 15%-20% of website traffic that previously went to carrier tracking pages. This redirected traffic can boost brand visibility and conversions, maximizing the post-purchase experience.

Creating a tailored order tracking experience is effortless with Malomo's Tracking Page Creator. Merchants can easily incorporate their branding elements, assets, and other Shopify apps, enabling the creation of customized tracking pages in minutes. They can even host multiple tracking pages based on buyer data for a segmented order tracking experience.

With this launch, Malomo is also launching a tracking page design contest with complimentary months of Malomo, Visa gift cards and other prize contributions from partners like Rebuy, Corso, JustUno, Status and ElectrIQ Marketing. Designs are due by midnight Eastern Time on October 2, 2023.

To learn more about Malomo's Tracking Page Creator and its benefits, please visit this page.

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Malomo is an order tracking platform that lets you take control of your shipping experience. Customers track their orders 4.6 times and Malomo helps merchants turn all of that customer engagement into customer loyalty. Get ahead of shipping issues, brand your order tracking experience, and remarket to shoppers while they wait for their package to arrive.

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