A note from our Co-Founder & CEO about our $2.7M fundraise

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Yaw Aning

Founder & CEO

Malomo raises a $2.7M Seed Round led by Base10 Partners

Ten years ago, Anthony (my cofounder) and I ran a development agency. During that time, we worked with tons of ecommerce merchants.

One thing that our clients kept complaining about was how hard it was to control the customer experience after someone bought.

Platforms like Shopify made it really easy to get people to the buy button, but once they handed off the experience to Fedex or UPS, they constantly felt like the experience fell short.

Today, I’m excited to announce we closed a $2.7M seed round to fix those problems and enable the future of post-purchase.

The round was led by Base10 Partners, with participation from Harlem Capital, Irish Angels, Triple Map Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners and High Alpha Capital.

We also had a fantastic syndicate of angel investors join the round with deep experience in this space: Jamie Sutton (cofounder of Shopify Plus), Oisin O’Connor and Rob Barr (founders of Recharge), Ben Jabbawy (founder of Privy), TJ Mahony (seed investor in Klaviyo), Shonduras McBride and Sean Holladay (Spacestation founders and Youtube influencers), Paul Singh (former partner at 500 Startups), Rick Wittenbraker (ex-head of marketing Yeti), Dylan Whitman (founder of BVAccel), Steve Weiss (CEO of MuteSix), Chris Bennett (founder of 97th Floor), Will Bumpus Jr., and Jon Bassett (partner at NextGen Venture Partners).

Since our launch last year, we’ve hit some incredible milestones.

  1. We've tracked 4 million shipments.
  2. We’ve enabled 10s of millions of customer experiences for merchants like Rhone, Summersalt, Magic Spoon and many others.
  3. Our merchants have driven millions of dollars in repeat revenue from their post-purchase experience.
  4. They’ve seen their support tickets related to shipping cut in half or more.

And we’re just getting started.

We’ve got big plans for the future

Our vision is to help brands build relationships with consumers.

Customers check tracking 4.6 times per order. A brand shipping 10,000 orders per month delivers 46,000 brand impressions.

Whether they like it or not, they’re either amplifying a wonderful experience, or a terrible one.

We want to help brands turn shipping from a cost-center – full of headaches and problems – into a high-performance marketing channel that builds trust and drives revenue.

Shopify built the operating system of record for purchase. They made it super easy for merchants to transact online.

We believe we’re building the system of record for post-purchase. We want to help marketers control the customer experience from the buy button to the doorstep.

And we think the opportunity is huge. Every ecommerce brand on the planet, by definition, ships. Our goal is to power each and every one of the experiences for those shipments.

The beautiful thing about the internet is that it has democratized commerce. Anyone can sell anything to anyone anywhere in the world. We want to help enable global commerce as it moves online by making the experience after you buy incredibly delightful for consumers and easy to manage for merchants.

– Yaw Aning

Cofounder & CEO


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