Malomo vs. Wonderment

Why Malomo is the best alternative to Wonderment in delivering the best post-purchase experience for ecommerce brands:

  • Deep Shopify, Klaviyo, Loop and SMS integrations, and 20+ more integrations

  • 75+ carriers and the most accurate shipment and delivery data

  • More robust segmentation capabilities for transactional messaging and tracking pages

  • Problem order reporting and triggers

  • Tighter security & customer privacy (ex: you can look up any order on a Wonderment tracking page or order lookup widget--yikes)

  • Time-tested by top brands and the greatest ability to customize the post-purchase experience (see our library of examples)

  • Dedicated support team with an average tenure of 3+ years doing complex stuff with Klaviyo and Shopify.

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Why you should choose Malomo for shipment tracking

Here’s why you should choose Malomo over Wonderment.

Deep Klaviyo integration

Malomo sends more data to Klaviyo than Wonderment for shipping & delivery emails. This allows Malomo to be more flexible for your post-purchase email flows.

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Fully customizable

Unlike Wonderment, Malomo’s has branded tracking pages that are fully customized to match your store’s branding and themes.

Malomo integrates directly with Shopify Plus, Shopify, and Klaviyo ecommerce platforms. Within your tracking page, you can add your other favorite ecommerce tools like Zendesk, Elfsight, Gorgias, FourSixty, Olark, Nosto, YouTube, Justuno, and Re:amaze and more. Check out our integrations page for a full list.

$100,000 in revenue from shipment marketing

We’ve been blown away by how much revenue we could generate through sending emails for each step of the shipping process


More segmentation available

We pass more data and variables among your integrated apps allowing you to do more segmentation in your transactional messaging flows and send more thoughtful notifications. Our data helps you drive more revenue and reduce more support tickets.


Our experts are a big deal

We’ve been doing this for a while and know what works. We don’t leave you in the dark to succeed on your own. We work with you and share our best practices to make sure you’re successful! Our success team at Malomo is well known by folks at Klaviyo, Attentive and Loop to name a few for the mere fact that they've worked with so many Shopify brands on so many use cases that there's no one else who knows as much as they do about how these apps work together.

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What Malomo does best

Malomo is the best post-purchase platform for Shopify stores. Here’s what we help your brand do.

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Shipment notifications

Shipment notifications

Automatically notify customers in real-time about their order and if it’s potentially delayed, lost, or experiencing a shipment exception. Our data variables enable more personalization and complex use cases.

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Branded tracking pages

Branded tracking pages

Drive more upsells with dynamic customized pages when customers check their order status 4.6 times per order. Top Shopify brands choose us because our design capabilities are unmatched and even copied by competitors. Here are some of our favorite designs.

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Integrates with 20+ tools in your stack

Integrates with 20+ tools in your stack

Malomo offers deep integrations with Shopify, Klaviyo, and Postscript as well as many other apps integrated directly onto your tracking page to ensure a customized experience. Check them out here.

Why brands chose Malomo vs. Wonderment

Shopify Plus brands that switched from Wonderment to Malomo mention three key reasons why they love Malomo

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Malomo gives brands full control over the design of the experience. Your brand, your fonts, your experience.

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Malomo brings together product, order, customer and shipping data so you can create unique, relevant experiences post purchase.

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We would have a dedicated support team with years of post-purchase experience to assist in setup and provide ongoing strategy/support.

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