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Reduce order tracking friction, unite the post-purchase experience, and supercharge account creation.

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Tracked orders = signed-in shoppers

With Status and Malomo, every tracked order becomes a signed-in shopper, unlocking a seamless tracking experience that drives more customers into accounts. Say goodbye to WISMO tickets and hello to a unified post-purchase experience that increases customer engagement and loyalty. Shopify Plus brands like American Tall, &Collar, and Spirit Hoods use Status and Malomo to unlock a seamless tracking experience that drives more customers into accounts.


What Happens When Shoppers Sign-In?

By automatically signing customers into accounts during the order tracking experience, shoppers are connected to recently viewed products and wishlists, enrolled in loyalty programs, and empowered to effortlessly manage their purchase history--eliminating buyer friction and driving more engagement.

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Supercharge Account Creation

The order tracking page is a crucial part of the post-purchase journey. On average, 15-20% of an ecommerce brands’ web traffic hits the order tracking page. With Status and Malomo connected, every tracked order becomes a signed-in shopper. Shopify Plus brands like American Tall have seen over thousands of orders tracked from the customer account since launching Status and Malomo.

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Remove Order Tracking Friction

WISMO tickets account for nearly 30% of all help-chat conversations. Until now, order numbers were required for order tracking. With Status and Malomo working together, customers can manage tracking from within the customer account and know where their orders, returns and exchanges are without needing their order number.

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Unify Your Post-Purchase Experience

The post-purchase journey can be complicated. Empower customers to manage all of their orders with ease, from one place, and without needing support from your team. With Status and Malomo integrated, Shopify Plus brands can offer an on-brand tracking experience from within the customer account.

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Drive LTV Post-Purchase

Increase first-time customers with accounts by 650% and increase AOV when customers use accounts by 25%. With Status and Malomo, you can proactively communicate with customers and provide a branded order tracking experience that drives LTV post-purchase.

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Turning tracked orders into signed-in shoppers

On June 7th, Malomo, Status, and Bemeir teamed up to dive deeper into the partnership, walk through integration use cases & early success stories. Join our founder, Yaw, Status’s founder Joe, and Bemeir's founder Maier for a jam- packed session that will leave you with actionable takeaways.

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