Shopify Order Tracking: What is it and why is it important?

Order tracking can be a little confusing both for consumers and Shopify merchants. Read below & simplify the post-purchase experience with us!

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What is Shopify Order Tracking?

Navigating the fulfillment journey is a breeze with Shopify order tracking, and a hassle-free experience for both merchants and customers. From the moment a purchase is confirmed, customers are sent their Shopify order confirmation page, where they can rest assured the merchant has received their order and will start the process to get it to their customers. This page is also commonly referred to as the Shopify tracking page.

After receiving an order confirmation email, the Shopify order tracking page becomes the go-to hub, providing real-time updates and a centralized location for all tracking information. These Shopify out-of-the-box notifications are periodically sent to customers based on shipment updates.

Shop Pay Installments provide customers with the flexibility to split their order payment into installments, available seamlessly during both online and in-store checkout processes. This convenient option is applicable to orders ranging from 50 USD to 17,500 USD, ensuring a tailored and accessible payment experience.

Customers can easily access their Shopify order tracking number from their transactional email notifications and stay informed every step of the way. Order tracking for Shopify empowers businesses to offer a transparent and efficient post-purchase experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and building trust in the e-commerce journey.

Why is a Shopify Tracking Number important?

A customer's Shopify tracking number, or Shopify order tracking code, is the unique series of numbers and letters tied to that specific order and can usually be found in a customer's order confirmation email. Customers can navigate to the Shopify orders page to access a comprehensive overview of your transactions, each accompanied by a unique Shopify order number.

The Shopify orders page is accessible via link or URL, which is important for many consumers. Many consumers search on Google for 'Shopify Tracking Without App', which should indicate to merchants that their customers don't want to have to download an app to track their order. Shopify parcel tracking makes tracking your orders is a breeze. Stay in control and streamline your order management with the ease and efficiency offered by the Shopify and accompanying delivery tracking apps.

What do I need to know about a Shopify Tracking Link?

Maximize the efficiency of your order tracking process with the versatile features provided by Shopify. Many Shopify order tracking apps, such as Malomo, seamlessly integrate into your system, allowing customers to monitor their orders effortlessly and build customer retention into their order tracking.

Utilize Shopify UTM Tracking to gain valuable insights into the performance of your tracking links, optimizing your marketing efforts. Tailor your Shopify order status page URL to align with your brand, providing customers with a cohesive and branded tracking experience. Whether you prefer a script for your order tracking page on Shopify or a direct link, the Shopify tracking link ensures a user-friendly and customizable approach to order monitoring, contributing to a seamless and engaging customer journey.

APIs serve as mechanisms facilitating communication between two software components by employing a defined set of protocols and specifications. A lot of Shopify merchants inquire about the Shopify order API, Shopify order status API, and Shopify order tracking API. The Shopify development knowledge base has a lot of incredible articles with the in-depth technical steps.

Order Tracking Apps for Shopify

Merchants can enhance their Shopify store's efficiency with an optimal order tracking app. Many Shopify track order apps provide an intuitive solution for merchants to integrate in their Shopify tech stack to make sure their customers know exactly where their order is. Any merchant can easily learn how to add order tracking to Shopify with ease or install the best order tracking app for a fully branded customer tracking experience.

There are some options for free order tracking app on Shopify, but many features that most Shopify merchants want in their post-purchase software have a cost to them. These features allow merchants to customize their order status page on Shopify to align with your brand aesthetics to create a cohesive customer journey and generate additional revenue through cross and up-sells. Many merchants want to see examples of custom email and SMS notifications and tracking pages, so we've uploaded many order status page examples and best practices here.

Whether you seek the best free order tracking app for Shopify or want to add a paid solution, such as Malomo Order Tracking or Aftership Order Tracking, merchants can optimize their customer experience with a Shopify app for order tracking. These different solutions have different pricing and features, of which we cover here. Merchants can customize and manage orders efficiently with their custom order status on Shopify, tailoring the experience to suit their brand and customer expectations.

Customer Order History in Shopify

Shopify merchants can delve into their past and present orders effortlessly with the customer order history feature on Shopify.

Customers can utilize their Shopify customer login to access a comprehensive overview of their order history by clicking on 'My Order History'. This order history list details past purchases and order statuses. This robust system acts as a dynamic customer purchase history database, providing insights and facilitating informed decision-making for both merchants and customers alike. Shopify's commitment to user-friendly interfaces ensures a seamless journey through customer order histories- so much so that you won't even need an order history template.

USPS Tracking Number with Shopify

Many merchants strategically select the best carrier options for their Shopify store specifically. Some of the most popular carriers are USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Merchants can optimize their Shopify shipping experience with the efficiency and precision of many carrier tracking solutions, like USPS tracking.

Shopify USPS shipping rates depend on many factors such as weight and location, like many carriers do. That is why specific carriers may work better for one brand but not for another. To explore the advantages of Shopify USPS Ground Advantage, merchants can speak directly with the USPS teams.

Merchants can stay on top of shipments with the Shopify EP tracking number, ensuring real-time updates and accurate monitoring of packages. Elevate your e-commerce shipping strategy with the integration of USPS tracking numbers through Shopify, offering a seamless experience for both merchants and customers.

Shop Pay App

Because of their similar names, many get Shopify and Shop, an application some merchants use for order tracking, confused.

The Shop Pay App, or the Shop Tracking app, is another option some merchants use in their tech stack for the Shop Pay tracking feature. Consumers can track their order with Shop App with their Shop order number, whether they use Shop tracking online or through the app. By using the Shop login, users gain access to a host of features designed to enhance their shopping experience. Consumers are able to track orders with Shop, whether they're using a Shop tracking number or opting to a track order with Shop without an app through the online platform.

One downside is consumers have the best experience on the application, which means consumers have to download it onto their phone, which has many wonder, "Is Shop App safe?". The Shop App team assures that their app is safe.

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