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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it all cost?

Starting at shipments up to 2,000 per month, the platform fee is $199 per month and goes up from there. However, if you pay the annual fee monthly, you get 1 month free and if you pay the annual fee upfront, you’ll receive 2 months free.

How do you work with Shopify?

We directly integrate with Shopify to improve the post-purchase experience and use shipment tracking to build your brand. Malomo allows Shopify stores to fully customize and control the tracking experience to reduce common problems that lead to “where is my order” support tickets. Our platform also helps reduce subscription churn, improve email deliverability, and more.

How do you work with Klaivyo?

Malomo integrates with Klaviyo to allow you to create, time, and analyze your transactional shipping emails through your current Klaviyo account. With Malomo, you’re able to send shipping emails—pre-transit, in-transit, out for delivery, delivered, and exceptions—through Klaviyo.

What carriers do you have integrations with?

Malomo integrates with domestic carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, as well as some international carriers.

What other integrations do you have?

Malomo integrates directly with Shopify Plus, Shopify, Postscript, Attentive, and Klaviyo platforms. Within your tracking page, you can add your other favorite ecommerce tools like Rebuy, Zendesk, Elfsight, Gorgias, FourSixty, Olark, Nosto, YouTube, Justuno, and Re:amaze and more. Check out our integrations page for a full list.

How do I build a tracking page?

Our tracking pages are fully customizable and tailored to your brand. You’ll work hand and hand with our expert customer success team who will focus on building you the most successful page for your specific brand. We’ll provide you with best practices and our deep knowledge of what makes the best design and work with you to create the ideal copy, imagery and layout.

How long does it take to implement?

We can get your free trial up in a matter of a few days! For more custom pages, the amount of time varies on the level of customization, and availability of assets from each brand, but on average you can expect a turnaround time of about 30 days.

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Exceed Customer Expectations

“Implementing Malomo has allowed me to give our customers a premium experience when it matters most."

Take control of order tracking information to share shipping updates with customers on a platform your brand controls. Design unique post-purchase experiences with branded tracking pages and shipping notifications.

$100,000 in revenue from shipment marketing

We’ve been blown away by how much revenue we could generate through sending emails for each step of the shipping process

Including shipment marketing into the tech stack

Malomo has been a great addition to our marketing stack. We get to provide an experience we're proud of.

Tracking page design

Most tracking pages are terrible to look at, now we're able to use that as a moment for branding, referrals, updates, and sales