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Ecommerce email marketing services come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes, so it's best to understand what you need before making your choice on a provider. On Shopify, the platform makes it easy to tackle your most troubling email marketing objectives with easy integrations both in and outside of Shopify. With a variety of email marketing tools, targeting your audience through email is easier than ever. But before you choose one of these sophisticated programs, it’s best to first understand your specific needs. For example you may have heard of some of these popular email marketing software options that work with Shopify:


MailChimp offers an easy-to-use platform to its pay-as-you-go pricing options and even a free plan, but announced in 2019 it will no longer be offered on the Shopify Marketplace. If you’re looking to switch from MailChimp, read on.

Campaign Monitor

Thanks to its super simple platform and amazing performance, Campaign Monitor is a great choice for reaching an audience through email marketing.


Omnisend offers sophisticated marketing automation tools that are best suited for sales-driven email marketers.


SendInBlue provides email marketing and marketing automation tools aimed at those looking for a cloud-based solution.

Klaviyo Email

Providing seamless integration with Shopify, Klaviyo provides ecommerce marketing with advanced tools that are user-friendly. A huge benefit of Klaviyo is its ability to pull data about your customers from Shopify, meaning you can send targeted marketing emails based not only on characteristics of your recipients but also their purchase histories – or even their histories of items they viewed and didn’t purchase.

With all of these fantastic email marketing software options at your fingertips, Shopify makes engaging with your customers easy and stress-free. Keep reading to learn more about email marketing with Shopify, including how these apps can help you excel as an email marketer.

Shopify Apps

If you’re signed up for Shopify and you’re looking for email marketing solutions, then also check out the wide variety of Shopify apps aimed at simplifying and enhancing the email marketing process. Voted as the best free Shopify apps 2018 and best Shopify apps 2019, these Shopify apps offer the email marketing solutions that have resulted in outstanding exposure for businesses everywhere. Voted as some of the best Shopify apps 2018, MailChimp, Omnisend Shopify, and Optinmonster Shopify are all apps that have changed the way marketers reach their customers. If you’re searching for the best free Shopify apps 2019, Shopify is happy to offer a wide variety of solutions such as Shippo,Kit, and many more, including Shopify apps for dropshipping.

Take a look at some other breakout Shopify apps below:

Clipman Shopify App

Clipman is a video-making tool that allows you to create stunning videos aimed at selling your products. This tool can easily be integrated with Shopify to create a buying experience like no other.

Afterpay Shopify App

Afterpay allows shoppers to buy the products they want and pay for them over time. Afterpay is easily synced with your Shopify store, so sellers utilize this platform with no hoops to jump through.

Drip Email

Have you ever used drip email? Not sure what it is? Drip email is one of the most successful marketing tools that sends pre-written information to customers over time. A pre-determined timeline is used to decide on when these emails should be sent, and these are also sent in a series that is determined by the user’s behavior. Another key component to understand is that this process is usually automated. Keep reading to learn more about drip email and how Shopify email marketing tools include solutions for drip email marketing.


Whether you’re new to drip email or you’ve been using this strategy for years, it may be hard to understand everything involved with the process. And with so many tools at our disposal, you want to ensure you choose the right drip email platform so you can reach the right audience at the right time. Using this strategy incorrectly can result in a drop in sales and a drop in customer exposure. Take a look at some of the most important benefits of drip email below:

Greater Customer Engagement

Drip email campaigns give you the ability to reach your target audience on a higher level—and with more efficiency. And not only is it used to reach your existing customers, but it's also a great tool for reaching prospects. This is all possible because these emails are based on user actions. Customers only get more and more emails as they engage with the previous ones, reducing your spam score and increasing deliverability and effectiveness of your emails.

Spreads Brand Awareness

Drip email is one of the best Shopify email marketing options because it helps to spread brand awareness. If targeted emails are sent to the user that are extremely relevant, then that helps to make your brand known as a reputable source.

Best Email Marketing App for Shopify

If you’re searching for the very best email marketing app for Shopify, then understanding the many products offered might be overwhelming. But the key in this regard is to really understand your audience and what you’re looking for in an email marketing solution. Are you more focused on sales? Want to spread brand awareness? By considering your customer base, goals, and where your business currently stands, that can help point you in the right direction for finding the best email marketing app for Shopify 2019. But while the app you choose depends greatly on your needs, there are some general things to look for when searching for the best free email marketing app for Shopify—some of which include:

Easy User Interface

While running a business is hard enough, running email marketing campaigns can also pose many headaches. That being said, before you complete a Shopify app download, you should ensure that the app you’re choosing has a user-friendly interface that is simple to use. Klaviyo for example has a user interface that is focused on simplicity, making it a great options if you’re searching for the best email marketing for Shopify 2019.

Trackable Performance

Another good sign that you’re working with the best Shopify email marketing app 2019 is that your performance is easily trackable. Klaviyo is a fantastic app that provides exceptional tracking metrics to ensure your campaign is producing the results you want. These analytics are shown in an easily-digestible way—giving you the ability to easily see what’s happening and if there’s any room for improvement.

Seguno Email Marketing

If you're looking for a powerful and effective email marketing tool, then the Seguno app is an option many marketers might consider. In fact, when it comes to deciding on the very best email marketing apps, many people believe that it’s Seguno vs Klaviyo. From its low pricing options to the user-friendly interface, many ecommerce stores have fallen in love with the Seguno Shopify app. Haven’t heard of the Seguno app Shopify? Looking for a Seguno review? Check out some of this following feature to receive the Seguno email marketing review you’re looking for: The low Seguno email marketing pricing is a huge reason many people choose this app. The low-level subscription is offered for free for up to 250 subscribers. For up to 1,000 subscribers, the price jumps to only $10 per month. All of the pricing is determined based on your number of subscribers, so knowing what you pay with Seguno is never a mystery. Another huge reason why many marketers choose Seguno is that it easily syncs with Shopify. That makes it super simple to develop, track, and manage your email marketing campaigns without even leaving the Shopify platform. Thanks to Seguno’s automated tools and simple, straightforward platform, sellers are now able to save time and focus on other aspects of running their business. The interface is very simple to use, which enables users to quickly get accustomed to the platform in order to take their email marketing to the next level.

Shopify Email Marketing Integrations

If you sell on Shopify, then utilizing Shopify email marketing integrations is your best solution for finding the results you desire. And one reason that this is true is to due to the fact that these integrations allow you to transfer over important data about your customer—giving you the ability to effectively target them in the future. Take a look at even more reasons why these integrations are vital to your email marketing success:

More Data Means More Sales

If you choose to work with an email marketing tool without having any data, the process of reaching your audience and having results can take a very long time—and this can lead to a lot of money lost for your business. By using apps like Klaviyo that integrate with your Shopify account, all of that important customer data is right there at the application's fingertips—meaning relevant emails and targeted messages that are already in the works. Without this integration, engaging with the right audience at the right time might take longer than you think.

Easier Business Management

Being the owner of a small business might mean you’re juggling many hats. Whether you’re a one-man show or you have a team that you’re working with, chances are there might be a lot going on at any given time. That being said, making processes easier and more efficient is always a plus for a small business. When email marketing apps are integrated with Shopify, this means less hassle, less jumping around, and more time to focus on other business processes that hold great importance. These integrations allow you to easily understand the purchases of your customer, meaning you can retarget them with ease.