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In the ecommerce world, shipping your products is a very vital piece to your overall business. If your customers don’t receive their packages in a timely manner, your customers will be very upset and your business may not last very long. So given how important shipping is for your ecommerce success, it's best to use the best applications with the features that work for your specific needs. But how are you supposed to find the best app? What are some of the top-rated apps on the market? To understand this completely, you’ll need to do some research on the best delivery app solutions aimed at your specific business. But before you head to the app store and start digging around, we’ll first discuss some tips to give you the best chance of success. We’ll also recommend some of the more popular shipping apps on the market that sellers rate highly. Take a look at some tips below in regards to package delivery apps:

Spend Some Time in the App Store

No matter what ecommerce platform you’re using, many of them have a reliable app store where you can find free shipping apps, tracking apps, and any other app that can help you be the best seller you can be. And whether you’re looking for Shopify free shipping apps, BigCommerce apps, or apps for any other ecommerce platform, many of these stores have a lot of information about all of their apps. Take a look at what to look out for while browsing through the app store:

Review Reviews

More often than not, you can find reviews on many of the shipping apps in these app stores. Whether you’re looking for shipping apps for small business or just the best shipping app in general, these reviews can be a very useful tool. And furthermore, the more popular the ship app, the more reviews you’re likely going to see. Be sure to look through at least a dozen Shopify or BigCommerce shipping reviews to see what customers are saying.

Read Descriptions

When looking for ecommerce shipping apps to help you calculate monthly shipping rates, understand metrics, print easy postage, and much more, you’ll need to find one that’s suited for your specific needs. That being said, another tip is to thoroughly read through the information about each app. They’ll explain the full details of the app and explain the features and capabilities. To find the best Shopify or BigCommerce shipping apps, try to find shipping apps like uShip.

Shipping Software

While there are many ecommerce shipping apps out there that can help you easily print postage and handle some other purposes, many of these platforms aren’t very effective at helping you manage the whole shipping process. That being said, it's important to focus on finding apps that can help you with many management duties when it comes to shipping. But to fully understand what to look for and what options work best, let’s first dive into what shipping software management really means, including what features and capabilities you should utilize to create the best shipping experience for your customers.

What is Shipping Management Software?

Shipping management software doesn’t only involve printing postage and tracking orders, but it also involves understanding analytics, sending shipment reminder emails, and much more. As shipping applications have evolved over the years, these platforms put a lot of knowledge in the hands of the seller. The right shipping software can allow you to have a strong grasp on managing the internal operations of your business. Next we’ll dive into some examples of effective shipping software solutions on the market:


From the ShipStation login page and ShipStation dashboard to the ShipsStation pricing options, this company is loved by sellers all over the planet. In fact, the typical ShipStation review is about five stars. And when you compare Shipstation vs ShippingEasy, many people will tell you that they prefer ShipStation. This is mostly due to the fact that this company functions on a large scale, and they cater to many ecommerce platforms. From Shipstation WooCommerce to the ShipStation BigCommerce app, this business is one of the leaders in the ecommerce shipping world. Be sure to do research on a subscription Shipstation, and make sure to obtain ShipStation version 3 if this seems like a program for you.


Another common program is called Shippo. How does Shippo work? What are the Shippo benefits? Well first, you complete the Shippo sign up, then the program can be synced with your shopping cart and marketplaces in order to easily import orders, print labels, and print packing slips. Another benefit is that the Shippo label prices are pretty low compared to other shipping programs. From the Shippo API price to their low shipping and handling fees, Shippo is a very affordable program used by sellers all over the world, which is why Shippo stock prices are climbing rapidly.

Shipping Easy

From the Shipping Easy pricing options to the user-friendly platform that is evident on the Shipping Easy login page, Shipping Easy is another top-notch ecommerce shipping program. For more information, be sure to call the Shipping Easy phone number.

Other Options

Take a look at a few more great options for your shipping needs:

  • EasyShip
  • Ordoro
  • Salsify BigCommerce
  • ShipperHQ BigCommerce

Freight and courier apps

When you think of companies that can deliver packages for money, you may only think of regular mail sent through USPS or FedEx. However, it's important to note that there are other ways to send packages—especially if they are very large or are of great importance. Opposed from the standard mail that you’re used to, items can also be sent via freight shipping or through couriers. Keep reading to learn more about each.

Freight Shipping

When shipping via freight, that means your sending a bulk items by truck, plane, train, or boat. And given that these large, bulky items are bought and sold online, freight shipping platforms are common in the ecommerce space. Take a look at a few top-notch freight shipping companies:


uShip aims to connect carriers with shippers. From the uShip car services to shipping household items and furniture for a move, uShip loads range from small truckloads to hefty loads on ships. And for pricing, there’s even a uShip bidding option where carriers can bid on shipping loads. Be sure to look at uShip reviews and check out their website to get a fast uShip quote!

Uber Freight

Uber Freight is a shipping app like Uber, where it connects carriers with shippers just like it connects riders with drivers on the regular Uber app. In order for a freight carrier to be eligible, there are certain Uber freight vehicle requirements to understand. And just like the regular Uber app, the platform is very user-friendly. Carriers can quickly log in through the Uber Freight carrier login page, then they can see all of their upcoming and past shipments. In addition, Uber just rolled out Uber Freight Plus, which rewards drivers for their great work. Uber also makes it very easy to get a freight quote in seconds on their website or app!


On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes packages are very small or they need to be cared for in a certain way. That’s when couriers are used. And in this day and age, courier delivery app solutions are becoming more common. Apps like GoShare and CitizenShipper are common options that have been used to transport packages to their rightful destinations. This service can be used for any package, but they are typically used for perishable items or ones that are very expensive or important.

Free shipping apps

In this day and age, customers will make a purchase decision based on if the seller offers free shipping or not. In fact, many consumers will even filter search results based on free shipping. In addition, consumers love doing research on what companies are offering free shipping. That being said, it’s important to offer this free service so consumers won’t look over your business. With many other sellers offering a free shipping option, you need to follow their lead and offer one for yourself. Take a look at even more benefits of offering free shipping:

May Increase Sales

When a consumer sees that a company is offering free shipping, they may be inclined to spend more money at your online store. While it's obvious that shoppers don’t expect to pay an extra fee for shopping in-person, why should they expect to pay a fee when shopping online? Furthermore, many people will pay for faster shipping if they are in a situation when they need an item fast, but when they don’t really care about the delivery time, consumers expect to not pay a dime when it comes to shipping. From cheap online clothing stores with free shipping to free shipping shopping apps, consumers are focused on never paying for shipped items.

Could Be a Great Marketing Tool

When you think of marketing, you probably think about sale prices and coupons. But have you ever thought about offering free shipping as a promotion? This is a great way to boost your sales and show your consumers you really care. Especially if free shipping isn’t something you offer every day, you could incorporate free shipping specials for a certain time frame or on a certain product. But given how there are tons of online shopping sites with free international shipping, you may have to offer free shipping for good.

Utilize Shipping Tools

Luckily, there are many ecommerce tools that can help you manage your free shipping offerings. For example, if you offer free shipping based on a certain amount spent by the consumer, the free shipping bar WooCommerce solution is very useful. It is a bar located on WooCommerce stores that tracks how much money the consumer needs to spend to reach free shipping!