Electriq + Malomo

Transactional Email & SMS Masterclass

Join Brandon Amoroso, Founder of Electriq & Malomo expert, to learn how you can maximize the transactional notifications you're already sending to your customers and make them work for YOU.

Recorded on June 28st at 1:30pm EST, Brandon will dive into technical practices to enhance transactional messages and branded order tracking within Malomo. Listen on-demand now.

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With beautifully branded and informational transactional messages, you and your team will impress and inform your customers, provide more opportunities to cross- and upsell other SKUs, market your customer loyalty and referral programs, and promote your social community!

Whether you're a current customer of Malomo or wanting to learn more about transactional messages, this masterclass is for you!


"Since Electriq came across Malomo, it has become a no-brainer for our merchants! Whether you are a merchant working with an agency or not, their new offerings are game-changing and will help you gain control over your order tracking page. There’s nothing like a sleek and completely branded experience to elevate your customer experience. Shoutout to Malomo for pioneering some major changes in the space! Malomo may be the only Shopify app that I can say with 100% certainty that will ALWAYS increase your store’s LTV.”

Brandon Amoroso, Founder of Electriq

Ready to enhance your post-purchase experience?

Join Malomo Master Brandon on June 28st!