Stalled Shipment in Fulfillment Email Flow

Stalled in fulfillment email flow

This flow messages a customer when their order has stalled during the fulfillment process. It’s triggered when the Malomo Problem Orders feature identifies an order that has been created but has not been fulfilled in the specified time frame.

In this example, the customer gets an email notification when the issue is first identified. The flow will then check two days later to see if a shipment has been created for the order and if not, it will alert the merchant support team to look into the issue.

A customer example: True Classic

As much as we all try to wish them away, shipment delays are inevitable. But, luckily for us, customer confusion is easily avoidable.

That's why True Classic uses one of our Problem Orders triggers to notify customers when their order has been delayed (left). Then, customers are encouraged to check out their tracking page with the most current information available (right).

True classic stalled email

True Classic uses one of our Problem Order triggers to let their customers know when their shipment is delayed. It's important to keep your customers updated on where their order is so they don't feel misled.

True classic tp

On their fully customized tracking page, True Classic displays the Malomo order tracking block alongside dynamic product recommendations fueled by our Rebuy integration.

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