SMS Subscriber vs Non- Subscriber Email Flow

SMS Subscriber vs non

Tailor your notification messages to customers that have opted in for SMS vs customers that have not.

Sending customers the most crucial information to where they look the most is one of the most efficient ways for brands to communicate with their customers. But, we know that it can be stressful to essentially text your customers, so we've provided some examples to help you out with your SMS notifications.

Chowdaheadz sends their opted-in customers SMS notifications

Chowdaheadz (via the Malomo x Attentive integration) sends their customers segmented order tracking notifications right to their inbox if they've opted-in to receive SMS notifications.

On the left, you can see their example of an Order Confirmation email and on the right you can see an Out for Delivery example.

Chowdaheadz order confirmed sms

Chowdaheadz uses the Malomo x Attentive integration to send an SMS notification to their customers to notify them that their order has been confirmed.

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Chowdaheadz out for delivery sms

Chowdaheadz sends their customers an Out for Delivery SMS notification through the Malomo x Attentive integration.

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We have examples of emails & tracking pages too!

Scroll & see what our amazing customers are doing with their order tracking examples. You can filter by industry type, communication type, and scroll over each image for more specific details.