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Fuel Made is an ecommerce growth agency



Malomo is a shipment tracking platform for ecommerce brands

What are transactional emails?

Every customer who purchases from your store receives these emails that provide details about their order. While most brands overlook the potential of transactional emails as a way to sell or create an impact, you'll soon realize why they shouldn't.

As a Shopify Plus brand, you have the option to disable all transactional notifications on Shopify and switch to using Klaviyo instead. However, it's important to have the emails prepared and thoroughly tested on Klaviyo before making the switch, and you can seek assistance from Malomo or Fuel Made in this regard.

Recall the last time you had a negative online purchasing experience. Oftentimes, delivery is the root of the problem. That's why we suggest guiding your customers through the shipping process from start to finish.

Sending well-timed and pertinent shipping updates enhances the customer experience, reduces the number of support requests, and leaves customers feeling content. Every phase of the shipping process is a chance to demonstrate your concern for your customers.

The initial purchase should be viewed as the start of a relationship with a customer, rather than the end. Since you have already incurred the cost of acquiring them, the post-purchase experience is where you can maximize the opportunity.

By taking the time to comprehend your customers' desires and investing in well-crafted post-purchase emails, you can demonstrate that you value your customers.

Let's break down a few examples of transactional emails...

Order confirmation email


Right after making a purchase, customers seek reassurance that their order has been successfully received and processed. These emails play a crucial role in providing them with the necessary verification and confirmation, giving them peace of mind that they have placed their order correctly. Essentially, these emails act as a reassuring receipt for customers, instilling confidence in their purchase.

Campaigns and flow emails typically experience open rates of around 12% and 22%, respectively. However, transactional emails outperform them significantly, with engagement rates that can be up to six times higher. (Check out Klaviyo’s full report Benchmark Report broken down by industry.)


Infuse your brand's personality into your introduction, captivating customers with an engaging message that reflects your unique voice.

When highlighting order information, ensure that it is presented in a manner that is easily digestible. The aim is to remind customers of their purchase while aiding them in quickly identifying any errors.

Consider incorporating a product feed into your emails. By offering personalized product recommendations, you can effectively encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Here are the steps you can follow to seamlessly integrate a product feed into your Klaviyo emails.

Shipping emails


Reflect on your most recent negative online purchasing experience, and you'll likely find that delivery-related issues often play a significant role. That's precisely why we advocate for guiding your customers throughout the entire shipping process. By sending timely and relevant shipping notifications, you can elevate the overall customer experience. This proactive approach not only reduces the number of customer support requests but also leads to happier and more satisfied shoppers.

Keep in mind that the shipping process consists of several steps, and each presents an opportunity to demonstrate your care and commitment to customer satisfaction. Embracing these opportunities allows you to make a positive impression at every stage of the shipping journey.


Please note that in order to send these emails from Klaviyo, you will need to implement the Malomo app integration. Here are some details to help you brainstorm all your shipping email possibilities:

  1. Pre-Transit: "Your order is packed and ready to go" In Klaviyo, set up a flow that triggers when customers receive a shipment update indicating "pre_transit."
  2. In-Transit: "Your order has been shipped" In Klaviyo, create a flow that triggers when customers receive a shipment update indicating "in_transit."
  3. Out for Delivery: In Klaviyo, set up a flow that triggers when customers receive a shipment update indicating "out_for_delivery."
  4. Delivered: In Klaviyo, create a flow that triggers when customers receive a shipment update indicating "delivered."

By implementing these email flows in Klaviyo and integrating the Malomo app, you can provide your customers with timely and relevant shipping notifications, enhancing their overall experience and reducing the need for customer support.

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