GO FOR GOLD: Create a post-purchase subscription experience that converts

A one hour, action-packed discussion with top industry experts.

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Take subscription up a notch

Build the tech stack of champions.

During the event, top technology experts will discuss opportunities to elevate your post purchase subscription experience. Here's some specifics they'll be walking you through:

  • Why almost every brand can have a subscription option
  • How to get creative with your subscription model
  • What's important to know when implementing and growing your subscription program
  • Ways to increase your subscription adoption numbers
  • Potential missed opportunities in the post purchase space
  • How to increase LTV through your post purchase subscription experience

Watch the recording here.

The Panelists

Brandon Amoroso

Brandon Amoroso

Founder and CEO

Electriq, a DRINKS Company

Dan Deren

Dan Deren

Senior Partner Manager


Eric Alder

Eric Alder

VP of Partnerships


Jenna Dobrin

Jenna Dobrin

Partner Manager


Yaw Aning

Founder & CEO