First Time Purchaser vs Repeat Purchaser Email Flow

First Time Purchaser vs Repeat

Tailor your notification messages to first time customers vs repeat customers.

In this example, the flow first checks if this is the customer’s first order. It will then check if the customer accepts SMS messages. You can tailor your SMS and email messages to share more meaningful information depending on if they are new to your shop or experienced.

An example from our customer, Wellspring Meds

In their emails, Wellspring Meds segments for new customers (left) and returning customers (right). Although the emails each customer is sent don't differ much in copy, the magic happens when their customers click through to personalized tracking pages.


Wellspring Meds lets their new customers know their order is out for delivery and will be at their door soon!

Wellspring return customer

Wellspring Meds sends their returning customers a segmented email to personalize their order tracking experience.

On the left, you can see the new customer tracking page example. For a new customer, social proof is essential, and Wellspring Meds displays where they've been featured front and center in their H1. Then, they urge their new customer to continue shopping with them below the fold.

On the right, Wellspring Meds targets their returning customers with their order tracking information front and center. They also highlight their best sellers to offer more options to their customers who have shopped with them multiple times.

Wellbeing new customer

Wellspring segments their new and repeat customers for different post-purchase experiences. On this new customer tracking page, they utilize Klaviyo and Rebuy to drive another purchase.

Wellspring repeat buyer

Wellspring segments their new and repeat customers for different post-purchase experiences. On this repeat customer tracking page, they lead with their full catalog of products.

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