Eight Shipment Marketing Campaigns to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Curious what campaigns brands are putting on their tracking page to drive retention? Download this resource to learn

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This ebook is full of potential strategy plays you and your team can roll out to improve your post-purchase experience. By downloading your copy today, you'll get the deets on eight high performing shipment marketing campaigns to take your brand to the next level.

But first, let's briefly explain why focusing on shipment marketing should be your top priority.

Shipment tracking is often viewed as a cost center by carriers, but it is also the only touchpoint where customers actively seek out and engage with your brand. Instead of considering the initial purchase as the ultimate objective, it should be regarded as the beginning of a customer relationship.

As you have already invested in acquiring them, the post-purchase experience presents a prime opportunity to maximize their value. By actively understanding your customers' needs and dedicating effort to crafting thoughtful post-purchase emails, you can effectively showcase your appreciation and demonstrate that you genuinely value their business.

Here are the eight strategies we expand on in our ebook:

  • Give your customers more opportunities to shop with you where they're already looking
  • Support your customers with convenient access points to your team
  • Encourage your customers to join your community
  • Share about your brand's mission story
  • Launch new products to generate excitement and revenue
  • Promote your referral program to your loyal customers to increase word of mouth marketing
  • Give thanks to your customers and build a personal connection
  • Provide additional pieces of content with press releases and educational blog posts

As if you didn't have incentive enough to download the full ebook, let's dive into the first two strategies here:

Campaign #1: Shop

The objective of this campaign is to stimulate repeat purchases by featuring a product feed on your tracking page, along with broader categories that customers can explore while awaiting their package. You have the option to utilize a static product feed or incorporate a dynamic feed through your product recommendation app.

This campaign is most effective for brands that:
- Have a diverse range of products in their catalog
- Aim to enhance their repeat purchase rate

By implementing this campaign, you can engage customers during the post-purchase phase, providing them with enticing product options and encouraging them to make additional purchases.

Campaign #2: Support

The objective of this campaign is to ensure that your customers are well-informed on how to effectively utilize and derive maximum enjoyment from your product upon its arrival. By sharing care tips, whether through blog posts, videos, or comprehensive guides, you can empower your customers to have a positive and satisfying experience with your product, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

This campaign is particularly suitable for brands that:

  • Experience a significant volume of customer support inquiries seeking guidance on product usage or care instructions
  • Offer products that require education or additional information for optimal utilization

By implementing this support campaign, you can proactively address customer queries and provide them with valuable resources to enhance their product experience. This approach not only reduces customer support requests but also fosters a stronger sense of satisfaction and loyalty among your customer base.

By understanding your customers' needs and investing in carefully crafted post-purchase emails, you can effectively showcase your appreciation and demonstrate the value you place on their satisfaction.

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