Season 2 Episode 7: Discussing SMS & UGC, Department stores vs DTC, being cheugy, and texting with abbreviations

Updated S2 E7 PODCAST

On this episode of Retention Chronicles, Brian and Mariah get each other's opinions on;

  • Trying Tenzo matcha, reading instructions, and the post-purchase experience

  • Improvements for SMS strategy from a consumer perspective

  • Bed bath & beyond and the downfall of department stores

  • If DTC brands have the option of having a wedding registry

  • FedEx announced they’re raising prices because of a lack of demand, inflation, and market instability

  • Adobe purchasing Figma for $20 Billion and how Figma made collaborative design a thing

  • The differences between Canva and Figma

  • The meaning of ‘cheugy’ and what constitutes as cheugy

  • Texting and slacking with abbreviations

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Mariah Parsons, Brian Lastovich

Mariah Parsons 00:04

Hey there, I'm Mariah. And I'm Bryan and this is retention Chronicles. Ecommerce brands are shifting their strategy to retention in customer experience. And so we decided to reach out to top DTC brands and dive deeper into tactics and challenges.

Brian Lastovich 00:20

But here's the thing. We love going on tangents. I teach Brian all about the latest trends, and I teach Mariah that it's a waste of time, and we discuss

Mariah Parsons 00:29

all things in the Shopify ecosystem. So go ahead and start your workout or go on that walk and tune in as we chat.

Brian Lastovich 00:37

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Mariah Parsons 00:55

Hello, Brian,

Brian Lastovich 00:56

hello, Araya how are you? I'm good. Just hanging out. Good things. Yeah. My hands Oh T, we're gonna talk about tensor T.

Mariah Parsons 01:08

Yeah, I actually forgot my two. It's sitting right next to me. I just haven't made it. You didn't forget them. You're right. I didn't forget it. But I just didn't preface

Brian Lastovich 01:15

well, as long as you have it. Okay. Show it on the video.

Mariah Parsons 01:19

Okay. Yeah. Um, what did you think of it? We both uh, we

Brian Lastovich 01:23

just want to go right into. Okay, well, what are the audience? A little bit of like, right, we talked to them now, right? A week ago, two weeks ago?

Mariah Parsons 01:32

Yes. So, um, two weeks ago now? Yeah, so a little bit of background, and Brian and I interviewed Steve O'Dell, CEO and co founder of tensor T. And so we decided, I think it was like the day or two before we were like, Oh, my God, we should order it and get it beforehand. But we kind of forgot because life gets busy. And so we said that we would try it after. And so it is now been the time that we have finally gotten it and both tried it. And so I have my do want me to like hold it up.

Brian Lastovich 02:07

Yeah. all lit up.

Mariah Parsons 02:08

Yeah, that's what I got. My blinds are right next to me. So people watching the video. Okay, there you go. Tons. Oh, yeah. I thought very, so I'm holding up the camera right now. So White can with their green logo and tents up Macha on

Brian Lastovich 02:23

it. It's like a tin can. Right? Yeah. Premium?

Mariah Parsons 02:29

Yes. Premium?

Brian Lastovich 02:31

I wasn't expecting it to be such a premium like,

Mariah Parsons 02:35

like can Yeah, well, I mean, first turns out like Steve did tell us they like us to not have it imprinted on the cane. Like the logo was raised. Yeah, yeah. come a long way. I thought it was very cute, though. It's very appealing to look at. And then we also because you got the kit, right? Yeah.

Brian Lastovich 02:56

I think that's the only thing you can get. For the first door. Yeah.

Mariah Parsons 03:00

Well, it makes sense. Because you want to have all the materials to Yes. So then this little stand with the macho mixer. Yeah. I actually I've used it, but I just used it as like a spoon. I have to put a battery in it. Because I was traveling. Now there's a whole story. I was traveling with it. So I was in my car right when I picked it up, and then I just went to Chicago. So I didn't have a battery. And I was like I made it. Literally like in a parking lot. But I'll tell that I'll tell that. I'll save that for later.

Brian Lastovich 03:29

Your first endzone.

Mariah Parsons 03:30

Yes. Steve better be bad. And then you see, it's like got some module on it. I know.

Brian Lastovich 03:39

You don't clean your

Mariah Parsons 03:40

well. Okay, to be fair, I literally just got back yesterday. It's clean. I know. I know. I know. Soap and water with me. I didn't have a kitchen, in my car. But it proves that I'm not lying. I used it. It was a really cute spin. Now you can see like tenza on it. The match is really shiny.

Brian Lastovich 04:05

So you get the so let's just clear it. Let's recap. You obviously have the matcha Yes, you have the whisk, which is the little What do you call that the mixer? Yeah, match your mixer. Then you have to mean you can use it like a spoon like you did or the proper way to put a battery in it. And then you have the little teaspoon. Yeah. And then there was something else. No,

Mariah Parsons 04:34

there was also I mean, there was this little packet where like the motto was yes. So yeah, so that was that and then that's it

Brian Lastovich 04:46

I who still up there. There was It was fun time I wasn't expecting that so it was like a little you know a little get it made it seem a little gift that you receive. Yeah. So I I think the day after it Okay, I'm making matter actually, it was my afternoon. So I had like the coffee in the morning my coffee in the morning, then I usually have a coffee man. You're like, nope. Let's try the Moto. I did a like an iced matcha so I ended it with afterwards. Yeah. I really liked it.

Mariah Parsons 05:19

I really did.

Brian Lastovich 05:20

Yes. I did like the the mixer. Yes, it's just, it's just fun to play with that.

Mariah Parsons 05:27

It is fun to play with. It's like, I'd be like a kid with like, a toy set, you know? Thank you, miles dad. There's all these little ingredients and all these steps. It was fun. I agree. It was

Brian Lastovich 05:37

it was it was fun to make the My problem is like, there'll be fun to make but I just want to like cup of coffee. pour a cup of tea drink a cup of coffee. Yeah, if I get the mood of like, okay, just in my routine, like make the macho doesn't take too much time.

Mariah Parsons 05:57

Yeah, it took I mean, for me it took once it was all unpacked and everything and I got the MATA in the can took like 30 seconds.

Brian Lastovich 06:05

That's true. Yeah. Did you do I did? I did

Mariah Parsons 06:09

it tasted so have you had a weak route? So I did just a shot because I was on the road. So I wasn't gonna like sip on it. I'm

Brian Lastovich 06:17

just gonna edit that point. Just a shot.

Mariah Parsons 06:21

I did just a shot. Yeah, that's all the clip. And so I I liked it. Um, it tastes like I can't. I was trying to think about the way it tastes like describing how it tastes. And like, not really earthy. But it's kind of like similar to lollipop where I was like, Oh, you can taste that. It's like good for you. You know. So I did like it. But I, again, was on the road. So I got my package, and then it got delivered like that morning. And the morning that I was leaving to for my trip. And so I was like I really want to try it. So I was really excited. So I just took it in the car with me. And then I had I had

Brian Lastovich 07:09

to get macho over your car because like I was trying to put it in a tent and I like got it all over the place and it like really stained your fingers.

Mariah Parsons 07:18

Did you not read? Okay, okay. Okay.

Brian Lastovich 07:20

I don't read the instructions. No.

Mariah Parsons 07:22

Oh my god. Okay. Well, because this is what we're all about. We're all of that experience. So of course, I had to do

Brian Lastovich 07:29

a whole lot reading the instructions. No, no, of course, I

Mariah Parsons 07:32

just have to understand the process. So on the so no, I didn't get an all over my car, which was impressive, honestly. And I didn't have scissors either. So I was definitely nervous about it. Cuz I knew it was powder. But so when did you pour yours in really fast where it made like the little green poof? Yeah, of course. I knew it. I was like, wow. Okay, but they do tell you. Where is it on here? Because they, they tell you not to pour it in fast because you'll get that green poof.

Brian Lastovich 08:06

So he knew that you wanted the poop.

Mariah Parsons 08:09

I mean, it is fun. It is fun. Okay, here this is in the tin. So it's dissolving. Yeah. And you did it. You didn't read it. Did you know Okay, so on the back. It's a little insert. And it says, Well first it says save this in 10 save this 10 save the environment and then it said cut open the pouch and pour it into importanza into the tin pour slowly to avoid the green air quotes. Green poof huh, this tin fortress will protect your valuable stash of 10s of 10s Oh, from light moisture and a ramp rampaging wizard which I thought was cute. Okay, so that's why I didn't get tend to all over my car. But I had to use my car keys to like, open the bag. Because I couldn't get it open with my hands. I just couldn't. And so it looks so funny. Like the way I poured it like it wasn't all the top it was it took a minute to get it in there. But it was it was well worth the wait.

Brian Lastovich 09:13

The I should yeah, I should read the instructions. I just don't read instructions. I think that's that's just me. I've realized that's what I do, like, putting together a dollhouse for my daughter or the play kitchen for my daughter. No, like, I won't read instructions. Well usually happens I get really frustrated in the middle of it. My wife comes by and she's like, that's not how it's supposed to look. Give me instructions to that and started over. So yes, like definitely not doing that. But let's really quickly about the post purchase experience on tempo where we bought it. So I got here's actually feedback for 10 So maybe we could share this with them but the post purchase like I got a few emails from them, which was good, right? because I was very curious, someone that would get the package. And so it was confirmed like it was in transit. It's on the way, I got a confirmation of like it was delivered, all good. But they need to improve their SMS because I so there's a discount, right like on the website and so I added my phone number to be in their SMS program. And then obviously the discount, which is great. But the entire my entire SMS chain from Townsville is like 15% Off 15% Off all my next order stuff, but I just got, I just got tense out, right? So I want to know, what else can I do with it? Right? All the recipe stuff like, don't get me like, like, just reminders to like, Hey, how's it going so far, instead of thinking about my next purchase already? So that would be my feedback for that. Okay, at least give me like 30 days until you remind me that there's a discount coming up with the holidays?

Mariah Parsons 11:03

Yeah, I think I think Steve was that. Yeah. Yeah, I know. I definitely got them. I'm trying to look right now I'm doing like the search thing to see if mine is the same. But my iMessages sometimes they just do not like I searched for stuff and they don't work. So I can't pull it up right now. But I think that is fair, I remember getting at least one of the disco

Brian Lastovich 11:26

ones like for it was 15% off like foam cell or something like that. But it's very, like I don't want to give my I think that's what hurts SMS in the first place. It's like, I don't want to give my phone number just to receive like a discount. And the thing is, I know that there's always going to be some sort of discount coming. Like use my number then for again, education to understand really how I'm doing with my first order purchase.

Mariah Parsons 11:56

Yeah, I agree. Yeah. So good point. I think a lot of brands struggle with that, like we've seen firsthand of just our CES team getting asked a lot of questions of like what's best practices what's what's kind of like the normal or what's what customers want to receive in terms of SMS notifications, because it is more personal on your phone. So I think the educational content like recipes, and like I would love to get sent like one of those tick tock videos of Kaley making a their recipes like that. That would be a good idea to Yeah, that's what they should do. Like send me the video that Yeah, or like, follow us on Instagram to see more like get some social proof, you know? Yeah. Yeah.

Brian Lastovich 12:39

I mean, I liked the user generated content, like a way to get the user generated content in the hands of a customer like myself. That's interesting. Okay, cool. That's, that's 10 zoete. Yeah, I like it.

Mariah Parsons 12:54

So have you? Are you are you gonna replace Coffee with tenza? No,

Brian Lastovich 12:59

I think for right now. It's a slow burn. So I think right now, I still need my coffee in the morning. And we will add in the matcha. Tea once, I think maybe maybe a couple times a week. And then hopefully, like that'll be my afternoon drink. And then maybe the afternoon drink will lend itself into the morning. But yeah, I'm a coffee drinker. And you know what today is?

Mariah Parsons 13:28

Coffee Day? It is yes.

Brian Lastovich 13:31

Is it really? National Coffee? That was a total National Coffee Day.

Mariah Parsons 13:36

So you lead me up to that pretty well? Yeah, well, I do. Okay, I didn't say this when I was telling my story. But I did. So I was I was obviously driving. I've said that multiple times. But I felt the caffeine. Like after kickin, because I was definitely getting on the more tired side. Oh, that's right. And I don't have caffeine a ton. But it was a good amount that I but when in the past when I've had like an energy drink or coffee, I've been super jittery. And so I didn't feel that with much.

Brian Lastovich 14:03

I didn't drink the caffeine before going on your flight. Is that what happened?

Mariah Parsons 14:08

Well, so well, because I was driving up to Chicago to fly out of Chicago. So I had like a three hour drive beforehand. So I really felt it on the drive.

Brian Lastovich 14:17

Okay. And then like, once you get on the flight, okay,

Mariah Parsons 14:21

no, no, because I took it. Yeah, I like prepped it in the parking lot. Right before I left.

Brian Lastovich 14:27

Like, did you feel weird doing that? Oh, no. Drink in the car, like in the parking lot?

Mariah Parsons 14:33

No, I hope someone would like, be like, What is she? And then I'd be like, Oh, it's 1030 You should try it. Then I can be

Brian Lastovich 14:42

commercial. I can see that. Yeah.

Mariah Parsons 14:44

Yeah, we'll also share that with us. Yes,

Brian Lastovich 14:47

please do. Yeah. So coffee days today. That's, I don't honestly care about coffee day, but I like drinking coffee. So what else Okay, so a few a few pieces of news. Okay. You want to go into the fun stuff, but you want to go into the news? Let's let's

Mariah Parsons 15:07

switch it up. Let's go into the news first and then

Brian Lastovich 15:12

I have a few things. So first of all, Bed Bath and Beyond

Mariah Parsons 15:21

where's this gonna go? I don't know. Okay.

Brian Lastovich 15:24

Well, so they came out on their latest earnings report and they've they missed or they're predicting a 28% drop in their demands, and they've been missing their numbers in the last their last few quarters. Okay. Obviously, it's not it hasn't just been like the last few quarters. It's been a annual trend for Bed Bath and Beyond. So I've been thinking about this. I used to, like, let's think about DTC brands like especially in appliances. I feel like DTC brands have been picking Bed Bath and Beyond apart, bright light taking what was one store that offered so many different things when it comes to setting Bath and Beyond.

Mariah Parsons 16:13

Thanks for breaking that down.

Brian Lastovich 16:16

But like, do you think like, I mean, obviously, there's the pandemic and there's the market instability and just like a drop in demand in general, but like, do you think as a consumer that DTC brands have had an impact on the downs? spiral of Bed Bath and Beyond? or No,

Mariah Parsons 16:38

I definitely, I don't know if I could just pinpoint it on DTC brands. I definitely think that,

Brian Lastovich 16:45

yeah, not pinpoint it. But do you think it has an impact or? No?

Mariah Parsons 16:48

I think it does. Yeah. I think that are, because, like, big department stores, they have everything, right? Sure. Like, I compare this to Sears to, right, or like, I know, tough, but, or like even Macy's, I feel like they have so much. But there's not like a specialty item that you're going there for. And I feel like that's what people want now, is like they want if they're buying a mattress, or if they're buying, I mean, furniture gets tougher, but if they're if you're buying like a set of something, I feel like you want to go to somewhere that's like the new thing. Like, have you heard of those, like Cloud couches or something? They're like the ones like the nine piece modular furniture one, like, people for couches are like, oh, I want that one. And so that's Bed, Bath and Beyond. I feel like it's tough, because it's like, now people want more of that luxury. And they're like everyday life. Whereas before, it might have been a little like society might have been a little bit more bargain hunting.

Brian Lastovich 17:58

Let me ask you this. So when

Mariah Parsons 18:02

I, honestly,

Brian Lastovich 18:04

when I when I got married. We had a Bed Bath and Beyond registry. And that was quite normal. I think in the last, I don't know, five years, maybe maybe a little further. Like, that's not normal anymore. Like I've been to. A lot of I've been through a lot of weddings where like, it's Amazon. If you're if they do have a registry, or maybe they don't have a registry? I just don't I don't think that's part. I don't know, like, Does that ring a bell?

Mariah Parsons 18:39

You know, it does. It does know, when you said that when you like talking about registries. I definitely think Amazon has fulfilled that part of any sort

Brian Lastovich 18:48

of revenue they were generating from just one. Yes.

Mariah Parsons 18:52

Yeah. So I definitely think that's like the new normal. And then I think where people would have maybe shopped in store at Bed, Bath and Beyond now they're just going to places where they have that specialty. or Amazon maybe even like, it's so convenient. Yeah, just getting shipped to your house. So that's a tough I do. It's a tough sell. Because like even for college, I like four years ago, I got most of my stuff from Bed, Bath and Beyond. But they also made it really they really appealed to college students because one they're like everywhere, too. You could like go shopping in when I was in New Jersey, so I could set up everything I needed and like preorder it and then you'd go to the store and pick it up. And it was already for you. So you kind of like skipped ahead of all the mayhem of like, college senior move in. So it is tough to say because like Amazon, you run into the problem of you could ship it to your dorm beforehand, but the dorms won't. They're not open until you get there so you're at least going to have Have a little bit of time that you don't have like sheets or anything, right? Unless you're bringing them. Yeah. So it is a tough, I don't know, their strategy, their operations team NetSuite kicking themselves trying to figure it out too. Yeah,

Brian Lastovich 20:15

the business idea. I feel like we've had quite a few

Mariah Parsons 20:22

geniuses what was the other business idea that we have? The corn Disney? Oh, Lauren and Disney.

Brian Lastovich 20:28

Yeah, yeah. Oh, by the corn. Yeah. Corn Bran.

Mariah Parsons 20:32

Bran. Disney was what we were just Well, we were going to study Disney. Oh, that's

Brian Lastovich 20:36

like, Okay,

Mariah Parsons 20:37

I was idea like, I don't think I'm gonna claim it as

Brian Lastovich 20:41

Alright, here's the trip. So the so I like a lot of wedding registries, right Amazon going from Bed Bath and Beyond the Amazon. The question though is like for DTC brands, they're probably getting zero or close to zero revenue from registries, right, because you're not going to send people to you send people to Amazon because it's everything. How do DTC brands can follow through on Amazon?

Mariah Parsons 21:12

I don't registry's? Yeah, I don't think there's a way honestly,

Brian Lastovich 21:17

there's a lot of money in this, I assume there's gotta be some money, I would assume

Mariah Parsons 21:20

there's a ton of money in it, because that's what brings a lot of people from a lot of different. Like your instead of a bunch of different like a guest for guests for wedding, instead of sending them to 200 different places to get. You go like for Bed Bath and Beyond i or Amazon or wherever. I would assume it's a lot of money because you do that multiple multiple times. For DTC brands, I would say it's really hard unless they have some. And maybe this is a software idea, like somewhere where you can tie in one list and make it super easy to check out from different websites for a registry. I'm sure there's like, isn't there? Like, there is a wedding website? Like it's like Zola, maybe. I don't know. What for registered like for. Okay, the non, but not. Yeah, so maybe. Yeah, okay, so there are like websites, I don't know what they look like. But if you can pull it in from other websites, that's the only way I could see DTC brands actually,

Brian Lastovich 22:33

yeah. Being that's probably if the website is new, this already it's a lot of work for the person that's preparing the registry to actually go into every single product that they want on every single DTC brands website and then pull it into one registry. But maybe they figure that out. Maybe someone has beat us to this already. But if no one has beat us yet. I think this is another reason why people should listen to this podcast because we're giving million dollar ideas.

Mariah Parsons 22:58

Yeah. See, like this is you're exactly right. The It says our registry plays well with others. Bed Bath and Beyond is the first one William Sonoma. Crate and Barrel Pottery Barn Amazon wedding registry, Macy's. So Bloomingdale's, it's a lot of the brands, but you're not seeing the smaller brands, right? Like it. I don't even know if it's a space for them. Right now. Anthropology is only like, kind of smaller one that I see on this list. It's like Target. And so yeah.

Brian Lastovich 23:33

We got something. I think we got something. The idea of the list. All right. Bed Bath and Beyond check. Yeah. All right. I have another piece of news. I think it's important to our merchants, which is I think it was last week FedEx announced a I love that you don't know this, because I saw that you really fed FedEx announced that they're raising prices on their shipping rates.

Mariah Parsons 24:00

Interesting. Do they say why?

Brian Lastovich 24:04

Inflation, they raise it because of lack of demand. Right. So in the previous year or so, like that? There is I mean, I think there's also the inflation and market instability, and there's a lot that comes with this. But they the year before they've also raised prices, but not this significant. They said what do I have here? 6.9% effective January 2 of 2023. So yes, they raise rates the year before that 5.9% So they are it's getting expensive to ship that's like the end of the end of the sentence there. It's getting very expensive to ship and FedEx announced this. Most likely other carriers major carriers will announce this as well too, which is seems like what happens and then you have the smaller carriers announce it as well too. So, at the end of the day, the DTC brands finding a very difficult time to ship their products, taking on all that cost, or at least sending that cost to the buyer like us. But then you have Amazon. I was gonna say, Yeah, still, although like, we should look up like his prime, I feel like prime has raised their annual membership fee, haven't they?

Mariah Parsons 25:29

Um, let's see as prime rate gone up

Brian Lastovich 25:32

$140 per year. So what I'm seeing, yes, Amazon Prime membership up 17%. Sorry, things going up.

Mariah Parsons 25:41

Okay, well, honestly, even though that is that sucks. Prices are going. I would say like for DTC brands, for our merchants and other merchants, it's better than Amazon is at least going up as well. Because if they didn't go up, and then you had to compete with them,

Brian Lastovich 26:00

or have a gap. Yeah. But again, like what I'm what, at the end of the day, what makes the most sense is that there's always going to be expensive shipping. And there's always going to be problems with the carriers. Yeah. So Malomo to make sure that the customers are notified of everything that's going on, because I'll be as a consumer, when I purchase density, like that was like, Okay, again, I made the purchase, I felt a little bit of a guilt trip, like, I knew I wanted to purchase it, but like, it's an expensive cost, like, am I gonna really like this, especially, I'm gonna try it before. So as soon as I purchased, like, I want to be notified as much as I can educated after the buy button, so like, give me a little review somebody?

Mariah Parsons 26:55

Yeah, I agree. Also, with I'm curious with rates going up with shipping costs, if there'll be an increase in problem orders. And because more people now, I don't know, I don't know if that means like, because it's more expensive. More people will be shipping with them or less people will be shipping with them. But I'm curious to see what what kind of happens and the influx there. And obviously, it with our new launch for Malomo or new problem where there's launch. it's top of mind right now. Yeah. So yeah, but

Brian Lastovich 27:28

my mind too. Yeah, I think I mean, my hypothesis that there's going to be some more problem workers, for sure. Why not?

Mariah Parsons 27:39

Yeah. Yeah. All right. Can ever knock him out? Now? Okay. All right. What

Brian Lastovich 27:43

do you got on your side? This has been a lot of my time.

Mariah Parsons 27:46

Okay. Okay, exciting. Um,

Brian Lastovich 27:49

my stuff is exciting here is this. All of it is

Mariah Parsons 27:52

your stuff is exciting, though. Okay. Plus good topics. Yeah. Don't Don't mess up. Don't make it a day. Next time. It can always be taken away. Features. Okay, so, sigma, we already talked about this. I know you know about it, but I wanted to bring it up figma purchasing or getting purchased by Adobe? For 12? Was it 12? billion? No, 20 billion. There we go. Break it down for me, because I do not see the importance or figma is so hard to use. So $20 billion? Does it? Is it really like figma? is the platform that? Like all designers across the way use? Like, is that the like the most preferred platform? Would you say like, I want to get your opinion on that. So,

Brian Lastovich 28:45

okay. I wish I knew a lot more history on this, but I don't I'll make up some of it. Okay. I think the biggest thing that figma has going for them is collaboration, right? Like think about maybe what it looked like before figma, which was mostly like Adobe, Adobe products and Photoshop, which was the designer sits in front of their desk, they design something, and then they share it outside of the application with others good feedback, and I'm gonna have to design it again, right figma and I'm sure a couple other products out there. But figma one, the collaboration aspect of it. So at the same time, someone else can come in, and and get feedback, edit, change the design, while the designer is also editing things. I think that's the biggest place because now you're sharing that with more of a community. Outside of being a designer, you could be a marketer, right and still get into figma and give feedback on it. So if you look at it in that aspect, it's not just a designer tool. It's a it's a marketing tool. It's a product marketing tool. It's a product tool. So like look at it, how many users Second go after it has gone after. So that's one thing that I think it's different for the fitment groups at the table, like, I'm on Canva, right? Like Canva, you can't do that. I can't be in a product, I can be there. But you don't know that I'm there like editing something. At the same time you're editing something.

Mariah Parsons 30:19

You can it'll show you if there's multiple users, but you can't like it takes a little bit of time for it to update.

Brian Lastovich 30:25

So I can real time collaboration.

Mariah Parsons 30:30

Yeah, not as much as you can see it in figma. Like you can't see the cursor or across like different projects, you have to be in the same project for it to be like that in Canva. So yeah, that's a good point.

Brian Lastovich 30:43

So I think it's a lot of the collaboration piece. I think it's I don't know, I enjoyed working in figma. It was easier for me to just get. And I think it's great. I mean, if you can create a platform that designers love to use, but then also, if you're not a designer, it's a little bit easier to use, like, Yes, I know, from your feedback. Like it's difficult for me, which it might be, but I think that there's a lot more ability for someone that's not a designer to use it then. Yeah, years ago.

Mariah Parsons 31:21

Yeah, to be fair, I probably spent max two hours in there. So like, it's definitely I could see it being really helpful. But for the sake of this argument, right now, I am a Canva. Pro Canva. You can anti figma.

Brian Lastovich 31:39

That's fine. They're putting I think they're really pushing hard on their advertising campaigns. I've seen a lot on the web, as well as like, streaming TV on Canva. And my guess is that since there's a spotlight on figma, right now, there might be people upset with that. And there just might be people that are aware of it. So Canva is really pushing out on it. So it'll be interesting to see how fast they grow now.

Mariah Parsons 32:06

Yeah. Yeah, that is interesting. And 20 billion. There, obviously gamers obviously doing something, right. Yeah. And Adobe was sweating. So

Brian Lastovich 32:18

we're cool. What else?

Mariah Parsons 32:22

Okay. Um, that's all kind of fun topics.

Brian Lastovich 32:25

Okay. Yeah. Hear me. Okay.

Mariah Parsons 32:29

Okay. So have you heard of the word to gi before? It's a real word is great.

Brian Lastovich 32:40

I have not you want to give you a guess what? It's Billy's chewy? It is a it's a breed of a dog. But in candy form,

Mariah Parsons 33:03

okay. Yeah. in any form. Close but no cigar. It's the opposite. It means the opposite of trending. Or like, you're, you're trying too hard. So tricky. To Gi. Yeah, it's felt. It's spelt C H. E. UGY. It really doesn't look like a real word. Probably because it's not in the sense place. Yeah, like, so if I needed to give context to like, because the sentence would be like, That's too gay. Because some context is like, bugs, like wearing like a pair of bugs or like, bugs or to gi because they're out of fashion. They're, they're not trending anymore. The more like, technical term, I guess, is it's more to describe, like, trends of the past or like trends of the early to 2010s and millennials that people are still like people are still you on Yeah, still using Yeah. Give me an example. Give me a couple products. Okay, so, mugs. Definitely. Definitely, I would say those are like the, the, like Epitome to key. Yes. And then I would say you know, like Juicy Couture like the sweat suits, like the Cheetah Girls wetsuits. Okay, they're like the matching top and bottom. Well, you have a daughter I don't actually see Cheetah Girls. It's fun to note Cheetah Girls like they were they were like a, they were a Disney movie. They're like four of them like Hannah Montana. Same thing. Like their characters. Yeah. Okay. Well, then this this example is not.

Brian Lastovich 34:53

Give me another example. If I don't know what to use, or that means that must be training.

Mariah Parsons 34:58

What to GIS? Oh, I don't know. Is that a cat? That's you and your love for categories? Okay, so also chewy is like mugs with like, text on them. So like, you know the Keep, keep calm and carry on, and how that like, blew up and it was like keep calm and do that like something else right? Like that spanned the market. like it'd be like keep calm and drink coffee like all of those little things like stuff you'd find it like everything that you put out. Yes. Yeah, like that. Also cheeky. Um, I'm looking for other like live laugh love. Yeah, to get all like, basically, I love Marshalls. So I really It pains me to say this, but like stuff you find Marshalls, or like TJ Maxx, like, avoid his and hers like, like toothbrush holders, stuff like that. That's cheeky. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm trying to think of other other stuff. I'm

Brian Lastovich 36:04

not a fan of cheeky quotes, like, what? I mean, why, whose toes who's behind this? Like, we could start doing you know, like, all of our competitors, your duties, right? Like, you start saying that, but it's, is it honest? What do you mean? Is it honest? I mean, is it like, don't you think who's saying these chewy? Who's saying this tricky stuff? Who says, Well, who is a competitor?

Mariah Parsons 36:35

Anything about it? They don't really have. I feel like whoever's

Brian Lastovich 36:37

doing that, like, the person that saying that, Oh, this institute,

Mariah Parsons 36:40

you know, it's more like it's more like on social media. Like, trends. Like I'm sure they're I mean, they for like slipper shoes. They have the market. Um, but it's just like people who

Brian Lastovich 36:57

sign with it. Yeah, yeah. Okay, I did not know this. This is good, too. Yay. So you either trending or you're a chewy, Chewy, it just sounds

Mariah Parsons 37:09

well, that's what it's like. It's not supposed to be a word you like, like, it's like, it is chewy? Like it's supposed to sound insulting, like good marketing on whoever made it up.

Brian Lastovich 37:20

But I mean, what if you had like, I mean, going back to what I thought it was like candy. Like with, it looks like a dog breed? Like I might come out with that. Would that be? Could a chewy be trending?

Mariah Parsons 37:35

Well, you definitely be flipping it on its head, the notion of itself, which maybe would make it trending. People make like big moves. People might like that people, people might respect it, but it would be you would have an uphill climb. So hopefully you'd go viral, and then it would be easy from there. Yeah. It could become one if people keep referencing, like, if you if they overuse I think that's a big part of it. Like if it's like so, so big and then like, people look back and they're like, why did we ever do that? And then it becomes cheeky, okay, chewy? Yeah, but I like that you put like the plural like s on it, and that you make it a category? Because like, I haven't heard that before. Like, like, that's a group of cheese if we

Brian Lastovich 38:25

wanted if we right as marketers. I was like, Okay, our main metric is just visitors to the website. We don't even care how many visitors or who the visitors are. Top 10 to use in 2022 that blog posts. Dude, go kill it, right? Yes,

Mariah Parsons 38:43

it definitely would kill it. Yeah, I like that. That's fine. Yeah, that's fine. The new word shouldn't be word for your vocabulary.

Brian Lastovich 38:53

Alright, one more topic. Okay.

Mariah Parsons 38:56

Head on here. Yeah, I guess it kind of it kind of relates, but kind of, kind of hear me out. Because like abbreviations is what I want to get out. So like texting with abbreviations? abbreviating things in general. How do you feel about it?

Brian Lastovich 39:17

I don't even know. I I'm the person that as soon as I see abbreviation, I go on to Google and put it in Google to make sure I know what is going on. Okay, so it makes it more stressful. It makes it a lot more stressful because they don't understand. Like, I know I should. And I feel like I need to at this point, but

Mariah Parsons 39:38

here give me a few abbreviations. Like okay, so do a test to test See, like all spelled out for you like BC because Good, good. Um, and nvm Oh, nevermind. Okay, good. Um,

Brian Lastovich 39:55

okay, are these easy ones or am I really good at this?

Mariah Parsons 39:58

I would say they're on the ease Your side.

Brian Lastovich 40:02

I'm giving a medium one.

Mariah Parsons 40:04

Okay, this one. This one I like had to look up. So oh, wait a medium one. Okay. Are you difficult yet? Okay, okay. Okay. Um. Okay. A or sorry. Wait. No. Okay, ad. I don't know if this is a B. Yeah. About. Okay, good. That was I think that was still easier. I'm sorry. Okay. Okay. Oh, FCOFC Yeah. Oh, let's see. The hard it's really hard to know what's medium.

Brian Lastovich 40:41

The first thing that came to my mind, this makes no sense at all, but off the cuff

Mariah Parsons 40:50

um, people say off the cuff, but like off the chain, not so much. Think it's funny. Not as much as to gie now at least currently. Okay, so, OSC is of course. Yeah, I think that's a hard one because yeah, actually are Malomo is co founder and CEO. He I slacked that to him. And he was like, wait, I mean, okay, so you're not alone. Okay. But I use that one a lot.

Brian Lastovich 41:20

And I've probably been like, Okay, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Mariah Parsons 41:24

Like, if you're like, Oh, can you do this? I'm like, oh, FC? Of course. Yeah.

Brian Lastovich 41:29

Okay, that's just spit off the chain or Africa. The guy? I'm just gonna ignore that. See what happens. See?

Mariah Parsons 41:39

Anything else? Um, another one could? I am? Oh. Oh, in my opinion. Okay, good. Yeah, I feel like people use that one. That's easy. Yeah. Or th ay ay. Ay. Is that hard one? Yeah.

Brian Lastovich 42:04

t th I, Thea. Thank No, I can't.

Mariah Parsons 42:14

No, you were on the right path. Oh my god. Wait, I messed it up. Sorry. I knew I was gonna do it at one point. Um, okay, sorry. It's T T Yi.

Brian Lastovich 42:30

Okay, so, okay, this one. So the first the first Google result is T Y, meaning I'm not going to click on it. Thank you. Thank you.

Mariah Parsons 42:42

I'm awesome. Okay, well, good. You filled that in? Thank you in advance. Okay, so you got half of it. Right.

Brian Lastovich 42:51

Okay. Thank you in advance. Thank you. I'm awesome. It's close. Thank you. Okay. So this, okay, kills me just spread out. The sun's come on. What are we saving here? We're time and time. It's time. We're not saving time because you have to understand on the other side of things, I'm spending more time to figure out what it means. Okay, well, I'm just saving time. Exactly. But if you're in a business get think about the business time.

Mariah Parsons 43:19

Okay. You know what, we could both save time. Okay, if you put in a little bit of time to understand that word, save it in the back of your mind and then you save time on the forefront.

Brian Lastovich 43:32

I'm scared. I'm scared for the future.

Mariah Parsons 43:38

My friend actually though,

Brian Lastovich 43:39

right like we're using lol.

Mariah Parsons 43:43

Yeah, yeah. too. He will soon be what should we breathe? He ate up to chewed. Okay, that only gets rid of one letter. But I'm you're that's what that's what

Brian Lastovich 43:55

I feel like people do. Want Yeah. Okay. One character. That's so to give you. Okay, good. All right. Wait, that's not good. No, it's

Mariah Parsons 44:04

not good. Oh, that's an insult. Yeah, but it's a good word. So I'm, I'm complimenting you on that.

Brian Lastovich 44:11

It's a good word to know. You just don't want to be on the list.

Mariah Parsons 44:14

Yes, correct. You want to you want to be able to weaponize it yourself. You don't want to be on the receiving end of that.

Brian Lastovich 44:23

Well, this chitchat was sponsored by two I still know how to spell it. Tell me again. See, ah, yeah.

Mariah Parsons 44:41

Eu g y. That's the full word G you wait. Why YCHEUOG? Why why? Yeah. Not to be confused. Yeah, yeah. See, it's not it's not pretty. Yeah.

Brian Lastovich 45:03

We've learned a lot. So again, like I was saying this this podcast, today's podcast is sponsored by chewy, FedEx Bed Bath and Beyond.

Mariah Parsons 45:15

We, and we should do like Webster's

Brian Lastovich 45:18

tends tends to be part of this list but turns out was not up. trending. trending. Right and National Coffee Day. So it's perfect. Oh, my gosh, we talked about a lot today. Wow, we got a lot done. Nice. That's fine. All right. Well, I hope people enjoyed it. No, of course, never know where we're going. And then we have these conversations. But that's what's fun about it. Yeah. So we hope that other people enjoyed. Yeah, you get some perspective. Yeah. This is 45 minutes helped me. This was a long one. I know. It definitely was. The one workout long walk for people. Yeah, yeah. Getting that. Good exercise. Okay, good. Good. All right. All right. Sounds good. Mariah. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Mariah Parsons 46:06

Thank you. You too. We'll talk later fun. All right. Sounds good.

Brian Lastovich 46:10

All right. Bye.