Narvar vs. Malomo

Malomo is the best alternative to Narvar in delivering the best post-purchase experience for ecommerce brands.

  • Deep Shopify and Klaviyo integration + other integrations

  • Built for marketers with flexible pricing

  • Easily customizable to your brand’s needs

  • Dedicated customer success team

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Why you should choose Malomo for shipment tracking

Here’s why you should choose Malomo over Narvar.

Deep Klaviyo integration

Narvar doesn’t have a Klaviyo integration and emails must be sent through their platform. For brands using Klaviyo, this creates unnecessary confusion about which flows need to be updated for post-purchase emails.

Email #2 Your order is arriving today
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Fully customizable

Unlike Narvar, Malomo’s branded tracking pages are fully customized to match your store’s branding and themes. Give your customers the same experience throughout the post-purchase experience.

$100,000 in revenue from shipment marketing

We’ve been blown away by how much revenue we could generate through sending emails for each step of the shipping process


Flexible pricing

Unless you’re an enterprise brand, the cost of implementing Narvar could cut into profits. Malomo’s flexible pricing models ensure we can work with your brand regardless of how big or small your brand is.