Twelve South Drives Thousands More in Revenue Post Purchase By Going Above and Beyond For Their Customers

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Twelve South turns shipping into a revenue driving marketing channel while reducing support

From MacBook cases to new AirPods, if you ever need some new and exciting Apple accessories, Twelve South has you covered.

In business since 2009, Twelve South has perfected the creation of high quality Apple accessories that are backed by even higher quality person-to-person customer service.

With the unofficial motto “Tiny but Mighty”, Twelve South is a small team that prides themselves on delivering the best experience, products, and support out there. It’s still run by the same husband-and-wife team that started it in 2009!

After seeing phenomenal growth over the past few years, this Tiny but Mighty team wanted to refine their customer experience and ensure that they were meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations at every single interaction.

Enter Marlee Luttrell, Director of Web & Marketing Strategy at Twelve South.

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Filling the Twelve South Customer Experience Gap

Because the Twelve South customer is also an Apple customer in many cases, Marlee knew that this audience would expect ingenuity and a unique, personalized experience - similar to Apple.

After taking a look at the experience she was delivering customers, she found that one part of the interaction just wasn’t living up to those expectations - shipment tracking.

Marlee was spending a ton of time and money ensuring customers had a seamless purchase experience, but after the customer completed their purchase, she noticed that they were being sent generic shipping emails and stale carrier tracking pages.

After talking with Malomo, she realized that there was a huge missed opportunity to keep customers engaged with Twelve South when they were most excited to drive more repeat sales and educate customers about the brand.

At the time, she was also working on her Klaviyo flows and looking for ways to get more out of the platform, specifically post purchase flows. Malomo’s Klaviyo integration was a great way to open up additional opportunities for post-purchase communication with customers through Twelve South’s transactional shipping emails.

She had noticed that Shopify’s default emails didn’t give the customer all of the information they needed after they bought. For example, instead of sending customers a Just Shipped email that only directs them to a black tracking page because the carrier has yet to pick it up, Marlee can send an email to customers only when the carrier has actually picked up the package. This helped cut down customer support calls tremendously.

With the intent to drive more repeat sales, reduce customer support inquiries, and provide customers a more branded and engaging experience, Marlee used Malomo to turn this tiny part of her customer experience into one of the most mighty.

Completing the Customer Journey

Before Malomo, Marlee noticed that her transactional emails within Shopify were generating around $600 in attributed revenue from January to April. There were also no opportunities to convert customers back to the site, product pages, or content since the tracking pages were being handled by the carriers.

Using Malomo, Marlee created an experience as unique and captivating as the Twelve South products themselves...and it paid off.

The introduction of Malomo’s customizable emails through Klaviyo boosted Twelve South’s revenue from email marketing instantly.

In just two weeks, Twelve South was able to rake in over $3,000 from Malomo’s emails compared to only $600 over a four month period with Shopify’s emails.

“It was incredible to see how much revenue we were bringing in with Malomo and their Klaviyo integration. I love having control over this experience that is so crucial for our customers. Being able to stay on brand, help with support, and make money? Malomo is a no-brainer.” - Marlee

The ability to take control of transactional emails and their tracking page with Malomo allows Twelve South to have their brand represented consistently.

They are able to create a totally unique customer experience while keeping their customers informed of their shipment status.

As Twelve South expands, they want to ensure each customer continually sees the experience they’ve built with Malomo.

Tiny But Mighty Words

“We can’t wait to expand our Malomo experience into our other stores. We want everyone to see our beautiful Malomo powered transactional emails and tracking pages, they are just a great marketing tool.”

Marlee Luttrell, Director of Web & Marketing Strategy

Ready to go above and beyond for your customers?

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