Tenzo Tea Personalizes Shipment Tracking to Drive Sales and Build Community

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Tenzo reduces churn and sees a lift in repeat purchases with branded shipment tracking

"As a result of the change, we've see a lift in our repeat purchase rate and a decrease in churn. These stats don't lie and combined make a huge lift to bottom line growth" - Steve O'Dell, Founder of Tenzo discussing using Malomo to upgrade his shipment tracking experience

When it comes to building community, there’s not many that do it better than Steve O’Dell, Brody Cord, and the team over at Tenzo Matcha.

Tenzo is out to not just sell Matcha that gives their customers long-lasting energy, but rather to foster long-lasting relationships with individuals seeking a new route to clean energy and their lifestyle.

The Tenzo team prides themselves on knowing their customer base and creating an experience that is personalized and energetic. You can’t sell energy and be boring!

When looking at how they were communicating with customers post purchase, they saw that their shipping notifications were not making the cut. At a time when their customers were most excited and energetic about the Tenzo brand, Tenzo was sending them stale notifications and leaving them in the hands of the carrier.

Tenzo thought that they were missing out on a vital part of the experience to strengthen their relationship with the customer.

So, Tenzo chose Malomo to customize the design, messaging, and timing of their shipment tracking experience.

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Not every customer is the same

Steve and the team realized that one of the biggest downfalls of their shipment tracking experience was that every single customer was receiving the same message.

“Modern-day brands must communicate to customers in a personalized way based on where they are at with their experience. The notifications we were sending before Malomo did not allow us to do this, so we had to make a change.” - Steve

First time buyers, subscription customers, and repeat customers were all receiving the same message, but the Tenzo team knew that each customer was going to expect something different if they’ve bought from Tenzo before or if they were a subscription customer. They were able to use the Malomo & Rebuy integration to show dynamic product recommendations based on the customer profile.

Using the Malomo & Klaviyo integration, they have updated their experience and have personalized each shipping notification to have relevant messaging based on customer traits. This enhances the experience and gives Tenzo the peace of mind that customers feel appreciated and known by the brand every time they purchase.

Then, as customers continue to track their package, instead of being sent to a carrier page, customers are sent to a Tenzo Tea branded tracking page that provides education, but most important, reassurance that Tenzo is there with them while their package is on the way.

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“Malomo has allowed us to stand out for our customers after they buy. When customers are most excited about Tenzo and they’ve invested their money into our brand, we are making sure we show them we care and that we are there to support them in any way they can. I can’t mention enough how important this is as a young brand.” - Steve O'Dell, Cofounder and CEO of Tenzo

Building brand equity one shipment at a time

With ecommerce becoming more of the norm for consumers, the digital experience is increasingly important for brands to build relationships with customers and differentiate from a soaring number of competitors.

Customers are increasingly demanding more from the online stores they buy from and Tenzo is consistently meeting those demands - especially when it comes to post purchase

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