SuitShop enables customers to report a shipping issue on their tracking page with Malomo x Corso integration

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SuitShop leverages Malomo and Corso to streamline issues with shipping, offload 75+ CS tickets in one quarter, and generate revenue.

SuitShop leverages Malomo and Corso to streamline issues with shipping, offload 75+ claims in one quarter, and generate revenue.

SuitShop is a leading Shopify brand that prides themselves on affordable, accessible, and beautiful suits for any occasion. They're revolutionizing their industry while keeping SuitShop's customer experience immaculate, so they leverage technology partners that revolutionize right alongside them.

SuitShop has leveraged branded order tracking for years to keep customers up-to-date while their order is in-transit. Malomo has helped the SuitShop team decrease WISMO ("where is my order") tickets substantially. SuitShop's support tickets dropped by 80% with another Malomo integration.

In an effort to keep reducing SuitShop's support team's burden, they implemented the Malomo x Corso integration to tackle shipping issues and offload claim resolution to the Corso team.

That means that when/if there's ever an issue with an order such as an item getting lost or stolen, the integration allows any customer to report a shipping issue or start a reorder request right from where they look most- their order tracking page. (Did you know customers check order tracking 4.6 times per order?!)

But it doesn't stop there- the SuitShop team was then able to relieve their support team from dealing with those claims as Corso guarantees that their Concierge team will resolve any claims in 24 hours.

Within one quarter, the Corso team has handled 75+ tickets and 100+ CX shipment concern inquires, all with a 100% customer satisfaction score.

Suitshop integrated Corso with Malomo so that they could get back to what they do best - outfitting their customers in wonderful suits with a stellar and personalized customer experience. But not only does the SuitShop team pay close attention to the customer experience, but they also make data-backed decisions after reviewing their Malomo shipping reporting.

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"Incredible customer service and a company who actually cares."

Garett K, SuitShop customer

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Replacing lost, damaged, or stolen shipments and filing claims with carriers is a nightmare. Completely eliminate that hassle with the Malomo x Corso integration!

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