SLEEFS increases customer satisfaction and decreases support tickets

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With the Garay eCommerce Marketing agency, SLEEFS implemented Malomo to create an all encompassing, personalized customer experience for customers.

“Malomo has drastically diminished our customer pain-points by increasing customer communication, engagement, and satisfaction all while driving revenue. They have helped us develop our brand reputation and cater to our customer’s needs with little lift on our end.” - Jaime Schuster, CEO of SLEEFS

With the help of the Garay eCommerce Marketing agency, the SLEEFS team implemented Malomo to help increase customer satisfaction while lowering support tickets and providing a personalized and communicative post purchase experience.

SLEEFS loves sports and when it comes to making you look good during your workout, they’re one of the best in the biz. With over 1,000 print styles of workout gear ranging from arm sleeves, headbands, socks, leggings, compression shorts and more, they prep their customers for anything ranging from matching your uniform to expressing your personality. Let’s face it- the better you feel in your gear, the more confidently you’ll play.

From educating on the importance of having the correct gear to celebrating coaches and athletes, SLEEFS doesn’t just care about having a quality product, but improving their customer’s experience. That’s why the SLEEFS team channeled their resources to focus on the customer experience and recruited the Garay eCommerce Marketing agency team to help them improve their customer’s journey. These were some of the problems the SLEEFS team was facing:

  • Lack of personalization

  • Low repeat purchase rate

  • WISMO tickets

  • No communication around shipment exceptions

All of these issues influence each other and so the SLEEFS team knew they had to improve their customer experience. The Garay eCommerce Marketing team recommended they try out Malomo to troubleshoot. So in true Malomo fashion, let’s walk through how we solved these issues.

No personalization (AKA who are you again…?)

One of the most impressionable areas of the post purchase strategy is the potential for personalization. But, this can also be one of the biggest hurdles for brands to implement since most platforms don’t offer the customizability and control that most brands want. From personalized email copy to specific product recommendations based on the customer, there are countless ways to uniquely stand out. Standing out is Malomo’s bread and butter. And luckily for us, SLEEFS and their fantastic products make it easy to capture the consumer’s eye (have you seen their pattern selection?) and leave customers with a lasting, personalized impression. But don’t just take our word for it, look at their beautifully branded, highly converting tracking page.


See what we mean? With a fully customized tracking page, the SLEEFS team was able to completely control everything from the layout, structure, and flow of their tracking page all the way to the branding, content, and messaging.

Now with these tracking pages built out, what did the SLEEFS team do next? They sent their customers through branded transactional emails and SMS notifications so that as soon as more information was available, they had it. Every touchpoint with their customers is now consistent, branded, and informational. Talk about cherry on top when it comes to customer experience. What’s even better: Turning transactional touch points into engaging brand moments is done seamlessly with the Malomo + Klaviyo integration.

Low repeat purchase rate = 😭

Yes, a low repeat purchase rate is no fun for anyone involved. You might be left wondering, why aren’t first-time customers returning? And to that we say, SLEEFS have you tried showing them other products that make sense for them? For a company like SLEEFS, where their product is designed with quality and longevity in mind, the time between purchases might be longer than say a consumer goods brand. A customer is probably more inclined to buy the same product in another pattern or a different product entirely rather than the same exact thing.

To increase their repeat purchase rate, SLEEFS used the Malomo x Rebuy integration to cross- and upsell products on their tracking page. Let’s get technical for a second, this means that we pull customer data and behavior for each consumer and dynamically change the product recommendation based on other products they were looking at or the best matching products for the just purchased item. So, not only was SLEEFS showcasing other products, but the products most likely to be the most interesting or of the most use to your consumer.


Through their transactional email, SMS, & app push notifications, the SLEEFS team was able to create an omni-channel experience. But not only were they able to seamlessly communicate with their customers, but also increase their placed order rate to 61%. To break it down, this means that of the traffic driven from their branded emails and SMS notifications back to their website, these customers made another purchase even before they got their first package.

Placed Order Rate

from transactional shipment updates


WISMO tickets: Where is my (freaking) order?

When customers don’t know where their package is and they’re excited about it, they’ll contact your team. Then, they’ll worry about it. Take that worry (and that lift off of your customer service team!) by being proactive and sending real-time shipping updates every step of the way. SLEEFS was seeing countless WISMO tickets created just because their customers were confused or upset with the communication. So instead, they started sending transactional messages around each step of shipments (order placed, order fulfilled, out for delivery, and delivered) so that customers knew what stage of fulfillment their order was in, where it was currently, and when they could expect it in their hands.

If you’ve ever been in a customer facing role or even been a consumer, we’re sure you can imagine that customers aren’t happy when they have to put in the time to submit a support ticket. More often than not, it’s a bad situation for your customer, customer service team, overall customer experience and brand reputation. Why work backwards and try to regain trust when you and your support team can evade that step all together?

We’ve even had customers tell us they think waiting for their package is sometimes equally or more exciting than actually getting their package. Find that paradoxical when you first read it? Yeah.. delayed gratification is a funny phenomenon.

Customer updates: The more the merrier

Not only are proactive shipment notifications helpful when orders are delivered perfectly, but they are even more helpful when a package delivery doesn’t go as planned. Of course, the customer's package gets a 100% open rate, so you want that experience to be near perfect. But it’s unrealistic to think that all order deliveries will be seamless. If you leave your customers without answers, they’ll form them for themselves, and odds are their explanation won’t be as forgiving.

So if and when a problem within shipping occurs, you’ll want to explain to your customer why their package isn’t in their hands. This is exactly what SLEEFS achieved through their transactional emails and tracking page. If an exception shipment status was triggered (‘Return to Sender’, ‘Delayed’, ‘Ready for PickUp’, ect.) then their customer would receive an email updating them with a new estimated delivery date accompanied by an explanation. SLEEFS customers both appreciated the update (so much so that these emails had an open rate average of 57%) and now hold the brand in a higher regard since they didn’t have to go searching for answers via a support inquiry.

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