BrüMate crushes four of their post-purchase goals while generating 51.8x ROI

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BrüMate uses Malomo's fully customizable, dynamic tracking page, Klaviyo email integration, and order status look-up to optimize post-purchase.

“Malomo helped BrüMate reach our maximum potential for connecting with our customers after they make their purchase. Not only has Malomo helped us better our relationship with our customers, but they also helped us solve support issues we were having. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our team.”

Amy Kelly, Director of Customer Experience and Strategy

BrüMate, one of the fastest growing insulated drinkware brands, strives to provide the best drinking experience possible for their customers by designing innovative products to keep drinks (and customers) perfectly chilled. To serve their community of over 1,000,000 customers, BrüMate has always prioritized customer feedback and experience, but they realized there was one step of the customer journey that needed improvement. The time between when a customer pushes the buy button to when their order arrives on their doorstep was missing something.

BrüMate began to explore possible remedies for the issues they were currently having with their post-purchase experience. At the time, BrüMate noticed some shipment carriers were not scanning packages into the tracking system, leaving customers in the dark about their order location. To make matters worse, BrüMate wasn’t able to communicate with customers when there was an issue with their shipment which led to customer dissatisfaction and the creation of a lot of support tickets.


Then, they discovered Malomo, and BrüMate was able to solve these two issues while gaining the ability to fully control the branding of their tracking page and integrating an order lookup page. With Malomo, they were able to create a seamless, branded customer journey and choose every bit of what their customers see, even down to the page copy. BrüMate could show their customers trending products, their newest BrüMate videos, how to become a VIP member, and how to join the BrüMate Instagram.

In addition to wanting full control over their post-purchase experience, BrüMate also wanted to simplify the shipment tracking process for their customers so they could easily reach their shipment information. To do this, BrüMate utilized Malomo’s order status look-up feature. This feature is integrated in each personalized tracking page and the BrüMate website for easy access. With this feature, customers can look up exactly where their order is by their tracking number or by their order number and email.

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Provide convenience right at your customer's fingertips

BrüMate provided their customers the option of order look-up right on their Malomo tracking page to make crucial information easy to access.

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Showcase what is most important to your brand

BrüMate personalized their Malomo tracking page to fit their needs, such as promoting their referral program and Instagram profile.


To tackle one of BrüMate’s post-purchase issues, Malomo crafted a custom solution. Some of BrüMate’s carriers were not scanning in packages when they picked them up. So, from the customer’s perspective, it looked like there was no package on the way. This created customer confusion and dissatisfaction, ultimately detracting from the BrüMate experience.

Without Malomo, the BrüMate team had a cumbersome 6-step workaround process for every package that was not scanned into the system by the carrier. This process majorly detracted resources and time from the BrüMate support team.

With the help of BrüMate’s dedicated Malomo Customer Success Manager, they were able to create a custom solution with no manual effort on their end. The Malomo team was able to ensure that if there was a mistake on the carrier’s end, customers would still receive a shipment notification. This ensured that no matter what happens on the carrier side of things, each and every customer is sent an update on their order.


BrüMate also wanted the ability to proactively notify their customers about any shipping delays or issues. These notifications status include ‘Available for pickup’, ‘Return to sender’, and ‘Delivery delay’. These shipment statuses, in addition to the four core shipment status, keep customers proactively informed at all times to ensure maximum satisfaction. With these changes, BrüMate’s emails achieved some major milestones:

Open Rate

'Just Shipped' email


Open Rate

'Available for Pickup' email


Open Rate

'Return to senter' email


Click Through Rate

'Just Shipped' email


Click Through Rate

'Available for Pickup' email


Click Through Rate

'Return to senter' email


The customer engagement with Malomo’s transactional emails in combination with BrüMate’s fully branded tracking page led to an outstanding 51.8x increase in ROI. BrüMate prioritized their customer experience and solved major issues they were having with their post-purchase experience to continue to stay true to the BrüMate brand. BrüMate customers can now kick back knowing they are taken care of, sip on their favorite drink perfectly chilled by their BrüMate drinkware, and effortlessly check their Malomo tracking page to see when their next BrüMate arrives.

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