Bokksu owns the shipment tracking experience


Bokksu uses Malomo to communicate carrier issues more clearly to customers while also using shipment tracking to drive sales

“Malomo’s Klaviyo integration has really taken our brand to the next level. I believe Malomo is a must-have for any brand that uses Klaviyo and wants to enrich their customer experience post purchase. We can now communicate with our customers via flows when carrier mistakes happen while also increasing sales at the same time.”

Danny Taing, Founder of Bokksu

Bokksu is a subscription-based ecommerce company that delivers Japanese snacks, candies, and teas sourced directly from centuries-old family businesses across Japan to customers around the world.

Bokksu is fanatical about providing an authentic Japanese experience not just through their monthly curated boxes but also through their digital experience. They engage with their customers with the same level of respect and authenticity they approach their small family businesses from whom they source their products. They maintain high standards when it comes to the entire customer experience, overseeing every email, social post, and asset that their customers see to ensure every interaction is personal and authentic.

One area that the Bokksu team identified as an opportunity to improve upon was their post-purchase communications with customers - specifically their shipping emails. Because their shipping emails were coming from Shopify, the Bokksu team realized they were wasting precious interactions with their customers after purchase.

Branded transactional emails

Bokksu shipping email performance:

  • Open Rate - 90+%
  • Click Through Rate - 45.70%
  • Revenue per recipient - $0.39

Using Klaviyo’s flow builder with Malomo’s shipping data, Bokksu is able to create transactional flows based on carrier shipping statuses. These flows allow customers to stay informed of the delivery status of their package in real time. At the same time, Bokksu can add additional flows based on their specific fulfillment and delivery process.

Bokksu also created shipment exception flows such as “Return to Sender” and “Available for Pickup”. When a carrier mistake occurs, they are proactive with customers instead of reactive.

These branded shipping emails help reduce support tickets while also ensuring customers feel supported through their delivery experience with branded messaging and design.

Solving carrier issues with automated flows

Sourcing their products from Japan created a unique challenge around delivering products to their customers. One of the carriers they use, Japan Post, ships using a non-trackable shipping method, which meant a portion of Bokksu’s customers were stuck with no information about when their package might arrive, making it hard for Bokksu to set proper delivery expectations. This led to support tickets and general dissatisfaction from their customers.

To solve this issue, Bokksu used Klaviyo’s flow builder and Malomo’s shipping data to segment shipments that had no information allowing Bokksu to send those customers to a unique experience. Instead of receiving no information, customers that didn’t have trackable shipping information received a special experience that gave them a general estimate of their delivery date. This eased customer’s frustration and allowed Bokksu to set better delivery expectations instead of leaving them in the dark.

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Automated emails

Bokksu created shipping flows that are triggered whenever the carrier updates its status. Bokksu can also create specific shipping flows based on which carrier the package is from and what geographic location the customer is in.

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Shipping flows

Bokksu uses Klaviyo’s flow builder with Malomo’s fulfillment and shipping data to provide personalized shipping experiences. By assessing whether the package has received a shipping update in the first 12 hours of fulfillment, Bokksu can identify which shipments don’t have status updates and sends customers the specific experience for that customer.

Branded tracking pages grow revenue

  • Click Thru Rate - 9.4%
  • Revenue from tracking page - 19x ROI

Beyond the shipping emails that they were sending to customers, Bokksu extended the post-purchase experience even further.

Using Malomo, Bokksu was able to direct their customers from transactional shipping emails sent from Klaviyo to a Bokksu branded tracking page. Customers can now interact with this page and the targeted offers and promotions on the page drive customers back to the Bokksu website to create more purchasing experiences.

Highlight cross-selling and referral opportunities

On their tracking page, Bokksu wanted to promote their marketplace products to subscription customers. This led to more repeat purchases from customers. Also, Bokksu wanted to generate referrals while also showcasing the stories of the family-owned businesses from Japan where they get their products.

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Branded tracking page

Bokksu turns the thousands of visits to the tracking page into an opportunity to connect with customers

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Solve carrier issues

Bokksu uses Malomo’s fulfillment and shipping data to provide personalized shipping experiences. By assessing whether the package has received a shipping update in the first 12 hours of fulfillment, Bokksu can identify which shipments don’t have status updates and sends those customers a specific experience

Owning the post-purchase experience

Bokksu has the triumvirate of a fast growing ecommerce brand: A unique product with product/market fit that customers love, fanatical care about their customers, and thoughtful intention about their customers’ digital and physical experiences .

With the Klaviyo and Malomo integration, Bokksu is able to continue providing that level of care for their customers after they purchase. This has helped Bokksu communicate directly with customers when it matters most, allowing them to create personal customer interactions as they’ve continued to rapidly scale globally.

Open Rate

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Click Through Rate

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Return on investment

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