The Best of the Retention Chronicles: Season 1

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Season 1 recap

In 2021 we launched the Retention Chronicles—a podcast that provides Shopify brands with everything that they need to create a customer retention strategy that converts. We’ve been honored to learn from and connect with top leaders and experts in eCommerce over the past year! Here are some of our favorite episodes.

Episode 16: Electriq, Almost every Shopify brand can (and should) have a subscription program

If you’re on the fence about starting a subscription program, or want to spice up your current program, tune into this episode with Brandon Amoroso of Electriq Marketing. Learn about how retention differs for subscription versus non-subscription customers, what to do if a customer churns from a subscription program, how to get creative with your subscription program, and more.

Listen to the episode.

Episode 14: Proper Good, A retention strategy is the difference between a great product and a powerful brand

If you’ve seen Shark Tank, you’ve probably heard all about Proper Good! In an exciting episode, Co-Founder and CMO Jennifer Jane and Co-Founder and CEO Christopher Jane talk about how Proper Good came to be and what their experience was like going into wholesale with a different company.

Listen here.

Episode 13: Magic Spoon, The magic of the post-purchase experience

Chandler Dutton of Magic Spoon, a brand that recreates your favorite childhood flavors of cereal into healthy, high protein choices, joined us to talk about the magic of the post-purchase experience. This jam packed podcast focuses on ad hoc purchasing, subscription programs, and how Shopify brands can best inform their customer retention strategy.

Download the episode.

Episode 11: ThreadWallets, Customer retention is not only about having a great product, but also great service

Our podcast with ThreadWallets featured 2 special guests: McKenzie Bauer and our very own CEO Yaw Aning! As co-founders and talented entrepreneurs, McKenzie and Yaw talk about their own entrepreneurial journey and how working with loved ones helped shape their decisions. Their stories show how important customer retention is for a brand and how retention can shape how your brand is received.

Tune in here.

Episode 9: Caraway, Launching new initiatives with the goal of customer retention in mind

If supply chain demands are taking hold over your operations, be sure to give this episode a listen. Josh Knopman joined us to discuss the importance of transparency and thoughtful messaging with your customers and why Caraway made the strategic shift to focus on customer retention, instead of solely focusing on acquisition.

Full disclosure, with all of the talk about cookware and bakeware, you may want to grab a snack for this episode.

Listen to the episode.

Episode 4: Fuel Made, Improve your retention rate with these tips

Some of the best tips on improving your retention rates in less than 50 minutes! In this episode, FuelMade’s Lisa Oberst and Cristina Donati sat down with our team to talk about all things related to customer retention. We talk about it all: making a good brand impression, valuing and knowing your customers, customer first data, personalized surveys and quizzes, and so much more.

Tune in.

Stay tuned for season 2 of the Retention Chronicles as we continue to explore retention with leaders in eCommerce!

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