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Shopify is an ecommerce platform that’s easy to use without needing to have a huge technology IQ to get started. Shopify allows sellers to have an online store and an offline store and still manage both successfully. One of the important parts of Shopify is developing Shopify themes.

These themes create the feelings your customers get when they visit the online version of your store. They might feel peaceful because of the background, or they might feel an urgency to buy because of how your products are displayed. Shopify gives you these and many other options while also supporting your website with top technology to convert visits into purchases.

If you’re selling high end goods, you might want a luxurious theme. If you’re selling day-to-day hygiene products, you might want an everyday feeling kind of theme. There are many different themes, and one of them will likely help create the feeling you, as an entrepreneur want.

Examples of Shopify themes include:


Among the best Shopify themes 2019 Avone, is multi-purpose in its use. Although the design of Avone is minimal, clean, and modern, the diversity of items they can be used to sell is large. Avone has been used as a theme for everything from shoes to furniture. One of the reasons this theme is popular to existing users and new users is that it is very quick and simple to set up. Another plus is that Avone will work on a user’s desktop computer and smart phone, and nearly every device in between.


Another of the best Shopify themes 2019 is Universe. Universe has a choice of light Earth or dark Mars options which might sound “out there”, but they really help a user select the best look for their sales website, all with an easy to use theme. The overall sense of Universe is stylish, and it is also very much a multi-purpose design. Universe can also include support for video backgrounds, interactive product carousels, and other tools to help you provide the best service to your customers.


One of the best Shopify themes 2018 was Minimal. This theme has been used a lot for fashion sellers and it allows sellers to incorporate video, it has zoom capabilities, and it allows a related products option that made upselling easy.


Another of the popular Shopify themes 2018 is Simple. This theme, as the name states, is good for selling products with the focus on the product and not the surrounding technology. Even this simple theme includes two style options: Light and Beauty.

Best Premium Shopify Themes

Shopify also has premium Shopify themes that allow versatility for experienced ecommerce sellers, or for those who might be new, but are relatively tech savvy.

Basel: Basel is on version 3.0 and has a classic storefront type, and is useful for fashion, food and drink, and electronics.

Free Shopify Themes

Several of the themes available on Shopify are free for the user. Some of the more popular free themes include:

  • Boundless, a photography based theme that allows for edge-to-edge photography on your website to help grab your customers’ attention
  • Supply is a good theme for sellers who have large inventories and/or several collections. It makes it easy to navigate around the website to keep customers interested in what you have to offer.
  • Debut is another free theme that is very flexible. It is easy to set up a clean and flexible online presence and begin selling quickly.

Some of the more popular free Shopify themes 2018 include:

  • Uniqlo Lite: This is a clean looking theme that makes it easy to build a webpage with drag and click ease. This theme keeps your products and logo a focus for your customers, whether new or returning.
  • Furnish was another top free theme best free Shopify themes 2018. Like the name implies, this is a great platform to sell furniture. It keeps the focus on the furniture, interior design, or accessories you may be selling. The design of Furnish is focused on clean lines with wide but delicate banners.
  • Sa was another popular theme from 2018 and it offers a lot of features that allow customers to drag and drop making things convenient for customers, while ensuring that your products are showcased in the best possible light.

Some of the best free Shopify themes 2019 include:

  • Lezada is one of the free Shopify themes 2019 that comes with more than 210 home page demonstrations to help users find just the right look they are looking for.
  • Fashe is a great theme for those who want to choose from premium options that make a website look great to customers while being easy for the store owner to set up and remaining free.
  • Snowdevil is a theme that is popular among those who sell winter equipment, like snowboarding and skiing supplies. There a lot of slideshow options, and many typography and color options as well.

Best Converting Shopify Themes

Especially new users to Shopify, and new entrepreneurs who are also new to Shopify need to keep in mind that although it is important to have a website that is visually appealing and easy to maneuver, the ultimate goal is to convert clicks into sales.

The following are some of the best converting Shopify themes 2018

  • When the goal is making a sale, Testament is one of the best themes. This theme includes sidebar with a collection page, multi-column menus, color swatches, and pop-up product details. In order for this theme to be really good at converting visits to sells, it is also good at creating a good experience for shoppers. The rest will be up to the business owner.
  • Although it is free, Minimal was still one of the best converting Shopify themes in 2018. What makes this theme so good at converting is that is easy to align pages with sales promotion strategies. Minimal also has great display features, as well as zooming, homepage video, and even slideshow. And, even though the product page is simple, it still allows sorting and custom overlays. This theme can be a secret weapon of a closer.

The best converting Shopify themes 2019 include some really great closers.

  • Wokiee is compatible for drop shipping, it has 16 layouts for shop and product page so no everything you build will look the same. It is also fast loading and responsive. Wokiee also has more than 20 different skins, and it is fast-loading and responsive so your buyers and shoppers stay happy with your brand.
  • Pacific is another great closer for 2019. This theme has many pre-added color palettes and styles. It offers clean and modern layouts to create a confident and friendly shopping experience. The design is responsive to make shoppers want to return, and it has been designed for large inventories. It is also integrated for different social media.

Ecommerce Themes

Although Shopify offers free themes, and they also offer inexpensive themes that have proven to be wildly successful there are people who insist on using pirated, bootlegged, or stolen versions or copies of real Shopify themes. Some of these fake Shopify themes are free, and some of them are sold at a fraction of the price.

Why should a consumer who might consider every penny important as they launch an ecommerce business stick with a real Shopify product? When using a theme from Shopify, the user will receive updates and improvements as they come around. A stolen or bootlegged version will not keep you updated with improvements and changes to a theme.

Some of the main reasons to stick with legitimate versions of Shopify include:

  • Security—the professional web designers and coders at Shopify are going to ensure no corners are cut, they will ensure there is no malicious coding being done as part of their ecommerce theme building.

When searching for themes online, how will you know you have found a legitimate copy? Ensure you are provided with a license agreement and avoid themes commonly pirated across the web. These themes are often touted as “nulled” themes. Shopify themes nulled include:

  • Chicago
  • Jaipur
  • Manhattan
  • Moscow
  • Rio
  • and Venice

A small example of the nulled Shopify themes 2019

  • Drone-Single Product
  • Emigo-Multi Concept Shopify
  • Hi fashion Multi-purpose Shopify Store

Best Free Shopify Theme for Dropshipping

Another option that some Shopify themes have in common is dropshipping. Dropshipping is when a retailer makes a sale, but another business takes up the job of fulfilling the order to the customer. This allows business to not keep stock at their location. Many retailers find this to be a way to save money, and many find it a way to save time—which ultimately means they get to save money.

Some of the best free Shopify themes for dropshipping:

  • Printful helps with both dropshipping and warehousing
  • Oberlo
  • Spocket works with dropshipping for United States and European Union customers
  • DSers-AliExpress bulk order
  • Spreadr App works with many products connected to Amazon.

Some of the best Shopify themes for dropshipping:

  • Brooklyn has a classic style and a Playful style. Brooklyn is often used for clothing stores, for adults and children. There are also several different configurations that make for a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Palo Alto is excellent for retailers that don’t have a large catalog of products to sell. It has three basic styles that can be customized to fit the user’s needs. Palo Alto is very responsive on many devices, and it helps make more sells by promoting the best product on a page.
  • Korando has a great design that is responsive to users so you don’t have to worry about your order moving with speed and efficiency. Users also get a store’s name in front of the public be using popups effectively that can grow mailing lists.

Speed of a Shopify theme is also important. Consumers don’t want to think when they push a button, they just want to end up where they want when they click. One of the fastest free Shopify theme is Brooklyn. Brooklyn takes 2.5 seconds totally load, and when the folks at gave it a page speed score of 95%.

Shopify WordPress Theme

There are still many more options available for creating a store with a web presence that won’t make you hire your very own and personal programmer. One option is the Shopify WordPress theme. Shopify is a hosted platform so you cannot host it on your own server. WordPress can be installed locally. When combined, you can have the economic impact of Shopify, with the power of WordPress. You can have unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, and more benefits.

The Prestige Shopify theme free download is another great option that makes a website look polished and professional. It allows image hotspot linking, visual storytelling, home page menu lists and many more options.

The Shopify Empire theme free download store also offers great options. The content is customizable on the home page, it is search engine optimized, the Empire theme is mobile friendly and social media friendly.

Another option is to purchase a theme from a different company like Themelock, and make a hybrid Themelock Shopify landing page that offers exactly what you need to make your online presence successful. By using tools from Shopify and Themelock, the hybrid landing page you create may be created so that it is exactly what you are looking for.

Another popular theme is the Turbo Shopify theme free download. This theme says that it is focused more on performance than on its look. It has been described as blazing fast and a great tool for online stores with large inventories.

Debutify is considered the most successful free theme available for Shopify. Debuitify is considered to be a plug and pay theme that is very easy to get loaded and put into use right away. The Shopify theme Debutify is described as being great for general stores, niches stores, one product stores, and more. It is also reported to have the highest conversion rate of the free Shopify themes in 2019.

Shopify is a great tool for people who need to find success as an online retailer. Whether you use Shopify alone, or combine it with WordPress or Themelock, you can build a successful online store on your terms and to make your customers happy.

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