3 Ways to Start Using Personalized Product Recommendations With Rebuy

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Accelerate your sales and personalize the post-purchase experience with Malomo’s newest integration for order tracking: Rebuy.

Ecommerce personalization has been gaining traction in recent years to align with changing customer expectations. Personalized product recommendations have begun transforming the online shopping experience for customers and brands alike.

But what is personalization, exactly? Personalization refers to intent-driven shopping experiences delivered to every customer, every time, in order to create more loyal, enduring customer relationships. As you begin treating your shoppers like people (and not like a number), they grow to trust and respect your brand. The lifetime value (LTV) of your customers starts to climb. As a result, your brand prospers.

Consider the following statistics.

  • Best-in-class retailers using advanced personalization methods consistently realize a revenue lift of 25% or more from their efforts

  • 52% of customers expect offers to always be personalized—up from 49% in 2019

  • 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to enable a personalized experience


Rebuy is an omnichannel personalization platform that helps eCommerce brands on Shopify turn their basic online store into an intelligent marketplace. We empower merchants to offer valuable shopping experiences using several powerful tools, like personalized product recommendations and reorder campaigns, so they can create loyal customers that buy again and again. Top brands like Fanjoy, Pura Vida, and Something Navy use personalized upsells and cross-sells to accelerate sales growth. You can think of Rebuy as a supercharger for your online store.


Historically, customers have expected a fair price and quality service. Modern customers, however, expect all that and more. Personalized shopping experiences are helping brands of all sizes stand out in an intensifying competitive space. Recent research found that 80% of customers now consider the experience a company provides to be as important as its products and service. So, it’s no wonder eCommerce brands are jumping into the personalization game feet first to create amazing shopping experiences for their customers.


It can feel overwhelming to think about all the ways you might offer personalized shopping experiences. It’s a heavy concept. How does it all works behind the scenes? Can you really tailor the experience to every customer? Yes, you can, and it’s easier than you might think. Once your store is set up with personalized product recommendations in key locations, real growth lies on the other side.

“We’ve seen that brands using at least three active recommendation widgets on their site tend to have higher ROI and higher cart values,” says Rebuy Front-End Developer, Strauss Van Wagenen.

With that in mind, let’s look at three popular ways you can add personalization to a typical online store, and see results quickly.

On The Product Description Page (PDP)

“The home page is the most important page on your website.” You may have heard that before. But as Baymard Institute puts it, “it’s often on the product page where users make up their mind on whether or not they want to purchase the featured product.” And that has some experts claiming the “product page is the most important page on your site.”

That’s why, as a first step to personalizing your site, we suggest adding personalized product recommendations to every PDP in your online store. A lot of shopping happens on the PDP, so a personalized experience is critical. It communicates to your customers, “we understand you, and we care about you.” Roma Designer Jewelry, a mutual customer of Malomo and Rebuy, did just that. With a strategy that included personalized product offers on every PDP, they were able to increase AOV by over 21%.

In The Shopping Cart

Personalized recommendations in the shopping cart can generate big money for your online store. Why? Because adding personalized offers directly in the cart relieves a major pain point for your shoppers: they don’t have to click away to find complementary items. Instead, users can quickly browse a shortlist of items that go well with the items already in their cart. Super convenient, right? Your customers will appreciate this convenience because it saves them the time and trouble of finding those complementary products on their own. Not only will you see a lift in AOV but your conversion rate is likely to increase and your cart abandonment will drop.

On The Order Tracking Page

A little personalization on the order tracking page can vastly improve the post-purchase experience and can pay dividends for your online store. Did you know that customers track their deliveries 4.6 times per order? That’s why adding personalized upsells and cross-sells on the order tracking page is a great way to improve retention, drive repeat purchases, accelerate your sales.

For example, let’s imagine your customer purchases a bag of your top-selling ground coffee and visits the order page to track the delivery. Your store uses advanced personalization technology on the tracking page to greet the customer by name, provide their tracking details, and offer a new flavor and a coffee mug they added to their cart the day before. The customer picks up the new flavor and mug and because they enjoyed the personalized experience, they suddenly feel more connected to your brand. So, they leave a 5-star review and share their experience on social. And it all started on the order tracking page.

Malomo’s new integration with Rebuy empowers you to use this level of personalization today.


Now available on all payment plans, the Rebuy integration makes it easy for Shopify merchants to leverage the power of data-driven personalization on the Malomo order tracking page. Malomo customers can try Rebuy FREE for 60 days.

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