Malomo Announces 3 First-Of-Its-Kind Offerings To Enable Shopify Brands to Deliver a Premium Post-Purchase Shipping Experience

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Yaw Aning

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Malomo now supports new, growing and scaling Shopify brands to delight their customers post purchase.

INDIANAPOLIS-June 1, 2022 - Malomo, the leader in post-purchase shipping experience for Shopify brands like Olipop and True Classic Tees, has expanded their product-line to enable all Shopify brands to build a premium post-purchase shipping experience for their customers. Malomo's 3 new offerings—Malomo Starter, Malomo Plus and Malomo Growth—give Shopify brands the option to choose a shipping experience that fits with their customer needs and development resources.

Until today, marketers have found it difficult to optimize the post-purchase customer experience. Marketers saw the need to prioritize post-purchase marketing tactics, but were met with limited, expensive and resource-intensive applications that didn't solve their unique needs. While the post-purchase experience is only part of the entire customer journey, it’s the period when customers are most engaged. In fact, customers check their shipment tracking an average of 4.6 times per order after a purchase. There was a clear gap in the space between customer's expectations after purchase and the reality of what a brand could provide.

Malomo's first-of-its-kind offerings now give Shopify brands the ability to create beautifully designed tracking pages, automate and personalize shipping notifications, and reduce their customer support tickets for any Shopify business.

Malomo Starter - Created for Shopify brands on Shopify 2.0 that want to quickly and easily add order tracking through their Shopify theme on their own time.

Malomo Plus - Created for Shopify brands that need a fully customizable tracking experience and have their own resources to build one.

Malomo Growth - Created for Shopify brands that need a partner to build and improve their entire post-purchase experience.

Buyers today are anxious and frustrated post-purchase. We're thrilled to offer all Shopify brands the ability to turn those anxious and frustrated buyers into repeat purchasers by providing them a premium post-purchase experience. We're incredibly excited to offer all Shopify brands a real way to drive additional revenue when customers are excited about their brand.

One Shopify brand that’s seen dramatic results from utilizing the Malomo platform is Bokksu, who produces and sells authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas sourced directly from centuries-old family businesses across Japan to customers around the world. "I believe Malomo is a must-have for any brand that uses Klaviyo and wants to enrich their customer experience post purchase. We can now communicate with our customers via flows when carrier mistakes happen while also increasing sales at the same time,” said Danny Taing, Founder and CEO at Bokksu. “After implementing Malomo, we turned shipment tracking from a cost center to a profitable marketing channel—generating a 19x return on investment in just our first month."

To learn more about Malomo's new offerings and how Malomo is improving the post-purchase shipping experience for every Shopify store, please visit

Or, you can join me for a live Q&A on June 14th, 3:30 PM EST. You can find more details about the event here.

Today is a big day for Malomo and it took a great team to get here. As a thank you, we wanted to support some of our partners who have endlessly supported us.

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