How to Use Klaviyo Templates (for Email Marketing)

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If you're looking to leverage email marketing to grow your brand and drive revenue, Klaviyo might be your best friend. The platform is a leader in the ecommerce marketing space, making it easy for ecommerce merchants to create custom campaigns, set up automation flows, email clients, provide post-purchase product recommendations, and more.

Klaviyo was designed specifically for ecommerce professionals, so the platform has a range of features to help you pull off your ecommerce email marketing efforts with ease.

How Many Templates does Klaviyo Have?

Klaviyo has over 30 native beautiful responsive HTML templates to choose from. You can find the templates in the automation platform's Templates Library, accessible from your Klaviyo dashboard.

How do I Create a Template in Klaviyo?

Before you can design a base template in Klaviyo, you need to customize your design preferences in the setup wizard.

After running the setup wizard, you can choose an email design and select an email template for your email marketing campaigns. The most common template categories are email newsletters, product releases, or sale announcements.

Under the Email Templates tab, head over to the "Basic" selection and select a template that best aligns with your subject lines. Don't forget to name the template. Afterward, you can go ahead and click Create Template.

You can create saved blocks to preserve information that must be kept constant throughout each campaign, like the header, footer, and social links. You may even save your brand colors and preferred fonts ahead of time. Additionally, be sure to add placeholder text, imagery, or call to action buttons. Finally, save your template.

Klaviyo highly recommends ecommerce brands have one or more base templates on hand to develop an efficient marketing strategy. As per Klaviyo experts, it's best to do the work ahead of time and create a few different templates before moving forward with your advertising efforts.

How do I Create a Klaviyo Email?

To create a Klaviyo email campaign, click on the Campaigns tab and select "Create Campaign." Under the Create Campaign menu, select "email." The campaign wizard then walks you through creating an email. The steps include:

  1. Decide on a campaign name and add relevant tags.

  2. Select an existing segment or list that you wish to target with your email. You can even choose multiple segments to send your email.

  3. Enable or disable smart sending and Google Analytics tracking.

How do I add HTML to a Klaviyo Template and Email?

With Klaviyo's drag-and-drop editor, you can easily edit existing HTML templates by first converting them into editable blocks. With the editor, Klaviyo guides you through customizing templates – no in-depth coding knowledge is needed.

To get started with the inbuilt drag-and-drop editor, first import your HTML templates. You can then add tags to convert the required sections into editable blocks.

Make sure to add a property to the enclosing tag showing that a particular column is edited. Additionally, include a <div> for the type of block you intend to add. For instance, you must specify if you wish to add image, text, table, or button blocks.

How do I Upload a Template?

If you have a template ready to go and prefer to control the email content completely, you can import a custom HTML template. Alternatively, Klaviyo offers a drag-and-drop editor built into your email so you can tweak the code as per your requirement. However, Klaviyo also recommends directly uploading a template if you are tech-savvy or have a developer on your team.

To upload a custom HTML template, you need to access the Email Templates tab. From the account, select the Create Template option and then click on the Import option. You can now upload an HTML template file from your device. The file uploaded must be given a name to make it easier to access it in the future.

How do I Download Klaviyo Templates?

You can select "Klaviyo email templates" from the Theme Library and proceed to customize, edit, and manage them. After creating a template with Klaviyo, you can't download the template as an image file or PDF. Instead, you can export the HTML and use it in your email campaigns.

How do I Export an HTML Email?

Exporting HTML emails with Klaviyo is easy. First, head on over to the Email Templates tab, which you can find on the left-hand navigation. Once the tab is open, you can choose the email template you want to export, click on the Edit dropdown menu and select Export. The selected option lets you access the email's source code, which you can freely copy-paste onto another application.

How do I Save an Email as a Template in Klaviyo?

Klaviyo lets you save your draft campaign email or flow email as a template with a few clicks. To save a campaign email as a template, all you need to do is click on the Content tab. From the Content tab, select Edit Email and finally choose the option "Save as Template."

You can distinguish your email templates by providing them with unique names. And finally, you'll be able to access the templates anytime from the Email Templates tab.

Here's what you need to do to save a flow email as a template. First, you need to click on the Message Content tab and click on the Edit Content dropdown menu. From this menu, you can click on the 'Save as Template option. Like saving a campaign email as a template, users can name their flow email template and access it from the Email Templates tab.


Klaviyo is the perfect platform to optimize your email marketing efforts and increase profits. Its templates make it easy to get started, and ecommerce professionals can completely customize their marketing activities.

With Klaviyo, you can set up an automated sequence of emails, drive sales with abandoned cart emails, create an email sequence for gathering customer feedback, and enhance your brand's overall customer experience. The email marketing automation platform facilitates Klaviyo integration with other advanced platforms to further develop your digital marketing strategy.

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