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Klaviyo is a popular email marketing platform for ecommerce businesses on Shopify, BigCommerce, and other ecom platforms. With powerful automation of email and SMS texts, many ecommerce merchants use Klaviyo to nurture customer relationships and build valuable brand experiences.

Klaviyo also boasts an open API that enables a wide range of third-party platform integrations, so users can connect their Klaviyo account to their unique applications, creating a custom ecommerce platform. But which integrations are the best? Here are our picks, organized into functional categories.

Shipping Logistics

In today's competitive ecommerce landscape, it's essential to let your customers know where their order is in the shipping cycle. Customers expect to track their packages from the fulfillment process to the time they arrive at the doorstep. Shipping software helps your ecommerce business deliver this high expectation.


Malomo turns your customers' order-tracking emails into an effective marketing channel by building order-tracking pages with deep personalization that leads to increased sales. Customers check their shipment tracking an average of 4.6 times for each online purchase, illustrating the significant opportunity to drive more sales during the post-purchase stage.

Order Desk

Connect Order Desk to hundreds of the print, shopping, and shipping companies you work with so you can manage your orders in one central place. Use their built-in features that organize, split, report and submit your order information wherever it needs to go.


Advertising is the backbone of ecommerce lead generation and essential to bringing in more website visitors. These integrations help you manage and automate your ads on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


LeadsBridge is an advertising automation platform for lead generation, audience sync, and offline conversion sync. It increases lead generation conversion rate by automating Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google remarketing campaigns. LeadsBridge also implements advanced automation flows for online-to-offline measurement tools and optimizes and measures the return on ad spend of online advertising campaigns.


Recart is a messenger marketing app for ecommerce stores that helps merchants grow their online sales. With Recart and Klaviyo together, you can combine messenger marketing with email marketing. Capture emails in messenger conversations and push them directly to your Klaviyo lists. You can also connect your messenger subscription settings with Klaviyo forms to simultaneously subscribe your contacts to both channels.


Shoelace is a social ads management platform that helps fast-growing brands create memorable and profitable retargeting experiences. By integrating Shoelace with Klaviyo, you can trigger retargeting ads aligned with your email campaign activity. Every time an email is sent to your subscribers, or when an email reaches a specific open or click-through rate, these triggers will automatically create a retargeted experience.

Data Management / Analysis

By integrating Klaviyo with Data Management and Analysis tools, you will gain deeper customer insights to inform your marketing and sales strategies.


Databox is a decision-making platform that helps you track performance, discover insights, and understand your business data. It connects your cloud services, spreadsheets, databases, and custom integrations to organize all of your business KPIs in one place. Databox allows you to pull your Klaviyo data in, build your dashboards without coding, set measurable goals to track progress quickly, and set performance alerts.


Faraday is the leading data science platform in predictive analytics for B2C and D2C brands. The Faraday platform uniquely focuses solely on the customer journey, providing AI-powered insights and predictions to deliver immediate sales impact. Faraday helps Klaviyo clients take predictive marketing to the next level, enhancing your ability to find, convert, engage, and retain more customers. Faraday also provides data scientists and analysts to help you review historical data, identify trends, and identify concrete actions to improve your marketing strategy.


Stitch is a cloud-first, open-source platform for rapidly moving data. Stitch is the fastest, easiest way to move real-time data from Klaviyo into a data warehouse or data lake for analysis. With just a few clicks, Stitch users can access Klaviyo data for more significant insights into email performance and customer interactions.


Building Loyalty Programs is an effective customer retention marketing strategy for countless D2C and B2C companies. Loyalty programs help build strong relationships between brands and their customers, fueling the repeat purchases and customer retention rates needed for ongoing growth.


Playable enhances your Klayvio customer emails with high-quality, autoplayable video embedded directly in the email body. Playable works on any device—from the moment of open, no matter the connection quality. By linking Playable with Klaviyo, you can easily engage your email audience. Playable's tools make editing, uploading, and embedding to your Klayvio template easy and fast.


Rise.ai manages the customer re-engagement lifecycle through gift cards, loyalty cards, rewards, and refunds. By working with Klayvio, Rise.ai streamlines customer re-engagement with your email marketing. Ensure consistent brand communication by sending loyalty communications using your email templates in Klayvio. Swiftly build, design, and send all of Rise.ai's emails via Klayvia for referrals, rewards, and refunds.


Smile.io turns your customer acquisition strategy into a customer retention strategy. With Smile.io, you can maximize your customer acquisition efforts by persuading customers to join, engage, and share in your brand community to earn loyalty points and participate in VIP programs. Use the Smile.io and Klaviyo integration to send rewards emails to your customers, build segments to divide your audience based on rewards program data, and create flows based on customer reward program data.


Like Loyalty Programs, building a Referral Program is another popular marketing tactic to increase ecommerce sales. By turning happy customers into a word-of-mouth marketing channel, you can cost-effectively boost your sales.


Friendbuy is a SaaS platform that powers referral programs for the world's most recognizable ecommerce companies. Friendbuy integrates with the Klaviyo platform to enhance referral program automation. Friendbuy can send referred email addresses and phone numbers to your Klaviyo lists. Friendbuy also generates referral links for your brand advocates and sends them to customer Klaviyo profiles. Friendly also handles automatic coupon code sending.


Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users, build customer loyalty, and increase conversions. Klaviyo enhances Growave's wishlist reminder emails, review request emails, and rewards program emails. With Growave and Klaviyo, gather product testimonials, reduce car abandonment rates, and improve sales conversions. As a Shopify enhancing application, Growave does require Shopify Flow to work correctly.


ReferralCandy is an ecommerce store plugin that helps businesses acquire new customers while retaining existing ones through word-of-mouth marketing. ReferralCandy keeps your customers engaged and fosters brand loyalty. By integrating with Klaviyo, ReferralCandy turns your email marketing channel into a referral program to deliver a seamless brand experience to your customers.


Anyone who has ever made an online purchase understands that reviews are an ecommerce business' lifeblood. A pattern of lousy product reviews can kill a business, while a positive review can overcome buyer objections faster and easier than almost any other way.


Reviews.io helps increase your on-site conversions by collecting and displaying customer purchase feedback. They have a content license with Google, so your reviews are widely published. Reviews.io integrates with Klaviyo to automatically send target campaigns to customers, reviewers, and influencers, based on customer post-purchase actions. Reviews.io's powerful functionality includes:

  • Creating audiences based on review content and Instagram content.
  • Displaying the latest review content directly within your Klaviyo email campaigns.
  • Triggering emails to collect customer reviews.
  • Sending automatic thank you emails in response to positive reviews.
  • Linking to your loyalty rewards platforms like Smile.io.


Trustpilot is a known entity in online reviews. Trustpilot's integration with Klaviyo allows you to tap into the power of social proof to win new customers. Feature Trustpilot reviews in Klaviyo welcome campaigns, cart abandonment emails, personalized messages for higher conversions. The integration will automatically feature the most recent reviews that meet the chosen settings, so consumers always see the latest TrustScore and newest reviews.


Yotpo is a leading ecommerce marketing platform. With Yotpo and Klaviyo's integration, you can capture and convert more customers using engaging user-generated content (UGC) and robust review data. Enrich your email campaigns with social proof and trigger converting campaigns based on reviewer data.

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) refers to content related to your brand that is created by someone unaffiliated with your business. UGC can include product reviews, social media posts, and discussion board content. UGC builds trust with consumers and translates into business success and growth.


Okendo lets Shopify retailers showcase their customer-generated content like reviews and videos. With the Klaviyo integration, Okendo can update customer profiles with data from reviews and review behavior. The data syncing also allows you to trigger flows in Klaviyo based on review data and review related interactions.


Flowbox helps brands collect, use, and post UGC from social media channels to increase brand trust and sales. Flowbox integrates with Klaviyo to align your email marketing with your UGC. Once Flowbox is implemented, you can easily find content that people in your community have tagged you in, send out rights requests to the original post creators, and distribute the approved posts to Klaviyo flows, which you can embed in your emails and newsletters. You can also include links to drive traffic from your UGC posts to a campaign page or product page.


Klaviyo's integration library boasts an impressive array of applications that can help you grow your business, increase sales, reduce customer churn, and drive brand loyalty and engagement. Through just a little research, you can bolster your marketing tech stack with the resources needed to prime your ecommerce business' opportunity for scalable growth.

Malomo helps you capture untapped revenue through beautiful, customized post-purchase experiences. Download this free ebook to learn how automated emails can retain more customers and drive more sales

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