How to create more signed-in shoppers during the post-purchase experience with Status

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As an ecommerce brand, the post-purchase journey is just as important as the pre-purchase journey, but often neglected. Many brands still spend all of their time thinking about how they will get customers to buy and rarely think about what happens after. However, the post-purchase journey is where customers experience your brand and form opinions that can impact their future buying decisions.

One crucial part of the post-purchase journey is the order tracking page. Customers check their order status an average of 4.6 times per order, and until now, they had to enter order details each time unless they hit the tracking page from an email or SMS. This can be frustrating and time-consuming for customers, leading to an increase in WISMO tickets and customer churn. Unfortunately, 84% of customers won’t return to a brand after just one bad shipping experience.

Welcome Status + Malomo

This is where the Status and Malomo integration comes in. By connecting these two platforms, every tracked order becomes a signed-in shopper, meaning orders can be tracked directly from the customer account without the need to input order numbers. This removes order tracking friction and empowers customers to manage all of their orders with ease, from one place, and without needing support from your team.

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Shopify Plus brands like American Tall, &Collar, and Spirit Hoods are already using this first-of-its-kind integration to unlock a seamless tracking experience that drives more customers into accounts. American Tall has seen thousands of orders tracked from the customer account within weeks of launching Status and Malomo. This means that customers are not only tracking their orders but also creating accounts and engaging with the brand more.

But the benefits of the Status and Malomo integration don't stop there. The integration also unifies the post-purchase experience by offering an on-brand and personalized tracking experience from within the customer account, driving increased retention and LTV. This is crucial for ecommerce brands that want to provide a seamless and consistent experience across all touchpoints.

Key Reasons Shopify Plus Brands Use Malomo + Status:

  • Turns every tracked order into a signed-in shopper

  • Eliminates sign-in friction with passwordless accounts

  • Shoppers automatically access their tracked orders because they’re saved alongside everything else they care about (wishlist, recent views, etc.)

  • Unifies the pre- and post-purchase tech stack

In conclusion, the Status and Malomo integration simplifies the post-purchase journey by removing order tracking friction, supercharging account creation, and unifying the post-purchase experience. By integrating these two platforms, ecommerce brands can offer a seamless tracking experience that drives more customers into accounts, decreases WISMO tickets, and drives LTV through a consistent on-brand experience. If you're a Shopify Plus brand looking to improve your post-purchase journey, consider integrating Status and Malomo today.

Join us for a live demo

On June 7th, Malomo and Status will team up to dive deeper into the partnership, walk through integration use cases & early success stories, and answer questions from the audience.

Join our founder, Yaw, and Status’s founder, Joe, for an jam- packed session that will leave you with actionable takeaways. If you can’t make the live event, sign up & we’ll send you a recording. See you there!

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