How Shopify Stores can Perfect the Tracking Experience for Customers

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Improving the Shopify order tracking experience grows your business

Order tracking allows you to keep track of all of your shipments and update your customers on the status of their orders at any time.

It’s an underappreciated channel for most Shopify stores. While you might think order tracking is simple, it can actually be a growth channel for your Shopify store if handled correctly. Things like real-time shipping updates, projected delivery dates, and regular order status updates can elevate the customer experience.

Why order tracking matters for Shopify stores

Perfecting the tracking experience for your Shopify store is a great way to build customer loyalty and improve the perception of your brand.

You know how lots of customers think of Amazon as a dependable brand because of their shipping prowess? Your brand can benefit the same way.

1. Improve customer satisfaction

The lack of tracking data creates confusion and raises more concerns than are necessary. Customers who have easy access to real-time order progress information build trust and boost customer retention, both of which are critical for any Shopify store.

2. Save time and money

Having your inbox packed with customer emails could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. A high number of people asking, "Where is my order?" eats up a lot of your time.

The good news is that Shopify order tracking raises significantly fewer issues. Order tracking automates the process without adding to your workload, allowing your customer service representatives to focus on other important tasks without affecting quality.

3. Make the fulfillment process more efficient

Your job isn't done after the box is packed and in the hands of the carriers. Without an automated system, critical tracking information can be overlooked, resulting in a backlog of emails from angry customers.

Order tracking tips for a Shopify store increase sales

Your Shopify store benefits a lot from order tracking. Here’s how order tracking grows your store.

1. A branded shipping experience should be a priority

The importance of branding cannot be overstated for Shopify stores. You have to ensure your brand is memorable.

That’s why branded tracking pages are becoming so crucial for success. With the best shipment experiences, your customer is taken from your website to fulfillment via email and SMS notifications sent. What could make it even better? This experience, from buying to delivery, is seamless, thanks to the uniformity of the branded emails sent along the shipping procedure.

When customers place an online order with you, they should receive an automated email verifying receipt of their order. They should be informed of the status of their order as well. Both are critical for keeping your customers informed, but the branded shipping experience is more important.

A branded email and tracking is simply a better email with the goal of increasing customer retention and sales. Branding tracking pages include your company logo, information, social networks, essential content, and additional product recommendations.

Regardless of how big or little your Shopify store is, branded tracking pages can give it a sense of scale and professionalism. You may improve your conversion rate by including the following components on your branded order-tracking page.

By including a corporate logo, order status, and marketing creatives to strengthen brand identities, online retailers have been able to increase conversions by up to 20%.

2. Use an order tracking app

By adding a simple order tracking application to their Shopify site in just one click, merchants can improve their customer experience and forget about tracking concerns. Customers can check the status of their items in real time by entering the tracking number that comes with each purchase into these applications. It's quick, easy, and convenient - isn't it exactly what we want?

That’s why we recommend using Malomo.

Aside from giving real-time tracking information to your customers, Malomo has a few other features worth mentioning. Automatic alerts are sent to their customers when their shipping status changes. This means they'll always have all the information they need to wait patiently for their order, reducing customer care costs and worry about order issues.

Why Malomo is the best order tracking solution for Shopify stores

Malomo is the leader in order tracking for Shopify stores. Here’s why hundreds of Shopify stores use Malomo to grow their business.

Real-time shipping analytics

Malomo provides comprehensive shipment analytics, such as courier analytics, tracking page analytics, upsells, and more.

Customized branded tracking pages

By creating your own tracking page, you raise brand recognition. Your customer will see all of the tracking information as well as the contents of the shipment. It's also an opportunity for your clients to visit your social media pages and continue shopping at your store.

Use Product Recommendation to improve repeat purchases

Malomo offers personalized product recommendations on your tracking page to improve the product discovery process. The user experience is enhanced by the ease of use and the availability of more (and appropriate) options.

The majority of today's customers prefer to interact with brands that tailor their experience to them. Customers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations. With Malomo, you have the opportunity to display dynamic product recommendations based on a customer’s data.


A branded shipping experience, an order tracking app, and product recommendations on the tracking page are three things that every Shopify business should do to improve the order tracking process.

To learn how Malomo improves your repeat purchase rate, schedule a demo with our team or start your free trial today!

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