Five Ways Skylab ​​Enhances Post-Purchase Tracking for Ecommerce Brands with Malomo

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As an ecommerce brand, it's crucial to provide customers with a seamless post-purchase experience. The expectation for real-time package tracking updates is no longer a luxury but a standard. Enter Malomo, a Shopify-certified app that revolutionizes post-purchase tracking.

Casey Matthew, Founder & CD at Skylab, an award-winning digital marketing agency, shares how he and his team go about elevating a brand’s post-purchase experience with Malomo.

1. Customize every touchpoint with your customers:

The order tracking page is one of the most visited pages by customers, with an average of 4.6 times per order. To provide your customers with a consistent brand experience, Malomo allows you to customize ]your order tracking page to match your brand's look and feel.

With Malomo's customer-centric order tracking insights, you can easily track your customers' order fulfillment process and delivery timeline. This level of transparency builds trust and reliability for your brand.

2. Automate email & SMS notifications:

Malomo's integrations with partners like Klaviyo, Attentive, and Postscript automate email and SMS notifications to keep your customers informed at every stage of the shipping process. You no longer have to manually send shipping updates or provide tracking information, making the process hassle-free.

With Malomo, customers can track their orders on your branded tracking page, reducing the need for customer support and eliminating the majority of WISMO, or ‘Where is my order?” support tickets. This improves the overall customer experience and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

3. Creatively impress customers with engaging content:

Malomo's customizable tracking pages provide creative opportunities for post-purchase engagement. They allow you to cross-sell or up-sell complementary products or accessories related to the purchased item, enhancing the customer experience and generating additional revenue.

In addition, Malomo's personalized branded tracking pages improve customer satisfaction by displaying the estimated delivery date and time, carrier information, and order status. This level of transparency and personalization builds trust with the customer, increasing their confidence in your brand.

4. Avoid negative shipping experiences before they happen:

Malomo understands that shipping delays can significantly affect customer satisfaction. That's why Malomo offers proactive communication to mitigate negative experiences. With personalized and timely notifications about delayed or stalled shipments, Malomo keeps customers informed and reduces their frustration levels.

Malomo's proactive communication can turn customer complaints into loyalty. By addressing their concerns promptly and keeping them informed, Malomo improves customers' perception of your brand and encourages repeat business.

5. Dive deep into carrier analytics, data, and performance:

To improve your shipping strategies and enhance the customer experience, it's crucial to understand shipping and carrier performance. Malomo's analytics offer in-depth insights into fulfillment, delivery, and carrier performance. With Malomo's analytics, you can identify which carriers are meeting service level agreements (SLAs) and which are not. By optimizing the carrier strategy based on this information, you can make informed decisions about your shipping processes.

Skylab Launch Packages to enable your Malomo full potential:

Malomo has teamed up with Skylab to provide a seamless integration experience through custom Skylab launch packages exclusively for Malomo clients. Here’s what’s included:

  • Order confirmation + Shipping confirmation + Delivery Confirmation

  • All emails integrated into Klaviyo

  • Custom Website Page Tracker

  • Custom Email/SMS messages

  • Web Page Tracking build-out

  • Many more benefits……

Learn more about this launch package and other ecommerce growth solutions Skylab provides to companies like Akila Eyewear, Blind Barber, Bella Dahl, Fourlaps, Catch Surf, and Pair of Thieves.

Dan’s Concluding Remarks:

Malomo is a must-have tool for ecommerce brands that want to enhance their post-purchase experience. With features like customized tracking, seamless shipping, customer engagement, and carrier performance analysis, Malomo provides a comprehensive solution to improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue. Integrating Malomo into your ecommerce store will not only reduce support tickets but also establish your brand's reliability and trustworthiness among customers.

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