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Getting your customers to click through your email and purchase your product is only one step of the client relationship process. To build your rapport with your customers and to create a long-term relationship, you want to thank them for their order shortly after the purchase. An ecommerce thank you email has a number of functions. It confirms the order and it sends the message that you value their business. The best ecommerce email examples get the customer excited about their purchases as well as help to solidify your brand and even help introduce new products and marketing campaigns and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or social media sites. Thank you emails have a much higher open percentage than standard marketing emails, so it's only smart business to take advantage of this audience.

If you're wondering how to write a professional thank you email, make sure that you include the following components:

1. A sincere thank you for their purchase (or newsletter subscription, response to marketing campaign or other action).

2. Purchase and shipping details

3. An offer for future purchases. This can be a coupon or a spotlight on new products. Be careful about including frequent coupons. Your customers may come to expect a coupon with every purchase.

4. A little bit about your company and team. An ecommerce thank you email is a great place to tell your customers about your company and the people who work there. After all, they can't interact with you in person like they can with the owner of a bricks and mortar store.

When designing your thank you email, it’s helpful to look at other brands to get some inspiration. You can find some of the best ecommerce email design examples with a quick internet search.

We'll discuss the ecommerce thank you email in more detail below.

Thank You For Purchasing Note

Ecommerce thank you for purchasing with us note is most often an email message, but it can also be a hand-written note, depending on your relationship with your customer, the type of product you sell and your volume. If you sell high-end products, where your clients are more sophisticated and have higher expectations, you may want to take the time and effort to hand-write your thank you note. You can even place a pre-printed thank you note with your customer's product package. However, in most cases, you'll send a post-purchase thank you email.

Your thank you for your purchase email can be structured as a traditional letter with a greeting and closing...or, your thank you email after purchase can be more freeform and reflect your brand's creative side, with an image or product spotlight. To make this process easier, and to make sure that no customer gets left out you can set up automated purchase email campaigns. Of course, the best thank you for your purchase email is one that is sincere and best reflects the values and image of your company.

Thank You For Shopping With Us Message

Owners of ecommerce sites, whether it's a stand-alone site or a shop within a platform like eBay, Etsy or Shopify, have multiple options when it comes to saying "thank you for shopping with us" to their customers. They might send a "thank you for shopping with us" card, perhaps included with the product. They might send a "thank you for shopping with us" message via direct mail or, more commonly, they might send a thank you email message. They might even subscribe the customer to an email campaign where the customer gets a series of post-purchase thank you emails. Some ecommerce retailers send post-purchase emails on set time intervals, like one at two days, then two weeks and then two months.

Thank You For Your Order Email

Thanking customers for purchasing with you is always important, but it's essential for owners of an ecommerce store. With a virtual store, there's no opportunity to chat with customers, smile at them while they are shopping or greet them warmly when they enter the store. All you have is your website design, your products and your words. It's essential to make those words count.

When you craft a "thank you for ordering with us" email, it's worth the time to make sure you are sending the right impression with your words. A good "thank you for your order" email should be short enough that it gets read and doesn't unnecessarily waste your customer's time, but not so short as to appear curt or hurried. You also want to personalize your email as much as possible. Even automated email software allows you to use the customer's name in the greeting. Speaking of automated emails: even when you use this type of system, you want to be careful to let your customers know there is a person behind the machine. For example, if you're sending text messages to thank your customers, make sure that the message doesn't split and send the second half of the message before the first.

Post Purchase Email Subject Lines

One of the most important elements of customer emails is the subject line. Too often neglected, this part of your ecommerce email message, in large part, determines whether your customer will open it and read what you have to say or send your email directly to the trash bin. Of course, all marketing email need a subject line. Without one, you're virtually assuring your message will appear to be spam and be discarded immediately.

There is an art to writing good post purchase email subject lines. You want to make it as specific as possible, such as "thank you for signing up for our Mystore newsletter". A simple "thanks" in the subject line might be overlooked, but mentioning a specific product that the customer remembers ordering will most likely get your email read. Other good thank you email subject lines include "order confirmation of (specific product)", "Your order of (specific product) has shipped" or "A discount on your next purchase as our way of saying thanks".

Thank You Note To Customer For Purchase

A thank you note for customers is not only polite and useful for communicating details of the purchase, but it can dramatically increase the odds of your customers purchasing from you again. A thank you letter to clients for their business goes a long way toward creating a relationship with them and helping to view your business as their go-to source for your type of product. There are a number of reasons to send a thank you email. In addition to sending a thank you note to a customer for their purchase, you could send a thank you letter to a customer for their support of your event or fundraising campaign. You could also send thank you notes for customer appreciation day or month. Conventional marketing wisdom says that a customer needs to hear from you seven times in order to see you as their source for a specific product. Email thank you notes are an essential part of that communication process.

Post-Purchase Drip Campaign

If you operate an ecommerce store on Shopify or Etsy, you may sell so many items each day that sending individual ecommerce followup emails is cumbersome, if not impossible. That's where a post-purchase drip campaign can really help. This type of marketing campaign automates the emails and allows you to send a sequence of follow up email ecommerce notifications without having to rewrite and resend the message each time. With a post-purchase campaign, all you have to do is write the emails once, enter the customer's name, product and email address (or have the software grab this information automatically from your website). The followup emails will go out at set intervals without your having to do anything.

An example of a good ecommerce email sequence is following up immediately to thank them for the sale, then asking how they like the product in seven to 10 days, then asking for a reorder when the product is likely to run out. Etsy and Shopify email marketing dramatically increases your chances of getting repeat business. According to Shopify, a five percent reorder percentage can increase your profits from five to 95 percent!

Other types of email sequences include those for customers who abandon an empty shopping cart, for new subscribers to your newsletter or to those former customers you haven't heard from in a while. It’s easy to send these types of emails after a customer buys when you send them using a tool like Klaviyo post purchase.

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