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Online ecommerce businesses are always looking for ways to improve their shopping experiences and interactions with customers to grow loyalty. We have found new and complex ways to increase engagement with our buyers, from preference-targeted product recommendations to automated abandoned cart SMS reminders.

One massive change to the way we now run ecommerce is the implementation of ecommerce chatbots, which are often sometimes powered by automation and machine learning/artificial intelligence. These AI chatbots allow companies to provide 24/7 immediate engagement with shoppers, helping provide more comprehensive customer service through a hybrid mix of live chats and messenger bots. Retailers who use these mediums for customer support and social media integrations help field customer queries before they even get to your support staff.

Picking an ecommerce chatbot can be fraught with jargon and complex questions. From finding a program with Facebook Messenger integration to just making your FAQ more accessible, many merchants struggle to evaluate what they want amongst the many options. To help, we have put together our list of top five ecommerce chatbot solutions to help you improve your customer experience and engagement.

1. Chatfuel

Are you looking to improve your visitors’ experience but don’t have the human resources to program challenging chatbot workflows? Chatfuel empowers your teams with easy, no-code tools for your company, using drag-and-drop technology to help you outfit your Instagram and Facebook Messenger chatbots. To instantly respond to frequently asked questions, these chatbots can be implemented across different use cases, from reducing cart abandonment on the checkout page to answering questions on your Facebook page. They even include chatbot templates and guides so that you can get your new support system running quickly.

The Chatfuel platform also integrates with numerous other ubiquitous applications within the ecommerce tech stack to bring you a streamlined experience, such as Stripe for payments, Facebook Ads, Magento, Twitter, even voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. All of these places can lead to your carefully crafted chatbot that can answer questions and turn curious clickers into customers. These leads then also get stored in Chatfuel’s built-in CRM, letting you segment your client base.


Chatfuel has a free trial, so you can try out one of their bots before you buy. Then their pro plan starts at $15 a month with up to 25,000 active chats and the ability to manage user or lead lists. You can access premium for $199 a month, which upgrades you to unlimited numbers of active chats, a personal manager, and other features such as bulk pricing for multiple social media accounts, custom bot building by the Chatfuel team, and personalized onboarding and consultant calls.

2. Flow XO

Flow XO is another no-code, no-developer chatbot application that allows you to easily create multiple workflows that integrate with the platforms you use, including Facebook messenger, Telegram, Slack, and Whatsapp. Beyond the basics, you can also push into more technical boundaries with their chatbots, doing things such as making HTTP requests, creating conditional logic within your workflows, triggering new workflows from other workflows, and using set attributes to record details of previous chatbot user experiences.

Flow XO for Workflow opens up more customizable options, letting you drag and drop to create new workflows. These workflows open up new possibilities for you, such as triggering new users in FLG (Flow XO’s lead management system) to be added to a Mailchimp subscription list to be sent a welcome email. Because Flow XO integrates with over 100 platforms, you have an extensive list of options to choose from for workflow and chatbot integrations.


While Flow XO has a free option that allows you to play with five bots and Flow XO for Workflow and Chat, they also have a standard plan starting at $19 per month. This standard plan includes 5,000 interactions a month with 15 bots or active flows, five team members, and three months of logs. You can add five bots for an extra $10 per month and add 25,000 interactions for $25 a month.

3. is a unique addition to this list. Its main product line focuses on quizzes given through Shopify integration, helping you gather zero-party data about your shoppers to provide them with the best experience possible. However, has more to offer in that they have delved into the chatbot market through Facebook Messenger and SMS. Through order confirmations, abandoned cart messages, and win-back campaigns, they work to use your data to its fullest to engage customers and help you drive sales. hopes to help you reach out to customers before they have any needs by using personalized messaging through your buyer profile data. These conversations help you collect data like emails and product preferences while also pushing applicable discounts and bringing traffic to your store. also includes natural language processing (NLP), conversation templates, popup window features, and robust integration with platforms such as Klaviyo, Yext, and Yotpo.

Pricing: has many pricing options, starting at $29 a month for the starter plan that allows you to create quizzes and popups, sync emails, quiz data, and phone numbers to Klaviyo, and send texts and Facebook messages. For their tiers, rolls all of its features together when calculating limits, stating that: “500 people/month can take a quiz, fill out a popup, or receive a Facebook Message. + $0.06 per additional person.”

The Pro plan for is $199 a month, which lets you also run A/B tests on your popups and allows for 4,000 interactions with $0.05 per additional person. The Pioneer plan is $499 a month and includes coaching calls and other deluxe features, and will enable you to interact with 10,500 a month at $0.04 per additional person. There is a custom plan for even larger needs as well.

4. ManyChat

Whether through Instagram DMs, Facebook messenger, or SMS, ManyChat helps you drive your marketing and sales through chatbot technology. Directly contact users by engaging with them on social media and capture their numbers or emails so that you can later automate coupon delivery, newsletters, or other promotions directly to them through email and text. ManyChat helps collect and track this data through integration options, from Shopify and Klaviyo to Google Sheets and MailChimp.

ManyChat gives you access to out-of-the-box ready-to-use templates and has a library of how-to videos to get you started faster. Once implemented, this platform allows you to provide instant 24/7 support, generate leads, and increase sales and engagement across social media. Tailored and customized content helps bring buyers back to your store and keep them engaged with your brand.


ManyChat has a free option that lets you have unlimited custom flows on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp with up to 1,000 contacts. You also can segment your contacts through 10 customer tags, use essential growth tools, and use their customer support features. Starting at $15 a month, Pro allows you to implement SMS and Email integrations with pay-as-you-go additions as needed. With the Pro package, you can engage unlimited contacts, gain access to robust integrations, analytics and insight tools, and other premium features without any ManyChat branding.

5. Botsify

Botsify is an excellent omnichannel chatbot platform with many integrations, including WordPress and Slack. While they have many of the features of their competitors, what helps them stick out is their ability to support multi-lingual chatbots, letting customers communicate in the language that is most comfortable for them. Beyond that, Botsify is a no-code chatbot platform that allows you to customize your chatbot easily and allows for seamless switching between their chatbot platform and a live human chat.

Working with over 100 integrations, Botsify allows you to create chatbots that will work with your tech stack while you interact with your customers through SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook.


At $49 a month, you get the personal Botsify package that includes two chatbots, 5,000 users a month, and unlimited conversations and forms. For $149 a month, you get five chatbots and 15,000 users. Both plans let you add 1000 more users for $10.


Using chatbots can help drive sales, save time for your support staff and help you collect preferences and zero party data from your buyers. By thinking about your company’s specific needs, you can start to decide which chatbot platform may be best for you as you try to elevate your customer experience and engagement rates. Remember that your customer’s impressions of your brand continue past just the purchasing process. To take their expertise to the next level, you have to expand your understanding of how they interact with your company. For this reason, chatbots are potent tools to decrease churn and drive customer loyalty throughout the post-purchase experience.

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