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Find out how custom-branded, automated post-purchase notifications and tracking pages can transform your ecommerce business.

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Find out how custom-branded, automated post-purchase notifications and tracking pages can transform your ecommerce business.

The world of ecommerce is growing very rapidly across the globe. From convenience to affordability, there are many benefits to shopping online. But one way that buyers are finding the products they care about most is through ecommerce advertising. However, there are some strategies on how to utilize ecommerce ads effectively, including some tactics and how to get the most out of your advertising efforts. Keep reading to learn how to use online advertising to promote products and brands, including some examples on how e commerce companies advertise in both free and paid ways.

How Advertising is Used

With online shopping becoming so popular, it's vital for ecommerce stores to engage with their customers and attract new ones. There is a lot of stiff competition out there, so brands must find ways to beat out other brands. Take a look at a few different avenues for advertising your online store:

Social Media

With the expansion of social media outlets and the growing number of people that use social media every day, these platforms have become exceptional advertising tools. Furthermore, these social media sources have implemented many processes focused on advertising efforts for businesses. That being said, social media should definitely be a part of your e commerce advertising strategy. In fact, some of the best ecommerce ads are seen on social media platforms. These avenues are also a place for free ecommerce advertising via social media posts.

Free Shopify Advertising

If you use Shopify, then there are many free Shopify advertising tools you can use. While the paid apps include more features and capabilities, there are programs that teach you how to advertise online store for free.

Google Shopping Ads

Another great way to advertise your ecommerce store is through Google Shopping Ads. These ads are displayed when the searcher types in a certain keyword and these ads are displayed at the very top of the search results. As an added benefit, these ads appear on Google’s affiliate websites, which gives you tons of exposure. Google is a great resource for displaying an online shopping advertisement to the right user.

Ecommerce Content Marketing

Another way to boost your sales and drive more consumers to your ecommerce store is through content marketing. Content marketing involves using content such as photos, videos, and writing to boost your brand visibility and develop business growth. Whether you’re updating your website with engaging videos or you added stellar content writing that converts users, content marketing strategies can be very successful. Take a look at the various ways content marketing can be used to promote your online store, including some examples of content marketing that works.

Content Writing

Content writing is taking the internet world by storm. Whether it’s with search engine optimization in mind or it’s used to engage the audience, ensuring you have the right content writing plan is one of the most successful e commerce strategies. High-quality content is becoming more important than ever on the web, whether it’s for your product descriptions, blog posts, service pages, or about us page. Readers love seeing great content and it is a sure way to boost your sales. But when you’re writing content, it’s important to include keywords so you can drive up your organic search results.


The visual world is growing by the day. Websites that are visually pleasing tend to convert better than sites that are not, and pictures are a big factor in this regard. That being said, it’s important to use high-quality, engaging pictures to help your ecommerce advertising efforts. So if you’re looking for an easy way on how to market ecommerce store, including the right high-quality pictures is a great tactic.


Videos are also becoming more popular by the day. Users love seeing high-resolution, top-quality videos, and it really helps a consumer understand what a brand is all about. In fact, a simple, short video can lead to a consumer choosing your products over a competitor. However, it's important to have the right videos directed at the right audience. So if you're looking for an effective way on how to promote ecommerce website, videos can make that happen.

Digital Marketing Agency

Not sure what advertising strategies work best or not sure where to even begin? If you’re struggling in this regard, then there are thousands of digital marketing agencies out there waiting to help. In fact, there are many agencies that specialize in marketing for ecommerce stores. An ecommerce marketing company knows what works best and they have trusted experts who have been working in ecommerce marketing for years. However, it's important that you choose the right ecommerce digital agency to best suit your needs. Keep reading to learn some ideas on how ecommerce companies can use a digital marketing agency for advertising, including some pros and cons of using these professionals.

Find Your Weaknesses

A big mistake ecommerce brands make when using a digital marketing agency is paying for more than they need. That being said, it's best to understand your weaknesses when it comes to marketing, then look for one of the top ecommerce marketing agencies to solve those specific weaknesses. Maybe you have the resources to update your website and content marketing efforts, but you need help with implementing social media ads. In that case, you could choose an ecommerce Facebook ad agency that specializes in ads for that social media channel. Since the rise of TikTok, there are also quite a few agencies focusing on TikTok ad spend.

Don’t Only Go for the Big Guys

Another mistake that e commerce companies make is that they look for the largest ecommerce agency when it comes to marketing. While these can be great choices, small companies can still be very beneficial. Do your homework before jumping on board with an agency and be sure to talk with an ecommerce management agency that’s focused on your needs. One agency we recommend is 1Digital Agency.

Be Mindful of How Accessible an Agency Is

Consider how accessible you need an agency to be for your business. For example if you’re searching for a digital marketing agency, you may find great options in another country with a global ecommerce agency. But one thing to consider is the time difference. If you choose one of the ecommerce marketing companies in India, you should understand that setting up meetings and asking for help may be a challenge given the time difference. Maybe that works for you but maybe it doesn’t.

Ecommerce Marketing

While we’ve discussed some of the most successful e commerce marketing and advertising strategies, there are many more to consider. But more importantly, you should understand that advertising isn’t the only ecommerce strategy framework that can be used to grow your store. Keep reading to learn about some other e commerce marketing examples that work, including some other tactics that don’t involve advertising.

Other E Commerce Marketing Practices

Whether you searched through e commerce marketing PDF documents or an e commerce marketing PPT, you probably saw many marketing best practices. However, it’s important to note that there are tons of marketing strategies out there, and its best to choose tactics focused on your industry and needs. Take a look at some additional ecommerce marketing strategies below:

Add Reviews

One way to boost your sales is to include reviews on your product pages. Whether it’s consumers who have bought products for you or various reviews from others on the web, these reviews are trusted by many buyers. So if product reviews isn’t a part of your ecommerce digital marketing strategy, you’re doing something wrong. No matter what ecommerce marketing guide you look through or ecommerce marketing course you take, product reviews will be one of the top strategies to implement.

Implement a Mobile App

For those high-tech ecommerce stores, building a mobile app is another way to grow your exposure and grow your sales. This can be a great resource for promoting your products, and you can even set up push notifications to constantly engage with your consumers. So if you’re looking for an ecommerce marketing strategy 2019, adding a mobile app could be involved in that plan.

Make Your Website Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

This non-advertising tactic can do wonders for your usability and conversion rate. As websites are getting faster than ever, it’s vital to ensure your site is keeping up with the pack. In addition, you must ensure your site is also responsive on mobile devices. As you’re looking through e commerce marketing practices PPT solutions and browsing through ecommerce marketing strategy PDF documents, website and mobile responsiveness will most likely be a top factor to understand.

Ecommerce Advertising Platforms

While we’ve discussed many ways to advertise your ecommerce store, let’s now dive into some of the best ecommerce advertising platforms on the market today. Keep reading to learn what’s on the top online advertising platforms list.

Google AdSense

One ad platform that is very popular for ecommerce stores all over the globe is Google AdSense. These ads allow businesses to display relevant ads on many different types of content aimed at a specific audience. This platform is free to use, but you’ll have to pay Google for every click that your ads receive.

Yahoo! Advertising Network

The Yahoo! Advertising Network is another platform that allows users to display ads to relevant internet searchers. Users of the platform are able to personalize ads to suit their needs, and Yahoo! also provides a wide variety of packages at different prices.

Facebook Ads

Given the popularity of Facebook, having an ecommerce Facebook ads strategy is almost a must in this day and age. And furthermore, the Facebook Ads platform is constantly updating and becoming better; strategies in Facebook Ads for ecommerce 2018 are different than those in Facebook Ads for ecommerce 2019. And another benefit of this platform is that it is very easy to find a Facebook Ads for ecommerce course where you can learn the best Facebook ecommerce strategy for your specific needs.

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