The Must-Have Shopify Apps For Your Ecommerce Tech Stack

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With the rapid expansion of ecommerce, online store owners face heavy competition to provide their customers with the best digital experiences. Lauded for its simple yet powerful capabilities, Shopify has established itself as the leading D2C ecommerce platform. With its helpful, advanced features that optimize each aspect of ecommerce businesses, it's no wonder Shopify has gained a near-cult following, resulting in an entire ecosphere of Shopify-related applications and businesses.

With over 5800 integrations listed on the Shopify App Store, you can find solutions to almost any Shopify-related problem. But not all integrations are created equal. In this post, we'll discuss our top integrations for your Shopify store. These integrations will simplify your orders and shipping, store design, marketing, and more. Ready? Here are the best Shopify apps by category.

Orders And Shipping

Managing orders, shipping, and fulfillment are at the core of any ecommerce business, no matter the size. No other stage is less forgiving, as it profoundly impacts customer satisfaction and your brand's ratings. While there are a plethora of apps out there that help you with this process, here are a few apps that are sure to streamline your whole order and shipping process.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) simplifies your store and helps you sync your online store to manage inventory, purchases, and everything else. It helps you manage local pickup and delivery, improving your relationship with your customers, leading to less cart abandonment and more customer satisfaction. Shopify POS Lite is a free plan and comes integrated with all Shopify plans and is best for small-time business events like pop-ups.

Order Printer

Order Printer is a free app by Shopify that allows you to preview and print order-related documents in bulk. You can print packing slips and shipping labels for your orders and even customize available templates for printing. Major customizations, however, typically require third-party assistance.

Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads is a free app on the Shopify app store that lets you attach files to the products so that the customers can instantly redeem them at checkout or through email. If you decide to update the attachment, your customers will automatically receive the updated file.

Shopify Local Delivery

Shopify Local Delivery is another free app on the Shopify store. It lets you efficiently organize the optimum routes for local delivery. Through automation, it connects you with your customers and sends them notifications about their order's real-time location. Ultimately, it makes the whole local delivery process a breeze, helping your business integrate with your community.

Fraud Filter

If you want to add a security layer to your Shopify app, Fraud Filter is the app for you. And luckily, it's free on the Shopify app store. It lets you create custom filters so that you can prevent fraud. By using these filters, you can block known suspicious persons from shopping at your store. Additionally, it flags suspicious orders so that you can check them before fulfilling them.


Shippo is a companion integration with Shippo services. It is free to install but requires subscribers to pay for additional features. It's worth mentioning because Shippo is one of the most widely used shipping apps on Shopify. With Shippo, you can get discount codes for shipping couriers like DHL Express, FedEx Plus, and others. It not only provides you with easy label printing solutions by syncing with your Shopify store but streamlines the whole shipping process through workflow automation.


Malomo seamlessly integrates with Shopify and Shopify Plus and allows you to design and customize beautiful tracking pages for your orders. Malomo also enables you to send shipping notifications to your customers. The real value to Malomo, though, is its ability to offer customers related or recommended products. These recommendations are embedded in communications that customers regard with a higher degree of attention than other emails that bombard their inboxes.

Store Design

How your online store is designed determines how welcome your visitors feel, and consequently, how much time they will spend on your website. Ensuring a pleasant shopping experience directly impacts sales and cart abandonment rates. For Shopify merchants, the good news is that many apps on the Shopify app store help you design your store for better customer engagement. Here are some of them.

Shopify Chat

Shopify Chat is a free app available on the Shopify app store that allows you to integrate the live chat option into your Shopify store for increased customer support. It lets shoppers reach you quickly so that you can answer their queries and give product recommendations in real-time.


PageFly Effective Page Builder by Pagefly lets you build a custom landing page for your Shopify store in addition to the product page, blog page, and funnel page. These custom pages are SEO-friendly and come equipped with handy analytics tools. You can access the 70+ templates for free to build your pages. And their 24/7 live chat support gets top marks.

Customer Privacy Banner

Customer Privacy Banner is a free app on the Shopify store that lets you create a tracking consent banner for European Union customers. It lets them know how your shop collects data and allows them to reject tracking if they wish. It is easy to install and customizable to your store. If your store handles international business on any level, this integration is a must.

BEST Currency Converter

BEST Currency Converter makes dealing with international customers easy by showing their local currency prices by using up-to-date conversion rates. By providing the conversions, you simplify the shopping process, which always boosts conversions.


Geolocation is a free app by Shopify that integrates with Shopify stores and provides visitors with country and language recommendations based on their browser preferences. These recommendations show up on the online store in the form of a bar or a pop-up notification. Geolocation also enables currency suggestions based on location.


Smile is a free app that allows you to get reviews for your products into your Shopify store. The app uses emojis to increase customer engagement by enabling customers to review the products using emojis. It's an easy way to gain more social proof since shoppers are more willing to use emojis than type out traditional text reviews.


Yotpo is an app that allows you to collect product reviews, photo reviews, and site reviews. It does this by combining automatic review emails, SMS, and reviews from the on-site review widget. Genuine customer reviews are known to increase sales and engagement. The app is easily installable, and you can import your existing reviews as well.

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

With Booster, you can boost page speed with a single click. This app lowers the load time for your store, thereby increasing the chances of sales. This app is also completely free.

Ultimate Trust Badges

Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear is a free app for Shopify stores that highlights secure checkout and payments. You can add free trust badges to your store to increase consumer trust and eliminate reputation worry as a barrier to sale. These badges do not require any additional coding and need little time for installation.


Marketing is crucial to the growth of any business, and it is vital to invest in it. There are many ways to market your products and your business, but using social media to bolster word-of-mouth marketing has some of the highest returns in D2C marketing. Leads from referrals, referral programs, and rewards and loyalty programs can be some of your best-qualified opportunities.

Here are some apps that can integrate with your Shopify store to up your marketing game.

Facebook Channel

Everyone knows how hot Facebook Messenger Marketing and the Facebook Marketplace are right now. Facebook channel is a free app on Shopify that lets you sync your Shopify shop with your primary Facebook accounts so that you can promote your products on both Facebook and Instagram. This way, you can swiftly build your audience and manage your products all from one channel. If you want to boost your ad reach, you can pay to do so.

Google Channel

Google is the ruler of all search engines, as everyone knows. The Google Channel is a free app on the Shopify app store that lets you reach shoppers through Google search ads. Not only that, but it also allows you to track and analyze your Smart Shopping campaigns. You can pay to run these Smart Shopping campaigns to amp up the product promotion across Google so that you can optimize clicks on your store.

Shopify Email

Shopify email is a free-to-add app on the Shopify app store that handles email marketing for your ecommerce store. With ready-made designs and templates, you can save time on your email marketing campaigns. You can even run these campaigns directly from your Shopify store. With a few clicks, you can send branded emails to your subscribers from your Shopify admin dashboard.

Product Reviews

The Product Reviews app by Shopify is also free on the Shopify app store. The app's main goal is to increase the sales of products by employing the power of reviews. It adds SEO-friendly review scores to your store's Google search engine results. The customer review feature comes with incredible customizability and bulk action editing options.


Klaviyo is a free-to-install app on the Shopify store that takes care of your ecommerce marketing needs, such as email, SMS, and forms. The pre-built integration requires no coding and can be installed with a single click. Klaviyo is one of the hottest Shopify integrations right now.


It's no secret Instagram is one of the most effective channels for D2C advertising. Instafeed (Instagram Feed) is an official Instagram app that creates social proof for your shop and reels in customers from their own Instagram feed. It expands your reach and brings in new visitors. Not only that, but it drives fresh content to your store as well. It comes with a free plan and two premium plans, depending on your needs.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads is a free-to-install app that can be integrated with your Shopify store. It allows Shopify users to reach the audience on Snapchat with shoppable Snap Ads. Native advertising on Snap Ads comes with many built-in features for ecommerce businesses where you can showcase your products, personalize and customize your ad campaigns, and measure your sales and growth for later analysis.


Omnisend is an email marketing app that handles email and SMS Marketing automation. It helps tackle cart abandonment by engaging with your customers through emails, SMS, and push notifications. It also handles countdown timers, product recommendations, sales motivator bars, and free shipping bars to boost customer engagement. You can get started with it in minutes and start sending newsletters and targeted campaigns.

SEO Optimizer

Search Engine Optimization is the name of the content game these days, and with SEO-Optimizer, you can put your SEO on autopilot. The app handles the meta tags and alt texts, sitemaps, and JSON-LD, among other technical details. You can start it up in minutes and enjoy their services, along with support from their US-based team.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio is a free app on the Shopify store that provides you with options like live chat, automated chatbots, and marketing automation for your Shopify store. It lets you respond to your customers on website chat and Facebook Messenger, all in one panel. By enabling the chatbots, you can increase customer engagement and satisfaction. And the best part? It takes less than 30 minutes to set it up.

Optimize With Integrations

Running an online store can seem like a daunting task at first when you tally up every job that goes into running an ecommerce business. But thanks to the helpful integrations and features that Shopify apps offer, Shopify merchants can take their ecommerce store to the next level. So, if you're looking to improve your online store's functionality and performance, simplify your life as a Shopify store owner, and head on over to the Shopify app store.

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