Malomo continues their rapid expansion into the Shopify ecosystem by launching a new Agency Partner Program

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Yaw Aning

Founder & CEO

The Malomo Agency Partner Program introduces Shopify agencies and consultants to revenue-generating channels that improve their clients' post-purchase experience.

INDIANAPOLIS-July 19, 2022 - Malomo, the leader in post-purchase shipping experience for Shopify brands like Olipop and True Classic Tees, has launched a new Agency Partner Program for Shopify agencies and consultants that want to improve customer retention and repeat purchases for their clients. Malomo's Agency Partner Program gives Shopify agencies and consultants the ability to add transactional messaging and branded order tracking pages to their retention strategy, empowering them to deliver revenue-driving post-purchase experiences to their clients at scale.

Until today, Shopify agencies and consultants have supported their clients by implementing best-in-breed e-commerce tech stacks focused on generating additional revenue. Services like email marketing, SMS marketing, conversion optimization, subscription management, omni-channel personalization and customer support have played a major role in the growth of Shopify-based businesses but there is a missing piece to the tech stack. The reality is that none of these services leverage the best time to turn one-time customers into loyal fans and repeat business. In fact, Malomo has identified that the transactional experience is the biggest opportunity to generate additional revenue for an e-commerce business.

Malomo’s Agency Partner Program now helps agencies who were missing out on opportunities to help their clients grow through post-purchase retention. Some of the Malomo Agency Partner Program benefits include:

  • New revenue streams
  • Lead sharing
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Early access to Malomo features

"We've been lucky to work with some incredible agencies and partners who have played a critical role in delivering a premium post-purchase experience for their clients while creating new revenue streams for their business," said Yaw Aning, CEO of Malomo. "We're super excited to formally extend the Agency Partner Program to all Shopify agencies that want the ability to help their clients retain and grow more customers through a branded order tracking experience."

One Shopify agency that's seen dramatic results from Malomo's Agency Partner Program is Electriq, a DRINKS company, that helps e-commerce brands improve retention and increase LTV. "Malomo allows us to take all the shipping data we are syncing into Klaviyo and create personalized, transactional journeys that always drive a ridiculous ROI for every brand that we start with on email and SMS," said Brandon Amoroso, Founder of Electriq. "We have onboarded 12 new email and SMS clients in the last few months and not a single one has had transactional emails outside of the Shopify native ones. It's awesome. We're going to come in and produce positive results for them from day one by utilizing Malomo."

Apply to Malomo's Agency Partner Program today and receive a special offer throughout Q3 of 2022. Please visit here for details.

Today is the official launch of the Malomo Agency Program, but we've been working with phenomenal agencies ever since we started. We appreciate all of our agencies and our mutual commitment to our merchants. If you're a merchant looking for an agency recommendation, you can find an agency partner here.

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